Let Your Imagination Bloom With These 13 Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt Patterns

grandmothers flower garden quilts

Hexagon quilts have gained popularity in the past few years, and one might think that they are a modern quilt style. 

However, that is far from the truth, and I’m super excited to shed some light on one of the most famous hexagon quilt patterns ever created.

This post will discuss the beautiful and sweet grandmother’s flower garden quilts.

We’ll review its history, what makes it unique, some gorgeous examples of the pattern, and how to create one. 

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Nostalgic Vintage Quilt Patterns From The 1920s And 1930s

Vintage Quilt Patterns

It’s no secret that quilting has been around for generations, but have they always looked the same?

Sure, fabric styles have changed and almost every quilter now has a sewing machine of their own, but what did 1920s quilts and 1930s quilts actually look like?

I’m excited to share with you this post some gorgeous vintage quilts and even some depression-era quilt patterns.

I believe it’s extremely important to look back at some of these older quilt patterns to truly understand the craft of quilting and see the labor of love these quilters put into their craft.

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Spark Your Creativity With These 19 Machine Embroidery Designs For Quilting

machine embroidery designs for quilting

As quilters, one of the most creative and interesting parts of quilt making is the actual quilting process. 

However, sometimes it’s challenging to figure out what type of quilting you want to do. 

Do you want straight lines?

Intricate details?

An all-over design? 

The possibilities are endless, and today, we’re going to look at a neat way to quilt using an embroidery machine. 

You may not have thought of this before, but quilting embroidery designs are a fantastic way to embellish your quilts. 

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6 Of The Best Quilt Design Software Programs

Have you been itching to create your own quilt patterns but have no idea how to begin?

Or maybe you’ve seen a quilt pattern that you like, but it could definitely use some tweaking. 

Did you know there are software programs out there that you can purchase and use to create your very own quilt designs and patterns?

Today I’m going to go over five different quilting software options and show you the best quilt design software.

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15 Deliriously Beautiful Drunkards Path Quilt Patterns

drunkards path quilt pattern

Sewing with curves may seem slightly intimidating, but what if I told you it’s much easier than it looks? 

Many quilt patterns utilize a fun curvy design, and one of the classics is called the drunkard’s path quilt. 

In this post, we will tackle the dreaded curved seam and, more importantly, take a deep-dive look into this unique and quirky traditional quilt pattern: the drunkard’s path. 

It looks like a complex pattern, but it is simple once you get the basics of sewing a curved seam. 

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15 Adorable Chicken Quilt Patterns That Will Have You Clucking

chicken quilt patterns

When you think of potential quilt patterns, we bet chicken quilts aren’t what first comes to mind. 

But after reading this post and seeing the most adorable chicken-themed quilt patterns, you will have a whole new perspective on these feathered land dwellers. 

Not only are these chicken quilt patterns cute, but many are beginner-friendly and fun to make. 

Without further ado, let’s check out these clucky chicken patterns and see what the fantastic pattern designers behind these patterns have come up with. 

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