Don’t Get Fidgety! We Found 9 Beautiful Fidget Quilt Ideas To Keep Your Hands Busy

Fidget Quilt Ideas

If you have a loved one or know someone that has been touched by dementia or Alzheimer’s, you know it can be difficult to see that personal struggle. 

One unique and surprisingly helpful valuable tool for the patient is therapeutic fidget quilts.

We will look at what a fidget lap blanket is and its benefits. 

We will also look at nine compelling examples of these extraordinary creations.

What Is a Fidget Quilt?

Fidget quilts are essentially a quilt (or blanket) that has several different moveable accessories that someone can enjoy. 

For example, a fidget blanket for Alzheimer’s will have zippers, buttons, velcroed toys that they can move, snaps, ribbons, different types of fabrics, and other notions. 

What Size Should a Fidget Quilt Be?

A fidget blanket only needs to be a small “mini” quilt. There is no right or wrong size, but it would be most helpful if it could fit on someone’s lap. You can also add two straps to either side of the blanket to make an apron that the recipient can tie around their waist and carry. 

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19 Eye-Catching Tumbling Blocks Quilt Patterns

tumbling blocks quilt pattern

When perusing classic quilt patterns, sometimes you come across a seemingly complex design that makes you wonder, “How did someone come up with that?”

The tumbling blocks quilt pattern is one of these patterns. 

Today, we will take a deep dive into how this quilt pattern’s history, and then we’re going to look at 19 unbelievable tumbling blocks quilt patterns that you can use to create your own quilt top. 

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15 Adorable Quilted Potholder Patterns That Are So Quick And Easy To Make

quilted potholder pattern

As a quilter, sometimes you don’t want to set aside 30+ hours to create an entire quilt.

Sometimes you just want a quick project to work on that you can still express your creativity without having to block out hours upon hours. 

Finding easy quilted potholder patterns is a perfect way to work on less time-consuming projects

Potholders (or hot pads) are something that everyone needs in their kitchen.

They make fantastic, handmade gifts and will last for years if made well.

Let’s look at some DIY potholder patterns and get some inspiration to make our own!

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Love Modern Quilts? 13 Modern Quilt Kits You Should Check Out

modern quilt kits

Have you wanted to create a quilt from scratch but have no idea what pattern to design or fabric to choose?

I know the feeling and trust me, you are not alone when you feel overwhelmed or confused about what to do next. 

Luckily for us, there are quilt kits on the market that take all the guesswork out of designing a pattern, choosing fabrics, and figuring out how much fabric to purchase. 

Read on to learn what to expect from a modern quilt kit and look at our fun selection of quilt kits that you can purchase today.

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19 Quilt Flower Patterns You’ll Want To Start Today

quilt flower patterns

Do you miss your beautiful, colorful garden during the long winter months

Or maybe you have a plant-crazy parent or friend in your life, and you want to give them something extra special this year. 

Whatever your reason may be, we have an exciting list of flower quilts patterns to show you that are sure to inspire your “quilting thumb,” as well as your “green thumb.”

Let’s go over individual flower quilt blocks, entire quilt patterns, and even some gorgeous applique flower print patterns to give you a great variety of options to try out. 

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15 Of The Most Beautiful Double Wedding Ring Quilt Designs + Free Patterns

Did you know that there is a quilt pattern that symbolizes romance, longevity, and love?

The pattern I am talking about is the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern (DWR), and it is a gorgeous canvas of interwoven rings creating a beautiful quilt top.

I want to go over a little history of the wedding quilt, show a wide variety of examples of the pattern, and provide links to a few free DWR patterns.

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