6 of the Best Rotary Cutters For Quilting

best rotary cutters in 2021 FI

As a new quilter, you will find a large assortment of tools that must be purchased to complete your first quilt project.

One of the tools most often used, besides the sewing machine, is the rotary cutter.

Originally invented for the garment industry, this handy tool became a staple at every quilters cutting table during the 1980s.

Before the rotary cutter, quilters spent hours cutting out pieces by hand with sharp scissors. Each piece of fabric, as well as each completed block, required precision in trimming.

With the rotary cutter, that accuracy became instant and fast.

Quilters could move quickly through their projects, which added excitement. They could accomplish more in less time.

No longer did it require weeks of tedious cutting to finish a quilt.

The quilting industry changed instantly overnight.

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