7 Best Quilt Wall Hangers To Display Your Quilt

You deserve recognition for the hours of work that you put into crafting beautiful quilts.

Quilt hangers are the appropriate hardware for proudly displaying your finest projects. They are designed to grip and hold fabric without causing damage.

Once you've hung your quilted creations on your walls, you'll enliven your home decor and generate conversation.

Your display might even inspire someone to learn the quilting hobby.

Let's explore the best products on the market for showing off your fabric art.

1 Pair Walnut Wood Quilt Hang-Ups Clamps Clips 1 Pair Walnut Wood Quilt Hang-Ups Clamps Clips
Hope Woodworking Wooden Quilt Hanger 48″ Clamp by Rustic Red Door CoHope Woodworking Wooden Quilt Hanger 48″ Clamp by Rustic Red Door Co
J&J Wire Quilt/Flag HolderJ&J Wire Quilt/Flag Holder
Hanging Wall Shelf-Rack & Quilt Hanger Bedroom Decor by TDPHanging Wall Shelf-Rack & Quilt Hanger Bedroom Decor by TDP
Magnetic Invisible Quilt HangersMagnetic Invisible Quilt Hangers
Hang It Dang It 35×63 Hanger, 35″ to 63″Hang It Dang It 35×63 Hanger, 35″ to 63″

7 Best Quilt Hangers for the Wall

1. Pair Walnut Wood Quilt Hang-Ups Clamps Clips

These walnut clamps with brass-finished hardware present a very attractive option when you want a wooden quilt hanger.

The dark finish has a classic look, and the durability of walnut ensures that the clamps will withstand the gentle pressure necessary to secure a quilt.

You buy them in pairs and may need multiple pairs depending on the size and weight of the quilt that you're hanging.

The manufacturer advises that clamps should be placed about 12 to 18 inches apart. Each hanger measures 3-3/16 inches by 1-11/16 inches.

You need to obtain your own hardware, like nails or screws. You'll you put them into the wall and then hang the clamps on the wall hardware.

A brass screw on each clamp adjusts the pressure. You need to tighten it gently until the clamp holds the fabric securely.

This product is made in the U.S.A., and its design prevents fabric damage.

The clamps apply just enough pressure to hold a quilt without compromising the material.

2. Hope Woodworking Wooden Quilt Hanger 48″ Clamp by Rustic Red Door Co

Rustic Red Door Co takes another approach to the wood quilt hanger by constructing a continuous wood strip that holds the whole quilt edge.

The product comes in a range of lengths from 30 inches to 96 inches. With 8 colors and finishes available, you should be able to match the hanger to your existing woodwork or even the colors in your quilt.

The manufacturer is known for good customer support and can supply replacement knobs should you break one.

To install, you first need to attach the hanger's back strip to the wall with fasteners.

The back strip has predrilled holes for your screws. Then, you tighten down the top strip of the hanger against the fabric by turning the knobs.

This product stands out with its beauty and ability to work as a blanket hanger too.

Buyers report that it can hang heavy wool blankets.

When you have a large and heavy quilt, this product could be your best choice.

3. J&J Wire Quilt/Flag Holder

When you have small quilts to display, this wall quilt hanger will please you with its easy installation and versatility.

You only need to place a single nail in the wall and put the hanger's loop over it.

On top of that, the bottom wire opens and closes like a safety pin. You won't have to fiddle with any screws or clamps.

Just lift the wire off the hook and slide on a quilt up to 28 inches in width.

This nearly effortless approach to attaching the quilt means that you can change your quilt displays with minimal hassle.

If you like to make quilts with seasonal or holiday themes, you can update your decor by simply sliding off one quilt and slipping on a new one.

This hanger is also compatible with decorative flags.

The U.S.-based manufacturer builds the wire from wrought iron with a black powder finish.

The overall dimensions of the hanger are 29 inches by 10 inches.

4. Hanging Wall Shelf-Rack & Quilt Hanger Bedroom Decor by TDP

The shelf over the quilt hanging bar makes this a multi-purpose choice among quilt hangers.

The shelf and rack combination is ideal when decorating small spaces. You can store supplies on the shelf or set up a display of collectibles or books.

Scroll design on the shelf brackets gives it an elegant flair. The product includes the hardware necessary for assembly.

The simple hanging pole can slide through fabric loops or support a quilt folded over it. Finials that screw onto the ends of the pole add a decorative touch.

The dimensions of the product are 37-1/4 inches wide by 7-7/8 inches deep by 8 inches high.

The pole can accommodate a quilt up to 32 inches in width. This hanger and shelf can hold a load of up to 25 pounds.

5. Solid Wood Quilt Rack with Display Shelf

This combination quilt hanger and shelf deliver tremendous value in terms of durability and convenience.

Handmade in the U.S.A. of oak wood, the quilt hanger comes fully assembled. You only need to drive two nails into wall studs to install.

The 7-inch deep shelf provides space to display keepsakes, pictures, vases, or figurines. As for the length, you get to choose from options ranging from 30 inches to 72 inches.

If you have queen or king-sized quilt to hang, this product has a size that will work.

The manufacturer also presents you with 7 choices of color or finish. These options will enable you to match a hanger to the wood finishes already present in your room.

If you desire a quilt hanger that does not make you struggle to change your display, then this product offers the least resistance.

The hanging bar lifts off the rack without requiring you to unscrew anything.

6. Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hangers

Magnet-Ficent uses the force of magnetism to avoid damaging fabric.

Each package contains 5, 2-inch by 1-inch hangers that you stick to the wall with adhesive strips. This eliminates the need for any tools or finding walls studs.

Despite its ease of use, you will need to get your own steel pole to insert in a quilt sleeve and then place against the magnetic hangers.

Steel curtain rods can fill this role, but they are lightweight and only contain enough iron molecules to secure small quilts or flags.

You can get extra holding power to display larger quilts by obtaining a 1/8-inch thick by 3/4-inch wide steel bar. Hardware stores stock steel bars like this.

For the largest and heaviest quilts, you can buy as many packages as you need to hold the weight.

The hangers are a largely invisible system that leaves the focus entirely on your favorite quilt.

7. Hang It Dang It 35×63 Hanger, 35″ to 63″

The Hang It Dang It has many advantages and one major disadvantage. Its central mounting bracket requires that you have a split hanging sleeve.

Other than that, this product has many features worthy of appreciation.

Its telescoping pole ends allow you to adjust the hanger length from 35 inches to 63 inches.

After fitting the pole onto the hanging sleeve, all it takes to mount the hanger is to snap it into place on the single wall bracket.

Because the quilt hanger only requires a single screw to mount, you won't have to fuss over trying to level the rod as you would with a rack that secures to the wall with multiple fasteners.

As with other hangers with minimalist designs, it cannot be easily seen, which makes your quilt the center of attention.

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Did you find the best quilt wall hanger for your project?

With such a diversity of quilt hanger styles available, you can find one that works for you.

Mostly, you need to decide whether you want a decorative hanger, perhaps with a shelf, or an invisible quilt hanger.

Either way, your next step is the most important.

You need to start displaying your treasured creations and heirlooms.

The joy that you feel when making a quilt is only the starting point. The second part is to let others have a chance to appreciate the artistry.

Quilt hangers are the appropriate hardware for proudly displaying your finest projects. They are designed to grip and hold fabric without causing damage.

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  1. I put up three wide bronze towels bars on the wall and store my unused quilts on them. Three bars stacked in a row from shoulder height to below waist . Works fine and quilts are easy excess year round. Bought towel bars at local habitat resale store.


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