17 Eye-Catching Rail Fence Quilt Patterns You’ll Love

rail fence quilt pattern

The rail fence quilt pattern is a timeless, fun pattern with a lot of variety and playfulness in its design.

If you are a beginner quilter or want to build up your basic quilting skills, rail fence quilts are a fantastic choice for you. 

They are reasonably quick to construct, and you will have lots of fun playing around with layouts and color schemes.

Today we’re going to go over all the ins and outs of the rail fence quilt from its humble beginnings to showing you several different types of this exciting yet simple quilt pattern

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All You Need To Know About Lap Quilt Sizes And How To Make One

lap quilt sizes

Did you know there is a difference between a lap quilt and a throw quilt?

When I first started creating quilts for other people, I thought they were basically the same thing.

However, I quickly found out that they are different sizes entirely. 

Today, we will focus on the different attributes of lap quilts, such as the size of lap quilts and how exactly they differ from a throw-sized quilt. 

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A Thoroughly Modern Take On The Traditional Lone Star Quilt Pattern

modern lone star quilt pattern

The lone star quilt is one of the most recognizable quilt patterns in American quilting history, and with good reason.

The sharp 45° angles of the star quilt points are eye-catching and memorable, not to mention the enormous eight-point star is timeless and beautiful.

Wanting to keep that timeless and adored silhouette, we have come up with a perfectly modernized lone star quilt block design that beginners and seasoned pros alike can create. 

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15 Gorgeous Lap Quilt Patterns You’ll Want To Start ASAP

lap quilt patterns

Lap quilts are probably the most underappreciated quilts in the quilt sizing chart.

They aren’t quite as small as a baby quilt but also aren’t quite as large as a throw.

So what exactly is a “lap quilt”?

That is precisely what we are going to discuss today.

I’ll go over the different uses of the lap quilt and then show you some gorgeous patterns to inspire you to create your own. 

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Wondering How To Price Your Handmade Quilts? Here’s Your Complete Guide

handmade quilt prices

As a quilter, one of the most challenging things to figure out at the beginning is how to price a quilt that you want to sell.

Trying to compete with store-bought quilts may tempt you to sell your quilts as cheap as the big box stores, but the value of handmade quilts is far above those found in stores. 

This post will explain my simple quilt pricing formula and why handmade items are more expensive than something you may find in a store. 

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11 Charming English Paper Piecing Patterns You’ll Adore

english paper piecing patterns

Have you ever seen a quilt with beautifully intricate pieces and wondered, “how in the world did this designer create these perfect tiny pieces?” Well, chances are they used English paper piecing.

English paper piecing projects come in a wide variety of complexities, shapes, and sizes.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, English paper piecing is sure to be a fun and exciting skill to learn.

This post will review what English paper piecing is and look over several examples of patterns that use this specific technique

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