9 Unique And Charming Ways To Display Your Quilts

Do you have several quilts lying around the house but are unsure what to do with them? 

Most quilters have more quilts in their homes than beds, but where else can we put them?

Whether you made the quilts or someone special to you made them, you want to have them out for all to see, not locked away in a closet. 

Today, we will examine nine beautiful and unique ways to display quilts. 

Why Display a Quilt? 

A quilt is a work of art. A painter wouldn’t paint a gorgeous landscape and then put the canvas in the closet, would they? 

Or a sculptor wouldn’t craft a masterpiece only to place it in a cedar chest for the next 50 years. 

Many times quilts also carry sweet memories and sentimental value. What better way to be reminded of those memories than to display the quilt, so you remember why and when you made it every time you see it? Or you remember who made it and precious they were to you. 

So much time is put into every quilt made; it would be a shame if they weren’t enjoyed and valued as they should be. Plus, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to show off your quilting skills and hours of hard work. 

Why display a quilt instead of just storing it away? Here are just a few reasons:

  • They are beautiful reminders of times in our lives or people we cherish.
  • They are art and should be treated as such.
  • It’s fun to show off your skills to family and friends.

9 Unique and Charming Quilt Display Ideas

Now that I’ve given you some excellent reasons why you would want to display your gorgeous quilts let’s check out a few different ways you can! If you use your imagination, there are many possibilities for unique display options. 

1. Blanket Ladder

I am starting our list with a classic option that looks amazing regardless of your home decor style. This excellent DIY quilt ladder tutorial will show you how to make this simple ladder that you can hang several quilts on easily.

Quilt ladders are a great option since the quilts are still readily available if you need to use them but allow you to display them when they aren’t in use.

They also don’t take up a lot of space which is helpful if you don’t have a lot of free space in your home. 

2. Quilting Hoops

Oh. My. Goodness. How cute is this idea?! I found this on Sewing with Rascal, where they went to a quilt retreat, and the organizer hung quilt tops on quilting hoops to display down a hallway. It is a fun and unique way to display your “works in progress.”

If you have smaller finished quilts, you could hang them like this. It is another great idea if you don’t have floor space for a rack or ladder.

3. Horizontal Ladder

If you’ve been looking around at quilting hanging ideas and haven’t found the right one, consider this fantastic idea. Instead of using a ladder propped vertically, try turning it horizontally on the wall as this designer did.

This display adds a unique rustic element to your decor, and the ladder is the perfect choice for displaying larger quilts. You could thrift a vintage ladder from an antique store to bump up the rustic vibe even more.

Just be sure to find the studs in the wall when hanging the ladder since it will be pretty heavy.

4. Large Wall Hanging

This quilt is a statement piece and looks amazing on this hallway wall. You could easily recreate this look in your home using a sturdy curtain rod or other quilt hangers. Skip painting an accent wall and hang up one of your favorite quilts instead!

It looks like this is an extra-long quilt, so it’s possible the maker made it mainly to cover this wall. Wouldn’t that be a fun project to take on?

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5. Quilt Cabinet

Doesn’t this cabinet look so fun and cheery? If you have room for one, a quilt cabinet is a beautiful way to protect and display your quilts simultaneously. A cabinet is an excellent choice if you have vintage quilts that need to be protected.

Antique stores have cabinets of all shapes and sizes. Even if the finish doesn’t look great, you can paint it like the example above. 

6. Upcycled Dresser

Here’s a fabulous idea for anyone who has an old dresser or wants a fun upcycle project. Remove the drawers you don’t want, and place your folded quilts in the space. You could always leave a drawer or two if you needed extra closed storage.

This would make a beautiful addition to a bedroom, sewing room, or other living space. 

7. Decorative Basket

Baskets are a fantastic option for storing and displaying quilts and blankets. This adorable basket is on wheels and rolls from room to room.

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes and are made from metal, woven grass, wood, cloth, yarn, and plastic. You can find vintage baskets in antique stores or brand-new ones in pretty much any department store at any time of year. 

8. All Rolled Up

Jera from Quilting in the Rain has a beautiful display of her vintage-inspired quilts. It is a towel rack she purchased at Hobby Lobby, but instead of storing towels, she uses it as an adorable way to keep and show off her quilts.

You could easily do this with a towel rack you already own or find a similar one at your favorite home decor store. This idea is best for throw size or smaller quilts.

9. Drape Them

Most of us don’t need to invest in expensive quilt display stands. We can simply drape our gorgeous quilts over railings, doors, or furniture.

The above image shows how beautiful vintage quilts can just be draped over a railing and look like they’re supposed to be there.

You can drape a quilt over a couch, a cabinet, a chair back, or any other piece you think needs some embellishment. Doors to cabinets and rooms are another popular choice for displaying a quilt effortlessly. 

I hope these ideas have inspired you and will help you when you’re trying to decide how to display your quilts. It doesn’t matter how you display them; it just matters that they ARE displayed and enjoyed. 

You have a lot of quilt pieces but you don't know how to display them. Learn some quilt display ideas other quilters made.

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