Fat Quarter Quilt Pattern

Quilters like fat quarters, but they love free patterns even more.

How do we know that fat quarters are still popular with quilters?

Quilt shops typically have a section just for fat quarters, and will often offer to cut fat quarters from their bolts of fabrics.

Although other precuts such as jelly rolls and charm packs have increased in popularity, the fat quarter remains the base for many quilts.

It is quite typical for a traveling quilter to buy fat quarters, instead of yardage, as a token of their visit to a new place.

Are they concerned about finding a pattern for their new fat quarters?

Of course not.

Today’s savvy quilters know that the internet has a plethora of free fat quarter quilt patterns available.

  • Fat Quarter: Fabric Measuring 18” x 22”
  • Fat Quarter Bundle: Fat Quarters from a fabric collection. 25-42 fat quarters usually make a bundle.
  • Fat Quarter sub-cuts: 10” Squares, 5” and 4” squares, 2 ½” squares, 1 ½” squares, 2 ½ strips, 2 fat eighths.
  • ½ yard of fabric will give you 2 fat quarters.

Why Do Quilters Still Choose Fat Quarters?

They remain popular for two reasons.

First, the fat quarter bundle takes the guesswork out of planning a quilt.

Get a bundle, which is already color-coordinated, and then search the internet for fat quarter quilt ideas.

Second, a fat quarter is easily manageable with its smaller size and ability to provide a wide variety of pieces.

Beginner quilters like fat quarter quilts because they can learn to cut blocks on a smaller piece of fabric.

If they make a mistake, it only costs a couple of dollars to fix.

On the other hand, if they cut yardage incorrectly, it may cost them more than $10 to fix.  

If your local quilt shop does not stock quilt patterns using fat quarters, then this article provides some great designs for all themes and styles of fat quarter quilts.

15 Free Fat Quarter Patterns

1. Modern Cogs Quilt

This modern quilt uses a fat quarter bundle to make a nice variety of 16” quilt blocks.

You will need at least 20 fat quarters to complete this 96” x 96” quilt.

If you prefer to make it scrappy, it will look nice in patriotic and Christmas fabrics as well.

2. Disappearing Flower Patch

This is an excellent pattern for a beginner quilter.

Known as the disappearing nine patch, it was renamed by Leah to accommodate the use of flower-themed fabric in her design.

It appears complicated, but the trick is in cutting the blocks apart and turning them.

The instructions for this quilt are located right below the first picture.

If you need a small lap quilt or a baby quilt, consider this as for a first project.

3. Stack and Slash Quilt

Do you love the idea of layering several fabrics all at once and cutting them into random shapes?

Then this may be the quilt for you.

The only thing you use a ruler for is to keep the rotary cut straight as you make angled cuts.

Once the layers have been stacked in order, it is time to sew. Stack and whack quilts put fat quarters to good as the entire fat quarter is used in the quilt.

4. Fat Quarter Fizz

Are you looking for an easy fat quarter quilt?

Try this pattern if you want to use odd fat quarters that don’t seem to really fit with anything.

Just be sure to separate them into dark and light piles before you cut. The key to this quilt is the light value in contrast to the dark.

5. Queen Quilt Fat Quarter Cut Up

This charming fat quarter quilt finishes at 92” x 96”.

If you wanted to make it a little larger add borders.

Border strips could finish anywhere from 3”-5” wide depending on how much larger you want the quilt to finish.

The pattern uses Fig Tree fabric; however, a themed assortment would undoubtedly show off in this pattern.

6. Oh My Stars

This is a fun project that allows the quilter to work along at their own pace.

It was initially written as a quilt along.

A quilt along is an event where each week a new block is released.

The quilter makes the block and waits for the next week.

By the end of so many weeks, the quilters have enough blocks completed to make a large quilt.

The instructions for each block are found when you click on the pictures of the finished quilt block.

Read through all the links for special instructions before purchasing background yardages.

7. Sweethearts Quilt

What could make a better gift for a loved one then this sweethearts fat quarter quilt?

Stay organized when cutting for the blocks.

Sandwich baggies will help keep pieces from escaping your work areas.

The diagrams showing block placement will help you piece the top together correctly.

Again, stay organized, or your blocks may not look like hearts when you are done.

8. Cabin Fever

This beautiful quilt will surely warm your lap this winter.

The blocks finish at 12” and only requires 5 fat quarters for the colored blocks.

The background fabric really plays a significant role in the outcome of this quilt.

Audition your five fat quarters against potential background pieces before purchasing the material.

9. Fat Quarter Fancy

This bright, beautiful quilt uses the same technique involved in making snowball blocks.

This quilt finishes at 54”, which would make a lovely gift for a loved one or a child.

Themed fabric for children that love superheroes, spaceships, horses, or flowers would work well.


A large portion of the block remains uncovered from the corner units.  

10. Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt

I could not resist adding this fat quarter mystery quilt to this list.

We all loved Nancy Zieman and were saddened when she passed in 2017.

She was an amazing quilter, and this quilt is part of her legacy.

Although the mystery is solved, this quilt shows off beautiful fabrics from a fat quarter bundle.

You will find the block instructions listed each month with a set of finishing instructions.  

11. Chains of Love

Cheer up your home during the winter with this heart-themed Valentine’s Day quilt.

Use five fat quarters to make this wall hanging (50” x 42”).

Pay attention to the no stacking warning in the instructions.

They want you to cut each fat quarter individually to get precise squares.

12. Huge No Waste Flying Geese

Flying geese blocks typically finish quite small as they are used in quilt blocks.

However, in this quilt, they are the block.

What a fun idea to make super-sized flying geese blocks.

This pattern is quite lovely because it shows that you can make a small quilt for a baby or queen-sized quilt for the bed.

It all depends on how many fat quarters you want to use.

The machine quilted feathers added a wonderful flair to the quilt.

13. Simple Bricks

This easy fat quarter quilt pattern would be stunning in flannel.

It has straight seams and finishes at a lap quilt size of 63” x 72”.

Do you need a gift for a student going off to college?

Consider this pattern.

It does not require a lot of tedious cutting and the strips go together quickly.  

14. Garden Path

Did you say a picnic quilt?

I am ready to take my wicker basket filled with wine, cheese, and grapes and set this quilt out on a sunny day.

It features a 9 patch block set against contrasting squares alternating across the row.

Time to dig through those fat quarters and get to work.

I have a picnic to go on.

15. Totally Tubular Stacked Block Quilt

What could be more satisfying than using fat quarters to make a stacked block quilt?

Be sure to pay attention to her directions when she says to mark the blocks. Otherwise, your blocks won’t fall in the rows as they should.

This is a great modern looking quilt and would make a perfect gift for a young person.

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Now that you have some great ideas to make a fat quarter quilt take a trip to your local quilt shop and see what they have to offer in the way of fat quarters.

If you already have a stash of fat quarters pick out the ones that color coordinate and get started.

Your quilt will be beautiful, and you will discover that fat quarters are a great base for any quilt.

We've done the research and created a roundup of 15 of the best free fat quarter patterns for 2020.

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