27 Fun and Simple Gifts to Sew That Your Loved Ones Will Adore

Have you ever thought about making gifts for your loved ones for birthdays or Christmas?

Sewing gifts is a personalized way to create something unique for those you care about, and it is so rewarding to see how much it means to them to receive something handmade. 

Let’s review a gorgeous collection of simple sewing gift ideas you can make for your friends and family. 

27 Fun and Easy Sewing Projects for Gifts

Many of these unusual sewing gifts are excellent beginner-friendly sewing projects.

Creating gifts for the people close to you is a beautiful way to show them how much you care and give them a gift they can cherish for years.

Modern Sewing Gifts

1. Fabric Bookmarks

fabric book marks Easy sewing projects for gifts

Do you have a bookworm in your life? These DIY bookmarks are the perfect gift to make for them. Choose fabrics with their favorite characters or colors for an added personalized detail. This is a quick and easy beginner sewing project.

2. Scrappy Key Fob

scrappy key fob Easy sewing projects for gifts

Who doesn’t need a key fob, right? You can make this practical yet beautiful gift for all your loved ones. Since the key fob is such a small item, this is a great way to use up your small scraps. 

3. Fabric Baskets

fabric baskets Easy sewing projects for gifts

These fabric baskets are a wonderful gift that can be used for so many things. This free tutorial shows you how to make baskets from layer cake squares (10” squares.) You can make these for all ages and use their favorite colors and prints to create one-of-a-kind gifts. 

4. Quilted Mug Rugs

quilted mug rugs Easy sewing projects for gifts

Here is a fun and easy quilted mug rug tutorial showing you how to make these fabric coasters step-by-step. This is a great way to use scraps. The coasters are mini quilts, making this the perfect introduction to quilting if you are a beginner.

5. Quilted Strip Pillow Cover

quilted strip pillow cover Easy sewing projects for gifts

 Do you like to sew with jellyroll strips? This free tutorial shows you how to use jellyroll strips to create this beautiful pillow cover. Throw pillows make a wonderful gift and are entirely customizable to fit someone’s home decor preferences and style. 

6. Classic Gingham Quilt

classic gingham quilt Easy sewing projects for gifts

Gingham is a classic pattern, so what would be better than a quilt using this cozy pattern? This is a free quilt pattern by Elizabeth Chappell (Quilter’s Candy) and an excellent beginner-friendly quilt pattern. 

7. DIY Fabric Phone Case

DIY fabric phone case Easy sewing projects for gifts

Do you know someone who just throws their phone into their bag? This phone case will be a fantastic gift. It protects the phone and looks adorable in any bag. This would make a fun stocking stuffer.

8. French Mattress Cushions

French mattress cushions Easy sewing projects for gifts

Who wouldn’t want a comfy set of floor pillows? These patchwork cushions are sewn to look like traditional French mattresses. These would be wonderful for sitting on the floor or for pet beds. You can use your favorite fabric collection to showcase the gorgeous fabrics on this project. 

9. Quilted Postcard

quilted postcard Easy sewing projects for gifts

If you have friends and family that you usually just send a card to on their birthdays and Christmas, why not consider making them a quilted postcard this year? This is a fun and easy quilted project you can make in an afternoon. It adds a lot more personality and love to a regular store-bought postcard.

Cute Things to Sew for Kids

10. Travel Art Folio

travel art folio Easy sewing projects for gifts

An art folio is an excellent gift for a child who loves to draw and color. This tutorial will show you how to make this cute travel art supplies carrier that your little one will love. You could also make these for older children who like to journal and draw. 

11. Car Trash Bag

car trash bag Easy sewing projects for gifts

This is a highly versatile item that you can make for kids who sit in the back seat. They can use it for trash but store their favorite books or toys for long car rides. Use fabric like this fun Disney fabric, and the kids will love keeping the back of the car organized.

12. DIY Scrunchies

Scrunchies have made a comeback and will make the perfect stocking stuffer for kids AND adults. The best part? You can make several scrunchies in under 30 minutes while adding your own personal flair to each one. These are super fun sewing projects and fun to make with kids.

13. Reading Pillow

Reading pillow Easy sewing projects for gifts

This reading pillow is an excellent gift for kids who love to read. The pillow has a large handle, so it’s easy for them to carry it from room to room, and it has a large pocket to hold several books. When they’re reading, they can lay their head on the pillow, and then when they’re done, they can quickly put the book back in their pocket and be on their way!

14. Handlebar Bag

How cool is this idea? This beginner-friendly sewing project is cute and practical. Now your little one can carry toys, a water bottle, and snacks on bike rides. Let your child pick out the fabrics and help you make it for added fun.

15. Reusable “Water Balloons”

reusable water balloons Easy sewing projects for gifts

A water balloon fight is the perfect way to beat the summer heat. These reusable “water balloons” are made using fleece and sponges. Genius, right? Kids of all ages will love playing with these. 

Gifts to Sew for Friends and Family

16. Heating or Cooling Pad

This superb free tutorial will show you how to make a custom heating/cooling pad using fabric and beans. The pad can be heated up in the microwave for heat or in the refrigerator for cooling. This would make a lovely “get well soon” gift. 

17. Quilt As You Go Table Runner

Quilt as you go method is a popular choice for table runners since you can quickly create a beautiful table centerpiece for your home. Your friends and family would love to receive such a thoughtful gift. The best part about table runners is you can make different ones for the various seasons and holidays around the year. 

18. Pure + Simple Quilted Blankets

pure simple quilted blankets Easy sewing projects for gifts

So you want to make your loved one a quilt, but piecing together a quilt top is a bit daunting, or you’re under a time crunch. Why not make a simple quilt that uses a couple of large pieces of fabric, batting, and binding to make a cuddle-worthy quilt? This tutorial includes a free downloadable template to round the quilt’s corners.

19. Bowl Cozies

bowl cozies Easy sewing projects for gifts

Bowl cozies are an excellent housewarming gift and come in handy when heating soup or leftovers in the microwave. This easy-to-follow tutorial will show you how to make bowl cozies from 10” squares. You can also use them for holding a nice big bowl of ice cream!

20. Coffee Cup Cozy

coffee cup cozy Easy sewing projects for gifts

Here’s another cozy gift idea: coffee cup cozies! This tutorial will show you from start to finish how to make this cozy complete with a handle for easy carrying. This creative gift idea is perfect if you have a loved one who loves to get their daily coffee fix.

21. Scrappy Scarf

scrappy scarf Easy sewing projects for gifts

How gorgeous is this patchwork scarf? This is a wonderful way to use scraps from all your sewing projects. Plus, they are quick and easy gifts to sew. The free tutorial walks you through the steps to create a scarf just like the one pictured above. 

22. Quilted iPad Cover

IPads are not cheap, and they need to be protected when traveling. This iPad cover is an excellent choice for a tech-savvy gift. You can use your imagination to create a quilt block for the cover or use a solid fabric like the example case. 

23. Quilted Pot Holders

quilted pot holder Easy sewing projects for gifts

Pot holders are a classic item to make with fabric scraps, and the image above proves why this is a popular item. Scrappy pot holders look adorable and serve a necessary purpose. You can make a variety of sizes and colors as gifts. 

24. Happy Cats

happy cats Easy sewing projects for gifts

I think it’s safe to say that we all know a “crazy cat lady.” Wouldn’t they LOVE these adorable stuffed cat plushes? These are great for any age and are easy and quick to make! This tutorial includes free downloadable templates to create cat bodies. 

25. Shopper Tote Bag

shopper tote bag Easy sewing projects for gifts

Everybody needs tote bags for various things. You can use them as a purse, a carry case, a shopping tote, or a catch-all for your craft projects. It’s fun to create different tote bags for your friends and see how they choose to use them. 

26. Mini Wallet/ Coin Purse

mini waller/ coin ourse Easy sewing projects for gifts

Aren’t these mini wallets adorable? These would be perfect for any mom on the go or little one you’re trying to teach about keeping a wallet. Making a small wallet like this won’t take much time so you can make a bunch of them for all your friends and family. 

27. Reusable Bowl Cover

These bowl covers are handy if you have pets or like to have picnics outside. This simple tutorial shows you step-by-step how to make these reusable bowl covers for any size bowl. Your friends are sure to love these!

We hope this compilation of gifts to sew has inspired you to make lovely handmade gifts for your loved ones. The gifts will truly be cherished, loved, and appreciated, and you’ll have a blast making them.