There’s No Zig-Zagging About These 23 Chevron Quilt Patterns: You’ll Love Them

chevron quilt patterns

If you are looking for a fun, playful quilt pattern for your next project, I recommend checking out the easy chevron quilt pattern ideas I’ve gathered for you in this post.

These patterns are especially great for beginners or for anyone that wants a quick and easy quilt to make. 

Before we look at the 23 examples I’ve curated here, we will examine some FAQs surrounding zig-zag quilt patterns and how you can make one for yourself. 

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15 Playful And Fun Yo-Yo Quilt Ideas

yoyo quilt

When people think of quilts, they usually picture some kind of patchwork traditional design, but did you know there are other types of quilts that are made differently than conventional piecework

The type of quilt we will focus on today is the yo-yo quilt.

We will go over what they are, what you can use them for, how to make one, and then look at 15 gorgeous examples of whimsical yo-yo quilt designs. 

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Need A Quilt For A King Size Bed? 19 Knockout King Size Quilt Patterns

king size quilt patterns

Have you been thinking about creating your first king-size quilt, but you’re unsure what pattern to choose?

There are SO many quilt patterns out there; it can be hard to decide which one you want to make. 

Since we have a vast range of king-size quilt patterns to choose from, I thought it would be fun to narrow it down to just 19 patterns so that even beginners can feel confident tackling them. 

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35 Gorgeous Quilt Strip Patterns That Are So Creative And So Easy To Make

quilt strip patterns

For many of us quilters, sometimes we want a beautiful quilt pattern that won’t take forever to make.

So how do we search for a pattern that will look amazing and be a simple construction?

My answer: easy strip quilt patterns. 

Pattern designers write patterns that utilize blocks made from fabric strips of varying widths and lengths.

They are simple and quick to put together.

Let’s check out 35 prime examples of this quilt pattern.

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27 Charming And Eyecatching Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

log cabin quilt patterns

As quilters, we are constantly searching for the next quilt pattern we want to attempt, whether we’re beginners or seasoned professionals. 

One of the best quilt patterns for any skill level is the log cabin pattern. 

We’re going to take a closer look at log cabin quilts and see why they are an excellent choice for any quilter, no matter their skill level.

I’ll also show you 27 striking examples of the log cabin quilt pattern and answer some common questions surrounding the pattern. 

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Want A Quilt Design Wall? Get Inspired By These 15 Gorgeous Design Wall Ideas

quilt design wall

If you like to design your quilts, you’ve probably run into the problem of needing an area where you can lay out your blocks to plan the design.

Sure, you can use your floor or dining room table, but those have their limitations. 

Like many troubles in the quilting community, if there is a problem, chances are another quilter has found a solution!

Some call it a quilt wall or design wall, but everyone who has one swears it’s a massive help in the quilt-making process.

Let’s check out this helpful tool, shall we?

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