9 Must-Have Sewing Machine Feet For Quilting

sewing machine foot for quilting

Looking to take your quilting game to the next level? When you first purchase a sewing machine, it typically comes with a variety of feet for different types of sewing projects. 

However, if you’re planning on quilting with your machine, having the right feet can make all the difference. That’s why I’m here to share with you the best sewing machine feet for quilting.

In this post, we’ll explore the different types of sewing machine feet that are essential for quilt making. 

Each foot offers unique benefits and features that can help you create more precise and professional-looking quilts. 

By investing in the right feet, you can save time and frustration while achieving better results.

So whether you’re a beginner quilter or a seasoned pro, read on to learn about the best sewing machine feet for quilting, why they’re important, and how they can take your quilting to the next level.

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7 Of The Best Handheld Sewing Machines For Quilters And Sewers

handheld sewing machine

In the world of portable sewing machines, mini handheld sewing machines represent the smallest category.

You can literally operate the machine with one hand while holding the fabric with the other hand. 

They are designed primarily for performing emergency repairs when you are away from home or don’t have a standard sewing machine

Most of them run on batteries, so you won’t have a cord in your way as you work.

Quilters find them useful at times for quick basting tasks or when teaching a young person about sewing.

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Are You An Advanced Sewer And Quilter? Here Are The 9 Best Sewing Machines For You

best sewing machine for advanced sewers

When you have graduated from novice to advanced in your sewing endeavors, you probably are tempted to purchase a new advanced sewing machine.

That hand-me-down sewing machine your mom or friend gave you was great for learning how to sew and quilt, but now it’s your turn to choose the perfect one for you. 

This post will show you nine fantastic high-end sewing machines that you can check out and decide if they would be a good fit for you and your needs. 

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7 Top-Rated Mini Irons For Sewing And Quilting

best mini iron for sewing

As quilters, we know our tools and accessories are extremely important to our craft and making the best-looking quilts possible.

Undoubtedly, an iron is one of the essential tools in our “toolbox.”

But what if you don’t need your large iron to get the job done?

In this post, we will shift our focus to the small but mighty mini irons that are on the market for quilters.

We’ll go over the benefit of having a small quilting iron and then look at seven great options for you. 

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9 Excellent Serger Sewing Machines To Consider For Your Quilting And Sewing Projects

serger sewing machine

If you have ever wandered the aisles of your local arts and crafts store and stumbled down the sewing machine aisle, chances are you have come across machines called “sergers” or “overlock machines.” 

But how do you choose one when there are so many on the market with a wide price range?

We’ve read dozens of serger reviews to figure out what the best serger for you might be.

Read on as you’ll learn the pros and cons of nine great options and, hopefully, remove some of the guesswork of choosing the right serger for your needs.

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Serger Or Sewing Machine? What’s The Difference, And When Should You Use Each?

serger vs sewing machine

Have you ever been shopping at your local hobby store, and you see a machine called a “serger“?

You’ve wondered, “What is that used for?” I remember doing that several years ago, and I honestly thought it was a complex machine I would never need or want. 

Fast forward a few years, I now have a serger and have had lots of fun (and maybe a little frustration) trying to figure out how to use it and what to use it for. 

This post will go over all the ins and outs of a serger machine, what you can do with it, how it differs from a regular sewing machine, and if it is worth your time and money to purchase one.

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