All About Jelly Roll Race Quilts And 15 Easy Patterns To Try

jelly roll race quilts

I love talking about beginner-friendly quilt patterns, and today, I’m super excited to take you with me on a deep dive into jelly roll race quilts. 

This quilt pattern is a fantastic first-time quilt project, plus they’re super fun to make!

Let’s discuss what makes a jelly roll race quilt pattern unique and how to make a jelly roll strip quilt. 

Then we’ll check out 15 excellent examples to show you what this fun and easy quilt pattern is capable of with the right fabric selection and a little creativity. 

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17 Stunning Quilted Wall Hanging Patterns You Must Try

quilted wall hanging patterns

If you asked people where they think a quilt should go, most would say, “On a bed,” or maybe, “In a grandma’s house.”

Most folks don’t think about quilts being anywhere except on a bed to keep you warm during those cold winter months.

But have you considered all the other places you can find quilts or quilted items?

Today, fellow quilters, I’m sharing another excellent way to show off your quilting creativity — without having to make a massive, king-sized quilt.

The perfect way to “show off” your craft is with a wall quilt!

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How To Use A Quilter’s Color Wheel And 7 Excellent Color Wheels For Quilters to Consider

different colors in a guide best color wheel for quilters

When choosing colors for a quilt, it can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out which colors go great with each other. 

A nifty tool that has been around for centuries has made its way into the quilting community: the color wheel.

Using a color wheel for quilting might seem strange initially, but after reading this post, you will have an excellent grasp of choosing the right shades, tones, and fabric hues for your next quilt project. 

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17 Simple And Stunning Big Block Quilt Patterns For Beginners

big block quilt patterns for beginners

If you are a beginner quilter who loves modern quilt patterns, this post is definitely for you. 

Today, let’s turn our focus to the beautiful world of large block quilts

We’ll look at what defines a big block quilt, how to make one, and check out 17 fabulous big block quilt ideas. 

I hope you’re ready to be amazed by what quilters have figured out they can do with some gorgeous fabric and a modern flare. 

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Learn To Make A Stunning Mariner’s Compass Quilt With These 13 Patterns

mariner's compass quilt pattern

If you are a fan of traditional quilt patterns, you know quilts with a large center star were famous “back in the day.” 

There were carpenters stars, lone stars, and the pattern we’re going to focus on today, the mariner’s compass.

Mariner compass quilts are well-known in the Amish community and modern quilting guilds since they have a timeless design.

Let’s discuss what makes the mariner’s compass such a unique pattern, and then we will look at 13 beautiful examples of this ageless quilt pattern.

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19 Super Easy Quilt Blocks That Make You Look Like An Expert

easy quilt blocks

Do you ever stumble across a quilt block and think, “Wow, that looks extremely complex! I can’t possibly create something like that.”

Well, what if I told you that you could create a lot of complicated-looking quilt patterns from easy quilt blocks.

Today, let’s dive into the world of easy quilt patterns that look hard and discover how you can create these beautiful, complex quilt patterns without having a massive headache over following the steps.

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