19 Easy And Exquisite Charm Pack Quilt Patterns

Precut fabrics are one of my favorite items to look at when I go to a fabric shop. 

They are well-thought-out assortments from different designer collections and can be used in a wide variety of ways when quilting.

One of the most popular precut sizes is the charm pack.

Today, I’ll explain what charm packs are and why they are so great, and then show you 19 quilt patterns using a charm pack. 

Charm pack quilts are a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to learn the basics of quilting, and I’m so excited to show you these beautiful options.

What Are Charm Packs? 

Charm packs are precut 5” squares that come in packages of 42. Usually, each square is a different fabric, but they all coordinate with each other.

These packs are especially great if you need simple quilt squares for your projects, such as a baby quilt or tote bag.

Imagine trying to find 42 different fabrics that coordinate. That would make for a long day at the fabric shop!

Charm packs are great if you are a beginner quilter, but they’re also great for more advanced quilters. They take the guesswork out of picking fabrics and save time since they are already cut into 5” squares. 

What Size Quilt Can You Make With a Charm Pack?

Wondering what size quilt you can make with just one charm pack? Well, if you were to sew the squares together with six squares across and seven columns, you would have a 27”x31 ½” quilt. 

If you use the same charm pack and instead of sewing the squares together, you add a 2” sashing between the squares, then you would have a 41”x47 ½” quilt. 

The size quilt you can make with a single charm pack will depend heavily on your charm square quilt pattern. 

So this brings up the question, “How many charm packs do I need for a lap quilt or a queen size quilt?” 

Again, this depends on the pattern that you choose. But if I were to generalize it, I would recommend having 3-4 charm packs for a lap quilt (50”x60” approximately) and 6-8 charm packs for a queen quilt (90”x108” approximately).

19 Easy And Exquisite Charm Pack Quilt Patterns

I’ve gathered some gorgeous options to share with you, and I hope they give you the inspiration to start on your own charm pack quilt. 

In this list, you will find free quilt patterns using charm squares along with patterns that you can purchase. 

1. Charm Pack Picnic

Charm Pack Picnic

This beautiful lattice-style quilt only needs two charms packs plus the background fabrics to put it together. The finished quilt will be 49”x61 ¾”.

Trust me, this pattern looks a bit more complex than it is, so beginners don’t shy away from it.

2. Longnor Street Quilt

longnor street quilt

Does this design remind you of Tetris, or is it just me?

This adorable pattern is created using mini charm packs ( 2 ½” squares), which you could easily create by cutting a charm pack’s squares into fourths. The finished quilt will be a 46 ½” square, but you could easily make a larger quilt just by adding more rows.

3. Diamonds in the Meadow

Diamonds in the meadow

This pattern will show you how to use a charm pack to create HST blocks to make this modern classic design. The pattern provides two sizes: a table runner or baby quilt(41” square) and throw size (59” square).

4. Pinwheels Over Patchwork

Pinwheels Over Patchwork

This visually interesting pattern uses only two charm packs and will make you a 40” square mini quilt perfect for a baby quilt or wall hanging. 

5. Looking Glass

looking glass

The Looking Glass pattern is a beginner-friendly project, and the designer has written directions for four different sizes: baby, lap, twin, and queen. The pattern also gives fabric requirements for each size which is extremely helpful, especially for a beginning quilter. 

6. Building Blocks

building blocks

This fun offset squares pattern is a beautiful beginner option and would make a lovely baby quilt. The pattern also provides fabric requirements and instructions for a throw-size quilt. 

7. Charm Pack Superstar Quilt

Charm Pack superstar quilt

Here is a free tutorial on how to make this adorable star block using 40 charm squares. Julie Hirt gives easy-to-follow instructions on how to construct this block and even shows how she crocheted the edges of this mini quilt. 

8. Chance Quilt

Chance Quilt

Believe it or not, this beautiful pattern is free to download! The finished quilt will measure 74”x92”, the perfect size for a twin bed.

9. Charming Lucy

charming lucy

This free pattern will create a small baby quilt measuring 35” square. You will only need one charm pack and 1 yard of background fabric. You could easily make this quilt larger with more fabric and create more blocks. 

10. Marian Barn Quilt

Marian Barn Quilt

Have you ever driven through the countryside and seen those beautiful barn quilts painted on the peak of a barn? This quilt pattern was created with them in mind. The finished quilt will be 40” square. The pattern also provides instructions and sizing for a mini charm pack and a layer cake

11. Falling Charms

This pattern is a beginner-friendly design and a beautiful example of simplicity in a quilt. If you have a favorite fabric collection charm pack that you want to show off the fabrics, this is the quilt pattern for you. 

12. Picking Petals

Picking Petaks

Picking Petals is a gorgeous mini quilt pattern that can be used to create wall hangings or table centerpieces for every and any occasion. The finished project will be a 20” square.

13. Charmingly Sashed

Charmingly Sashed

Quick to construct, this pattern is an excellent option if you need to create something fast or if you are a beginner quilter and don’t want to tackle a complicated design quite yet. You can make a baby or throw-size quilt with this pattern. 

14. Pretty Petit Fours

Pretty petit Fours

This lovely vintage-inspired pattern was created with charm packs in mind. The pattern will show you how to make four different sizes: crib, throw, twin, queen. 

15. Modern Charm 

Modern Charm

The modern charm pattern was made specifically for charm packs and will make a fantastic project. The pattern shows you how to make two sizes( baby and throw) using 1 or 2 charm packs. 

16. Spellbound


Isn’t this modern quilt pattern fun? Spellbound only uses one charm pack and creates a throw-size quilt at 52”x66”.

17. Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie

Adorable and fun, this pattern is a beginner-friendly project and will show off your favorite fabrics perfectly. The designer has given you three sizes to choose from: baby, throw, and large throw.

18. Postcards


This simple, modern quilt pattern was designed to be used along with charm packs. The pattern has two sizes to choose from- baby (36 ½” square) and lap/throw (54 ½”x63 ½”).

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19. Pretty Please

Pretty Please

This gorgeous quilt is an excellent example of using a charm pack to its fullest. The pattern gives you two sizes to choose from 60” square and 84” square. 

Ready to Begin a Charm Pack Quilt of Your Own?

Charm packs are a genuinely versatile precut option and work well with many different patterns, even patterns that aren’t made specifically for charm packs.

I hope this list of quilt patterns shows you that charm quilts are a beautiful choice for any size quilt and any occasion. 

They are perfect for showing off your favorite fabrics that have been sitting on the shelf waiting for you to use them. I know I want to dive into my charm pack stash after looking up all of these beautiful patterns.

Enjoy and happy stitching!

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  1. Hi, Mary! That’s a great question. I’ve actually never done a fusion quilt, I’ve attempted crochet several times, but it’s never “stuck” for me. You could certainly use a charm pack while making a fusion quilt. They are gorgeous quilts!

  2. Thank you for sharing. It’s rather overwhelming, and I don’t know which kind of quilt I should make next, but I will definitely be conducting more research to find out what a “fusion” quilt is all about.. It seems to be somehow connected with crochet, and crochet is another of my favorite hobbies. OH MY! So many hobbies and not enough time to make them all!

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