How To Make An Adorable Quilted Bowl Cozy + 7 Patterns You’ll Love

Have you ever gone to grab a bowl out of the microwave after heating some food and jumped back with an “Ouch!” when your fingers touched the hot bowl?

No fun, right?

Quilters and crafters for years have been making the perfect remedy for this issue. It’s called the bowl cozy. 

In this post, I will show you a super simple walkthrough of how to make a bowl cozy and offer several other microwave bowl cozy pattern options that are perfect for that hot bowl of soup. 

What is Bowl Cozy?

A bowl cozy is a hot pad or pot holder shaped to fit perfectly around a bowl. To use them, you simply place your bowl full of the food you choose inside the cozy, then place the bowl cozy into the microwave and heat as desired.

Once the food is the temperature you want, you can easily pull it out using the built-in handle of the cozy without burning your fingers. You can also use them to hold a bowl that contains cold food like ice cream. 

Do Bowl Cozies Need Two Layers of Batting?

Yes, and I’ll tell you why. When you heat food in the microwave, it can get scalding. Most home microwaves can reach 212° F (100° C.) 

You want to use at least two layers of good-quality batting in your bowl cozy. If you only use one layer, you risk burning your hand and not insulating the bowl properly. 

What Kind of Batting Do You Use for Bowl Cozy?

I cannot stress this enough. You MUST use 100% cotton batting if you plan on microwaving your soup bowl cozy. If you use any blend, you risk the batting catching on fire or melting while using the microwave. 

You should use all 100% cotton materials, including your thread and fabric. Insulated batting is not an option because it contains metal which is a huge “NO!” for use in a microwave.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Bowl Cozy?

Most soup bowl holders only need two-10” squares of fabric to complete. To get these two-10” squares; you can use layer cake precuts, fat quarters, or yardage. Check the specific pattern you plan to use for particular fabric requirements.

How to Make a Bowl Cozy: A Super Simple Tutorial 

Now that we know some of the gritty-gritty details about materials needed for a DIY bowl cozy, let’s jump into this quick and easy tutorial to make one.

This is a fantastic beginner sewing project, and I encourage anyone interested in sewing to make at least one for fun.

Materials Needed

Step 1: Gather the Materials

bowl cozy pattern

I am using two-layer cake squares from the Moda Fabrics collection “Flower Pot” by Lella Boutique and Pellon 100% cotton batting.

Step 2: Layout the Squares

Place the fabric squares right sides down and place a batting square in the center of each fabric square. 

bowl cozy pattern

Step 3: Sew the Fabric and Batting Together.

Mark an “X” on the batting. This is your guideline for stitching the fabric and batting together.

bowl cozy pattern

Stitch along the guideline. Make sure you backstitch at the beginning and end of the lines to hold the stitches in place. Do this to both square and batting sets. 

bowl cozy pattern

Step 4: Mark the Squares for Darts

Now comes the fun part! Fold one of the fabric and batting squares in half right side together so the batting is on the outside.

bowl cozy pattern

Make marks like the images below. You will mark 1” from the folded edge and 2 ½” up from the bottom edge. 

bowl cozy pattern
bowl cozy pattern

Use a ruler and connect the two marks you made with your marking tool.

bowl cozy pattern

Repeat making the two marks and joining them on the top edge of your folded square. 

bowl cozy pattern

Unfold the square and fold it in half the other way.

Repeat marking the edge closest to the fold and folded edge to create your dart marks.

bowl cozy pattern

Step 5: Sew the Darts

Take your folded square to your sewing machine and stitch along the lines you marked for the darts. Backstitch at the beginning and end of each line. 

bowl cozy pattern
bowl cozy pattern

Once you have stitched the first two darts, fold the square the other way, line up the edges, and sew the other two darts.

bowl cozy pattern

Here’s what it will look like once you’ve stitched all four darts.

bowl cozy pattern

Trim the excess fabric and batting from the dart seams. This will take away a lot of unnecessary bulk from those seams. 

bowl cozy pattern

Repeat Steps #4 and #5 to make the lining of the bowl cozy.

bowl cozy pattern

Step 6: Sew the Outer and Inner Bowls Together

Place the two pieces right sides together and pin or clip the edges together to hold them in place. 

bowl cozy pattern

Sew around the edge of the bowl cozy using a ½” seam allowance. Leave an opening in the seam about 3” wide so you have room to turn the cozy right side out.

bowl cozy pattern

Step 7: Finish the Bowl Cozy

Using the gap in the seam, turn the cozy right side out. Be careful not to pull too hard at the stitches while doing this because you could rip the fabric or break stitches. 

bowl cozy pattern

Once it is turned out completely, topstitch the top edge of the bowl cozy to stitch the opening shut and give the cozy a beautiful finished edge. 

bowl cozy pattern
bowl cozy pattern

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 7 Bowl Cozy Patterns That Are Fun and Easy to Make 

Now that you know that creating a bowl cozy is pretty simple and quick let’s check out some innovative ideas. These examples are free patterns or tutorials you can follow to make some cute and practical cozies. 

1. Large Bowl Cozy

large bowl cozy bowl cozy pattern

Here is a fantastic tutorial for making a large bowl cozy. This tutorial has excellent written instructions and photos that show you every step of the process. You can also access a free bowl cozy template to download and cut out the cozy pieces.

2. Soup Bowl Cozy

soup bowl cozy bowl cozy pattern

Here is another fantastic tutorial with a cozy downloadable pattern. This pattern includes three sizes to make different cozies for your various-sized bowls. These make great gifts too!

3. Rounded Bowl Cozy

rounded bowl cozy pattern

This tutorial includes a downloadable PDF pattern for a rounded corner bowl cozy which looks pretty cute. Don’t you think so? At the end of the tutorial, you can see many examples of these cozies and how to use them. These work great for ice cream too.

4. Pint Size Ice Cream Cozy

pint size ice cream bowl cozy pattern

Okay, who doesn’t love to sit down with a pint of ice cream occasionally? I sure don’t mind it, but it can be pretty cold for your hands to hold. With this free tutorial, you can make the perfect holder for your ice cream container.

This would also work great for a handless mug or hot cup of coffee.

5. Microwave Bowl Cozy  

microwave bowl cozy

These beautiful bowl cozies were made using this free pattern that includes three sizes, so no matter what size bowl you like to use, this pattern has you covered. These would be fun to make for the kids in their favorite colors. The pattern takes the guesswork out of making the darts and has cutouts to make that part of the construction simple. 

6. Hexagon Bowl Cozy

hexagon bowl cozy bowl cozy pattern

This tutorial is so neat, and the best part? It’s pretty simple to create this hexagon bowl cozy. The tutorial shows how to sew the hexagons together to create a flower cozy. This style of bowl cozy would make a beautiful housewarming gift. 

7. Microwave Bowl Potholder

microwave bowl potholder bowl cozy pattern

Here is a unique style of bowl cozy that features a folded handle in each corner. This sturdy bowl potholder is an excellent choice for larger bowls. This is a great beginner sewing project and quick to make. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it helps you make some beautiful and useful bowl cozies for you and your family and friends. Whether you use a tutorial with a pattern or a tutorial like mine with step-by-step instructions, a bowl cozy is a great way to learn how to sew for beginners.