15 Of The Most Beautiful Double Wedding Ring Quilt Designs

Did you know that there is a quilt pattern that symbolizes romance, longevity, and love?

The pattern I am talking about is the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern (DWR), and it is a gorgeous canvas of interwoven rings creating a beautiful quilt top.

I want to go over a little history of the wedding quilt, show a wide variety of examples of the pattern, and provide links to a few free DWR patterns.

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13 Gorgeous Summer In The Park Quilts

summer in the park quilt fi

Have you seen those cute little jellyroll bundles for sale at your local fabric store but resisted buying one because you wonder, “What would I do with a bunch of 2 ½” strips of fabric?” Well, a beautiful and simple solution is the Summer in the Park quilt pattern.

This pattern is so fun because the possibilities are endless with different color variations.

You can completely change the look and feel of your room with this beautiful quilt pattern. Plus, it is a very simple pattern. All you do is sew strips together, create squares, sew those squares together, and there you have it — a Summer in the Park quilt top!

Here are several of the best examples to inspire you to create your very own Summer in the Park quilt.

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Fat Quarter Quilt Pattern

Stitchery dickory dock quilt Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Quilters like fat quarters, but they love free patterns even more.

How do we know that fat quarters are still popular with quilters?

Quilt shops typically have a section just for fat quarters, and will often offer to cut fat quarters from their bolts of fabrics.

Although other precuts such as jelly rolls and charm packs have increased in popularity, the fat quarter remains the base for many quilts.

It is quite typical for a traveling quilter to buy fat quarters, instead of yardage, as a token of their visit to a new place.

Are they concerned about finding a pattern for their new fat quarters?

Of course not.

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