15 Of The Best Sewing Scissors For Quilters

Quilting is a hobby that involves a great deal of fabric cutting. For that reason, you'll want to have the best fabric scissors in your tool kit.

When shopping for quilting scissors, hand comfort and blade sharpness are of the utmost importance.

Keep in mind that stainless steel blades offer good rust resistance, but they will not keep a sharp edge for as long as high-carbon steel blades.

High-carbon steel, however, will be at risk of rusting.

Why You Need Professional Fabric Scissors As a Quilter

Before you can get to the fun part of sewing together a design, you need to cut many pieces of fabric.

If you don't have the best scissors for cutting fabric, then you'll soon be struggling to make clean cuts.

Multiple layers of fabric could hinder you when you have only all-purpose scissors. Inappropriate scissors could leave you with a jagged cut or frayed edge. When you need to cut curves or work with fabric that frays easily, you'll be glad to have the best pinking shears at hand.

Your hand will tire as well without good quilting scissors. Having a nice pair of scissors for small cuts and a high-quality pair of shears for the long cuts helps you attain better results for your project.

You'll be able to enjoy every step of the creative process instead of being frustrated by inadequate scissors that aren't up to the task. Without proper scissors, you will be left massaging your hand before all of the pieces are cut.

What's the Difference Between Sewing Scissors and Shears?

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7 Best Quilt Wall Hangers To Display Your Quilt

quilts hanging, best quilt hangers

You deserve recognition for the hours of work that you put into crafting beautiful quilts.

Quilt hangers are the appropriate hardware for proudly displaying your finest projects. They are designed to grip and hold fabric without causing damage.

Once you've hung your quilted creations on your walls, you'll enliven your home decor and generate conversation.

Your display might even inspire someone to learn the quilting hobby.

Let's explore the best products on the market for showing off your fabric art.

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7 Of The Best Ironing Board Covers For Quilters For 2020

cat on ironing board, best ironing board covers for quilters

You don't want to risk scorching your quilt blocks when you iron them.

Although ironing covers and pads might not seem important, their characteristics matter quite a bit for quilters.

You want a surface that allows you to shift fabric easily and keep it smooth and flat.

The best ironing board cover and pad will work in conjunction with your iron to deliver a quick press that does not leave a grated impression from the underlying metal board.

A good cover also prevents scorches and water stains on your lovingly crafted quilt.

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Quilt Batting

How to Choose Quilt Batting

Congratulations! You have completed your first quilt top.

At this point, you will need to make a quilt “sandwich.” The pieced top and the backing make the top and bottom of the sandwich, while the batting goes into the center.

During the 1800’s, quilters used flannel or old blankets to make the center part of the quilt sandwich. This addition made their quilts heavy. Their goal was to provide warmth in a home that typically stayed at 50° during a mild winter.

Why do we need the batting then if our home is already warm?

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The Best Quilting Rulers For New Quilters

Best Quilting Rulers

After purchasing a quality rotary mat and a rotary cutter, you must decide on what ruler or rulers you will need to cut all your fabric.

It is quite funny that quilting involves cutting a large piece of fabric into smaller pieces, only to sew them back together into a large piece of fabric again.

Alas, this is the plight of every quilter, and while it's the process we all must go through, having the right rulers in your arsenal of tools will help your piecing go together correctly.

We recommend that you start with four to six simple rulers for a couple of reasons. The suggestions are based on sub-cutting, strip cutting, squaring your block, creating a block, and learning to trim a block successfully.

Without these rulers, you will increase your chances of making blocks that do not measure correctly.

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7 Best Quilting Ironing Boards For 2020

Best Ironing Boards for Quilters

If you're a quilter, you're going to need a good quilting ironing board. And no, that skinny, wobbly board you've had for twenty years won't do the trick.

You'll need something that works for a large swath of fabric and a heavy finished quilt — something that doesn't tip over or cause you to trip over yards of material as you're trying to iron.

Fortunately, there are ironing boards made just for your quilting projects, so don't skimp on this important piece of equipment.

If you want a quality, beautiful finished product (and we know you do), invest in an ironing board that makes the job easier and safer.

Why do you need a quilting iron and ironing board for your quilting projects? Because you'll need to:

  • Press seam allowances to get the most from your blocks of fabric.
  • Press quilt blocks so they fit together exactly as they should when you assemble the quilt.
  • Press all of the assembled blocks before you add batting and complete the quilt (for a smooth finished product).
  • Press a completed quilt after washing or extended use.

You might wonder what makes for a quality quilting ironing board. Here's what you need to look for:

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