11 Modern And Bright Chandelier Quilt Patterns You’ll Adore

Beginner quilt patterns are easy to find online these days, and the chandelier quilt pattern is one of those simple quilt patterns that are perfect for beginners.

Chandelier quilts are a great combination of simple and modern design elements.

In this post, we will go over what makes this pattern unique and how to make one, and then I will show you some gorgeous examples of chandelier quilts I’ve gathered for you. 

What Is a Chandelier Quilt?

Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique designed the original chandelier quilt pattern, which she included in her book Charm School- 18 Quilts from 5” Squares

Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Co. has also made an easy-to-follow chandelier quilt tutorial on her YouTube channel if you prefer learning via video. 

So what exactly is this quilt pattern? Its features include two sizes of squares- 5” and 2 ½”. These squares are positioned “on point” or at a 45° angle, usually on a white or light-colored background. 

The entire quilt top is made using one type of quilt block, which I will teach you how to make in the next section.

See Step-by-Step Tutorial at Bottom Of Post

11 Chandelier Quilt Pattern Designs That Will Light You Up 

Now that we know what a chandelier quilt is and how to create a quilt top, let’s check out some stunning chandelier quilt images that are sure to inspire you to create one. This quilt pattern works great as a baby, throw, or bed-size quilt, as seen in the examples below. 

1. Queen Chandelier Quilt

queen chandelier quilt chandelier quilt pattern

Here is what a queen-size chandelier quilt looks like. The significant part is you can easily add or subtract rows and blocks to make the perfect size for your needs. The designer of this quilt used a blue, red, and green color palette with batik fabrics. This quilt is a 90” square.

2. Diamond Border Chandelier Quilt

diamond border chandelier quilt pattern

This chandelier quilt features beautiful squares on point borders. I couldn’t find any information about this quilt, but I wanted to include it because of its unique borders and scrappy-style fabric selection.

The maker also appears to use stitch-in-the-ditch quilting, allowing the quilt pattern to be front and center. 

3. Katie’s Emerald Throw Quilt

katie"s emerald throw chandelier quilt pattern

Here is another gorgeous chandelier quilt example I found on Pinterest. Danelle Tiller made this quilt with a calm green color palette and beautiful modern quilting.

This quilt is an excellent example of a smaller version of the chandelier pattern. I like how she used white for the binding to give the quilt a clean, modern look.

4. Chandelier Baby Quilt

chandelier baby quilt chandelier quilt pattern

How cute is the fabric selection for this baby quilt? The maker used two yards of white background fabric and two charm packs (with over half a charm pack leftover) to create this sweet 46”x48” baby quilt.

A quilt like this would make a wonderful baby shower gift and be a quick project, even for a beginner quilter. 

5. Colorful Chandelier Quilt

colorful chandelier chandelier quilt pattern

Wow, this quilt is truly eye-catching! This 92”x107” quilt would fit perfectly on a queen-size bed and have plenty of drape on all sides of the bed. If you have a bunch of scraps laying around, this chandelier quilt pattern would be an excellent use for them. 

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6. Charm Pack Chandelier Quilt

charm pack chandelier quilt pattern

Here is a lovely chandelier quilt made by Mary Quilts. As you can see, she didn’t use the white background for the outer background blocks and, instead, used a fun botanical-themed fabric to create a border around the center of the quilt.

This is an excellent idea if you don’t have enough white fabric or want a contrasting color for the outer triangles. 

7. Soft Colors Chandelier Quilt

soft colors chandelier quilt pattern

Here is another chandelier quilt similar to #2 with the fun diamond braid borders. The designer of this quilt also included a beautiful butterfly block in each corner.

I couldn’t find the exact size of this quilt, but as far as I can tell, it looks like it is a twin-size quilt or a large throw quilt. 

8. Falling Chandelier Quilt

falling chandelier quilt pattern

Here is a gorgeous rendition of the chandelier quilt pattern using light to dark fabrics, which give a lovely ombre effect to the design.

The illusion of the “falling chandeliers” illusion is a genius design choice and adds an exciting layer to an already modern quilt pattern. The maker also used a dark blue fabric for a border to finish off this beautiful quilt top. 

9. Rainbow Chandelier Quilt

rainbow chandelier quilt pattern

First things first: the decision to use a black background is phenomenal! I love this color palette and the fact that the binding matches the squares of the quilt top.

Since the designer chose to use all solid fabrics, the quilt has almost a mid-century modern feel. This quilt measures 70”x70” and would look great on a twin bed.

10. Baby Chandelier and Elephant Quilt

baby chandelier and elephant chandelier quilt pattern

Here is a beautiful example of how you can use the chandelier pattern for just part of an overall quilt design to make something unique and one-of-a-kind.

This baby quilt combines the modern square design, gorgeous free-motion quilting, and this fun elephant fabric to make a sweet gift for a little one.

The free-motion quilting steals the show and adds so much interest to the blank space of the white background fabric. 

11. Log Cabin Chandelier Quilt

log cabin chandelier quilt pattern

I saved this breath-taking quilt top for last and for a good reason. This chandelier quilt has been kicked up a notch since the maker used log cabin blocks for the center squares of each block, giving the pattern a new look.

It’s a little scrappy, modern, and a lot impressive! I wish I could find an image of the finished quilt, but this was the only photo I could find on Pinterest uploaded by Steph Martin.

How To Make a Chandelier Quilt

You can use this step-by-step block tutorial to create your chandelier quilt since you only use one type of quilt block for the whole quilt pattern. The finished block will measure 8 ½” x 8 ½”. To make a 74” square quilt, you will need 85 blocks. 

how to make a chandelier quilt

Step 1: Cut the fabric

Here is the list of pieces you will need for each block:

  • 1- 5” square- block center
  • 2- 2 ½” squares- top and bottom points of the block
  • 2- 2 ½” x 5” strips- white background
  • 2- 2 ½” x 7”- white background

Step 2: Sew each row

Each block has three rows: Row A, B, and C.

step 2 how to make a chandelier quilt

Row A and Row C use the 2- 2 ½” squares and 2- 2 ½”x 7” strips. 

Row B uses 2- 2 ½” x 5” strips and 1- 5” square. 

*Use a ¼” seam allowance for all seams. 

step 2 how to make a chandelier quilt

Step 3: Sew the rows together

Once you create the rows, you will sew the rows together to create the finished block. 

step 3 how to make a chandelier quilt

Step 4: Sew the blocks together

You will sew the blocks “on point “ for this quilt pattern. That means you will sew the rows at a 45° angle instead of horizontal rows. 

For this example, there are 13 rows total. I have labeled each row with a number.

step 4 how to make a chandelier quilt

Here is how many blocks are in each row:

  • Row 1: one block
  • Row 2: three blocks
  • Row 3: five blocks
  • Row 4: seven blocks
  • Row 5: nine blocks
  • Row 6: 11 blocks
  • Row 7: 13 blocks
  • Row 8: 11 blocks
  • Row 9: nine bocks
  • Row 10: seven blocks
  • Row 11: five blocks
  • Row 12: three blocks
  • Row 13: one block

Step 5: Add a border

This step is optional. I like adding a border to most quilts since it gives them a more finished look. For the example image, I added a 2” border to all sides of the quilt.

Once you finish the quilt top, you can create the quilt sandwich (quilt top, batting, and backing fabric) and quilt as desired. 

I hope these fantastic quilts have inspired you to try the chandelier quilt pattern. From what we looked at today, I think it’s safe to say this pattern is modern, versatile, and an excellent fit for any quilter, whether a beginner or someone who has been quilting for decades. 

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