11 Of The Best Quilt Planners to Design Your Work of Art

woman holding planner quilt planner

Do you have several quilt projects you would like to make but have no idea how to organize your thoughts and ideas?

Sometimes, that confusion or analysis paralysis can stop us from doing the quilting projects we want to make!

What if I were to tell you that there is a whole category of planners specifically made for quilters to help us organize, plan, and accomplish our quilting goals? 

In this post, we will go over several options for quilt planners and discuss why they’re so important. 

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15 Gorgeous Staircase Quilt Patterns for a Statement Piece in Your Home

Staircase Quilt Patterns

Today, we are looking at a super fun and eclectic group of modern quilt patterns that will spark your creativity. 

Not only are these quilt patterns eye-catching, but most of them are beginner-friendly designs.

The sub-genre of quilt patterns that we’ll be diving into is staircase quilt patterns. 

You may be wondering what that is. How do you make them? 

Don’t worry; we’ve got you. 

We’ll discuss this important information before we check out 15 fantastic stairway quilt pattern options. 

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Sew A Stylish Quilted Vest Using These 15 Easy Patterns

quilted vest pattern

Have you noticed the rise in popularity of quilted clothing? 

Retail stores are starting to carry all kinds of quilted clothes, and one of the most popular choices is a quilted vest. 

A quilted vest can be a fantastic addition to any outfit; in the winter, it also adds a layer of warmth. 

But why buy one when you can make one? 

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know to make your own DIY quilted vest and check out 15 stunning patterns you can use. 

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11 Walk-About Quilt Patterns That Are Stunning And Unique

walk about quilt

As a quilter, you’re probably constantly searching for your next quilt project, right? 

There are so many beautiful patterns, but how do you choose? 

Let’s say you have some gorgeous fabric that features a large print. 

Many patterns want you to cut small pieces to create intricate blocks, but what if you want the fabric to be the focal point?

I’ve got the perfect pattern for you; enter the “walk-about quilt pattern.”

Let’s check it out!

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10 Best Sewing And Quilting Tables For 2024

There comes a time in every new quilters’ life where they need to make the transition from the kitchen table to a quilting table.

Aside from the fact that the kitchen table will never do a good job containing all our sewing supplies, it does not provide comfortable support for our bodies.

Long periods of sewing at the kitchen table inevitably lead to sore neck and shoulder muscles.

The best solution for successful quilting with storage solutions and ergonomic comfort would be a sewing or quilting table or sewing cabinet.

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Go The Yard With These 15 Fun And Easy 3-Yard Quilt Patterns

3-yard quilt patterns

Sure, scrappy quilts are eye-catching and colorful, and who doesn’t love creating a quilt from a gorgeous fat quarter bundle? 

But sometimes, you want to make a quilt with a minimal fabric selection and timeless appeal. 

That’s why so many quilt pattern designers have created patterns for 3-yard quilts.

These patterns make fabric selection a breeze and are usually wonderful beginner-friendly designs. 

Let’s take an in-depth look into these versatile patterns and see what is possible with just three yards of fabric. 

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