All About Sewing Machine Covers + 17 Fun And Festive Sewing Machine Cover Patterns

Remember when you bought your sewing machine, and it came with a stiff, plastic, slightly off-white cover? 

I don’t know about you, but mine is still in the box that my sewing machine came in. They just aren’t very pretty!

With that said, wouldn’t having a beautiful and practical sewing machine cover for your sewing space be fun? 

Let’s talk all about sewing machine covers and why you should probably have one for your machine. 

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Quilting As Art: All About Art Quilts And 15 Dramatic And Imaginative Art Quilt Designs

art quilts

I recently went to a quilt festival and saw some absolutely breathtaking quilts displayed. 

These quilts were masterpieces and didn’t look like fabric until you walked up close to view them.

They look like paintings or photographs.

Today, we’re going to discuss and look at some gorgeous art quilts that will hopefully inspire you to step outside your comfort zone for your next quilt project. 

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21 Of The Most Gorgeous And Free 12-Inch Quilt Block Patterns

free quilt block patterns 12 inch

When selecting a quilt pattern, it’s good to know the size of the quilt blocks.

One of the most common block sizes quilt pattern designers choose to use is a 12” quilt block. 

In this post, we will discuss why designers like to use 12” blocks, how many you will need for a full-size quilt, and finally, we will check out 21 simple 12-inch quilt blocks you can make. 

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Create A Striking Collage Quilt With These 17 Unique Patterns

collage quilt patterns

Quilting has many types; every type is unique and a form of art. 

One of the most eye-catching types of quilting is collage quilting. 

This quilting style is often thought to be too tricky or not “traditional enough” by some, but I’m hoping to show you today how fun and exciting it can be, even for beginner quilters. 

In this post, we’ll discuss what collage quilting is, how to do it, and then look at some gorgeous examples of collage quilting patterns. 

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How To Sash A Quilt + 15 Quilt Sashing Ideas

sashing a quilt

Have you ever created a few quilt blocks and thought, “These just need a little something extra, but what?” 

I know I have, and one of my favorite things to do is add sashing to my quilt blocks. 

In this post, I’ll teach you why sashing can be helpful and how to add it to your quilts. 

Finally, we’ll check out some beautiful examples of how other quilters have added sashing to their quilts for an extra design element. 

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Here’s Why You’ll Love The Friendship Star Quilt Block + 15 Block Designs To Inspire You

friendship star quilt block

Learning a new quilt block is always fun, especially if it’s a traditional block used in quilt patterns for centuries. 

The quilt block we will focus on today is the simple yet versatile friendship star block. 

We’ll share the history of this quilt block and how to make it. 

Then we’ll look at timeless quilt patterns that feature the friendship star quilt block. 

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