13 Beautiful And Sweet Baby Quilt Kits

One of my favorite quilt projects to work on is a baby quilt.

There’s just something about making a quilt for a new little bundle of joy that makes the project even more special and precious to me.

I know it can be overwhelming to figure out how much fabric to buy (especially if you are ordering online) or trying to match colors and patterns together, especially for beginner quilters.

In this post, I want to show you a few precut baby quilt kits along with several baby quilt kits for beginners that will help take all the guesswork out of making your next baby quilt.

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stack of fabric, fat quarter quilt pattern

19 Free Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns You’ll Love

Quilters like fat quarters, but they love free patterns even more.

How do we know that fat quarters are still popular with quilters?

Quilt shops typically have a section just for fat quarters, and will often offer to cut fat quarters from their bolts of fabrics.

Although other precuts such as jelly rolls and charm packs have increased in popularity, the fat quarter remains the base for many quilts.

It is quite typical for a traveling quilter to buy fat quarters, instead of yardage, as a token of their visit to a new place.

Are they concerned about finding a pattern for their new fat quarters?

Of course not.

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cat laying on ironing board best ironing board covers

7 Of The Best Ironing Board Covers For Quilters

You don't want to risk scorching your quilt blocks when you iron them.

Although ironing covers and pads might not seem important, their characteristics matter quite a bit for quilters.

You want a surface that allows you to shift fabric easily and keep it smooth and flat.

The best ironing board cover and pad will work in conjunction with your iron to deliver a quick press that does not leave a grated impression from the underlying metal board.

A good cover also prevents scorches and water stains on your lovingly crafted quilt.

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best quilting irons

5 Best Irons for Quilting in 2024

If you love quilting and want to ensure a quality product, you need to invest in quality tools.

You want to create a quilt that is not only beautiful but also practical and useful for generations.

A quilt can be an heirloom treasure that deserves you having the proper equipment in your quilting set-up.

The choice of an iron for quilting is a vital tool and piece of hardware that should be purchased with some consideration and research.

When shopping for the best iron for quilting, several key factors should be considered and we'll cover them all in this article.

The insights we're sharing are aimed at making your next quilting project smooth and enjoyable.

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woman holding planner quilt planner

11 Of The Best Quilt Planners to Design Your Work of Art

Do you have several quilt projects you would like to make but have no idea how to organize your thoughts and ideas?

Sometimes, that confusion or analysis paralysis can stop us from doing the quilting projects we want to make!

What if I were to tell you that there is a whole category of planners specifically made for quilters to help us organize, plan, and accomplish our quilting goals? 

In this post, we will go over several options for quilt planners and discuss why they’re so important. 

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13 Sewing Books Every Beginning Quilter And Sewist Must Have In Their Library

When you first start learning the basics of sewing and quilting, attempting to find tutorials or info online can feel a bit overwhelming.

I’ve been there.

Sometimes you just want a physical copy of a book with all the necessary information. 

In this post, we will take a look at some of the best sewing books for beginners and talk about what they offer and what makes them unique. 

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