17 Stunningly Beautiful Modern Quilt Patterns

Modern quilt designs are inspiring more quilters to work with new ideas.

The contemporary approach to designing quilts has changed the rules that define traditional patterns.

In their place, modern quilt ideas offer a bold and sometimes playful alternative.

Asymmetry, minimalism, high-contrast features, unusual block arrangements, and negative space can now all come into play when you want to make a quilt with a fresh and modern look.

To introduce you to the possibilities, we've hunted down some simple modern quilt patterns.

We love their innovative designs that unlock new levels of creativity.

17 Modern Quilt Patterns

Modern quilts dismantle the rules of the past. No longer are modern patterns reliant on uniform blocks of perfectly repeating patterns.

Today, you can introduce an eye-popping focus piece or make bold use of negative space.

Quirky combinations of color and prints are commonplace, and you have the freedom to energize designs with redirected patterns.

It's fine if your modern quilt has an improvised appearance. Modern quilt ideas thrive on bold strokes of color or obvious uses of scraps.

The prevalence of large areas of negative space offers you an opportunity to show off your quilting instead of only meticulous patchwork.

Study the following designs and discover the new directions that this hobby can take you.

Modern Quilt Patterns for Beginners

1. Maypole Quilt Pattern

Among simple modern quilt patterns, the Maypole is a clear example. It is minimalist almost to an extreme.

The rotation of a half square triangle builds a dynamic display.

The design presents you with an open invitation to experiment with color and fabric.

Imagine the sense of three-dimensional space that you could achieve when you select different color shades and tints for this pattern.

2. Collection of 10 Simply Modern Patchwork Quilts

The book provides step-by-step instructions for quilt designs that have a contemporary flair. Beginners will find projects that meet their skill level.

Lovely photos of finished quilts accompany clear directions. This is a superb resource for getting started with simple modern quilt patterns.

After browsing the patterns, think about how you can choose colors to fit your home decor.

3. RetroBlock Quilt Pattern

Five columns of alternating blocks connected by thick lines form a pattern that would fit right in on the set of Mad Men.

The mid-century modern design marks a clear shift away from the traditional patchwork of earlier eras.

Solid colors and liberal use of negative space summon a high-tech vibe that remains trendy in our new millennium.

4. Collection of 12 Modern Blocks

Beginners can sharpen their quilting skills while sewing stunning modern designs. One or two block designs are the framework for each project.

Although you'll be working with some traditional block patterns, the manual encourages you to apply modern twists through alternative color choices.

The projects produce results that appeal to contemporary tastes, and the directions are easy to follow.

5. Modern Flying Geese Pattern

Are they Vs of migrating geese or phalanxes of space ships from a sci-fi adventure?

You get to decide as you select fabrics and colors for a stunning quilt based on three triangular groupings of triangles.

Modern sensibilities come through strongly in this quilt pattern. It uses negative space to highlight a simple design that conveys a sense of freedom and excitement.

Free Modern Quilt Patterns

6. Indian Summer Pattern

This design for a baby quilt will make you a master of half square triangles by the time you're finished sewing. The pattern feels gentle, like a soft, warm breeze.

Colored triangles scattered throughout the design are reminiscent of falling autumn leaves.

Among modern quilt ideas, Indian Summer provides an ideal way to show off quilting instead of patchwork.

7. Square in a Square Pattern

At first glance, the square in a square pattern looks like an old-school patchwork quilt, but its quirkiness soon jumps out.

Inner squares alternate between large and small blocks that are then set off center inside larger squares.

This is an excellent pattern for playing around with mixes of solids and prints. No matter which fabrics you select, the results will be festive and whimsically modern.

8. Scattered Windows Pattern

Combinations of rectangles and squares in different sizes form a collection of off-center crosses. Each window appears to overlap a little with the surrounding windows.

The stunning effect presents you with an intriguing design that almost feels like an optical illusion.

When sewing this pattern, you'll have plenty of opportunities to enhance its visual effects with various colors or print choices.

9. Plus Sign Pattern

When you're looking for simple modern quilt patterns, try the plus pattern. It makes a bold quilt with the simple shape of the Swiss cross or plus sign.

You can sew it as a simple two-color pattern or insert a third color for one of the crosses to create a bold statement piece.

10. Bento Box Scrap Pattern

Despite its complex appearance, this design is within the grasp of many beginners. Because the pattern contains many small pieces, it's an excellent choice for using up fabric scraps.

The design easily allows you to mix scraps because it does not demand consistent placement of specific colors.

Although the scraps will have frugal roots from your scrap bag, it will turn out like a high-value piece of fabric art.

Easy Modern Quilt Patterns

11. Fishing Net Modern Pattern

When you want fast and satisfying results, choose the fishing net pattern. Cutting and sewing work goes quickly as you build a pattern that appears to be loosely woven strips.

Its minimalist character highlights its modern appeal.

Although requiring less effort than other patterns, the design pops in several places to make you look like a clever quilter indeed.

12. Mod Mountains Pattern

Mod Mountains presents a clear example of a modern quilt design. It breaks rules with a bit of asymmetry and random size alterations of the triangular mountains.

You might even find an opportunity to work in some scrap fabric when you're putting this one together.

You'll also find that the pieces are easy to cut and organize despite the pattern's apparent complexity.

13. Collection of 12 Zen Chic Patterns

You'll find all the hallmarks of modern quilting in this collection because this book of modern quilt ideas breaks new ground.

The designs draw little from the past and instead look to the future.

As a result, it introduces some compelling ideas. The minimalist designs showcase the artistry of the quilting process through simple gatherings of lines, circles, and shapes.

14. Flyaway Pattern

The designer has brought the traditional winged square pattern into the new century. A bold central color square anchors a flyaway pattern that forms an almost three-dimensional frame.

To sew a truly customized accent piece, select a color for the central square that matches your home's interior decor.

Anyone from beginner to experienced hobbyists can appreciate this project.

15. Modern Geometric Pattern

Beginners looking to hone their skills can sew this modern version of a coin quilt. Three columns display non-repeating geometric shapes on a solid background.

If you only use solid colors, you'll maintain the sparse simplicity of the pattern.

However, you might choose to work in some prints if you'd like to draw attention to certain spots.

16. Nomad Quilt Pattern

Gorgeous and perfectly symmetrical, the Nomad quilt pattern is a truly modern piece of art. 

The design has given you four sizes to choose from, ranging from a pillow cover to a large throw size. The color palette for their example quilt is a sublime dusty desert vibe, and I am an instant fan.

17. Rainbow Falls Pattern

Rainbow Falls exudes joy and cheerfulness, doesn’t it? The confetti-like pieces of the rainbow dancing around make this pattern so charming.

This pattern has six different sizes to choose from, and all sizes are fat quarter friendly, which is a huge plus.

Imagine all the different color variations you could do with this one pattern!

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Final Thoughts

Modern quilt designs have injected new energy into this traditional craft. Their contemporary artistry will surely propel quilting far into the future.

You'll be a part of the evolution of the craft every time you experiment with modern designs.

We took your busy lifestyle into account when we curated these patterns for you. They're meant for speedy cutting and faster results.

You can continue to build your quilting skills on a day off while producing attractive new quilts for your home.

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