17 Ridiculously Easy Quilts You Can Make In A Day

easy quilts to make in a day

When most of us think about quilt-making, we usually think about complex designs, time-consuming patterns, and scores of hours spent creating a fabric masterpiece. 

However, what if you want to make a quilt in a day? Is that even possible?

The short answer: YES!

We’ve gathered a fantastic array of quick and easy quilt patterns for you to choose from, and though they are simple, they are also gorgeous. 

Let’s dive right into it!

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Let Your Imagination Bloom With These 13 Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt Patterns

grandmothers flower garden quilts

Hexagon quilts have gained popularity in the past few years, and one might think that they are a modern quilt style. 

However, that is far from the truth, and I’m super excited to shed some light on one of the most famous hexagon quilt patterns ever created.

This post will discuss the beautiful and sweet grandmother’s flower garden quilts.

We’ll review its history, what makes it unique, some gorgeous examples of the pattern, and how to create one. 

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Be Kind To Your Fabrics With These 21 Fun And Clever Fabric Storage Ideas

fabric storage ideas

Many of us, as quilters, love to collect beautiful fabric. 

Yardage and precuts and scraps, oh my!

But how should you store all this fabric you’ve spent your hard-earned money on?

Sure, you could store it in a bin, hidden in a closet, but what fun is that? 

Plus, after time has passed, you’ll forget what fabric you have, which is less than ideal. 

Let’s dive into all kinds of fabric organization ideas that you can use for inspiration to create the fabric organizer of your dreams. 

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Nostalgic Vintage Quilt Patterns From The 1920s And 1930s

Vintage Quilt Patterns

It’s no secret that quilting has been around for generations, but have they always looked the same?

Sure, fabric styles have changed and almost every quilter now has a sewing machine of their own, but what did 1920s quilts and 1930s quilts actually look like?

I’m excited to share with you this post some gorgeous vintage quilts and even some depression-era quilt patterns.

I believe it’s extremely important to look back at some of these older quilt patterns to truly understand the craft of quilting and see the labor of love these quilters put into their craft.

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All About Grid Quilting, Grid Quilting Ideas, And 9 Grid Quilts You Should Have

grid quilting

Straight-line quilting is a popular choice for modern quilters, but what do you do if you want to use straight lines but add a little more pizazz to your quilting design? 

Enter the fabulous grid quilt. 

You may be wondering what a grid quilt is, and don’t worry; we will explain precisely what it is and show you some outstanding examples of them. 

Also, you can check out some handy templates to create these geometric marvels on your next quilting projects. 

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All About Basting Spray And 9 Of The Best Basting Spray Options For Quilting

Basting Spray for Quilting

So you’ve just finished a gorgeous quilt top and want to quilt it. 

You know you must make a quilt sandwich (quilt top, batting, and backing fabric), but how exactly will you do it?

There are many different ways to baste a quilt, but today, we will focus on the quickest way to baste a quilt. 

Spray-basting a quilt cuts your basting time in half and is a great way to adhere your quilt sandwich layers together without poking your fingers with pins.

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