21 Captivating and Cozy Flannel Quilt Patterns to Warm Your Heart

Winter is just around the corner, and that means we need to add a little coziness to our homes for those chilly months. 

What better way to do that than to create warm, beautiful quilts for our family?

This post will focus entirely on flannel fabric for quilting and discuss why it is such a popular fabric for winter quilts. 

We’ll also look at beautiful quilt patterns that pair perfectly with flannel. 

Can You Use Flannel Fabric for Quilts?

Before jumping into the different flannel patterns, let’s answer the question: can you use flannel fabric for quilts? Yes, you can use flannel when making a quilt.

Let’s discuss what you should look out for when selecting your fabric.

First, you need to make sure you are using a good quality flannel fabric. 

Lower-quality flannel will pill and wear out after just a few washes. When you make a quilt, you want it to last for years.

Flannel is naturally a very warm fabric, so if you live in a warmer climate, it might not be the most practical fabric for a quilt.

Flannel fabric has more stretch than regular quilting cotton. Remember this while working with it, and ensure you don’t stretch the fabric while sewing. 

This can create warped seams. 

Flannel is also a bit thicker than quilting cotton. 

21 Captivating and Cozy Flannel Quilt Patterns

It’s challenging to find quilt patterns written specifically for flannel fabric, so I found several patterns that will work great with flannel or quilting cotton. 

These beginner-friendly quilt patterns will look beautiful using warm, cozy flannel fabric. 

1. Flannel Plaid Patchwork

Here is a wonderful free tutorial from Diary of a Quilter, where she shows how to make this simple yet cozy flannel patchwork quilt. This quilt could easily be made over a weekend and is a fantastic beginner quilt pattern. The finished quilt measures 64 ½” x 80”, but you could easily add or subtract squares to make a larger or smaller quilt. 

2. Make-It-Over-The-Weekend Flannel Quilt

Here is a beautiful example of making a quick quilt top from squares and four-patch blocks. This flannel quilt was tied together, which gives the quilt a homemade feel. This simple flannel pattern is an excellent introduction to quilt making. 

3. Gingham Quilt Pattern

How cute would making a gingham quilt using soft, cozy flannel be? This pattern includes six quilt size options, so you could make flannel quilts for the whole family. You could use the chain-piecing method to whip these quilt tops up in no time!

4. Granola

This quilt pattern combines four-patch and hourglass blocks in a beautiful traditional layout. You could make this quilt using many fabrics for a scrappy style or just a few flannel fabrics for a more modern look. There are seven size options included in this pattern.

5. Pumpkin Spice

This cozy quilt, “Pumpkin Spice,” uses half-square triangles. This beginner-friendly quilt pattern is quick to make and will look amazing in flannel fabrics. The finished quilt measures 52” x 64”. 

6. Hometime

This fat quarter-friendly quilt pattern comprises hourglass quilt blocks and a gorgeous eight-point star as the centerpiece. The design is perfectly cozy and will look amazing using flannel. The quilt measures 70 ½” x 84 ½” when finished. 

7. Twisted Rag Quilt Pattern

Rag quilt patterns are popular for flannel quilts. Flannel frays beautifully to give that “rag” look, and this pattern is a beautiful choice for those who want to learn how to make this type of quilt. Two quilt sizes are available in the instructions: a 48” square quilt and a 68” square quilt. 

8. Beautifully Done

This quilt pattern is layer cake, fat quarter, fat eighth, and yardage-friendly. The modern design and cozy flannel will make this quilt a family favorite. You will have five size options included in this pattern. 

9. Espresso Road

Here is a pattern that looks beautiful in these Woolies flannel fabrics. You can use jellyroll strips or yardage to create the strips for the blocks. The finished quilt measures 64” x 64”.

10. Hampton Court

Here is another jellyroll-friendly quilt pattern that features strips sewn into lantern-shaped quilt blocks. The instructions include two piecing methods, making this an excellent beginner quilt. The pattern consists of four size options to choose from. 

11. Tumbled

The tumbler block is fun to play around with, and this pattern shows us how to piece them together to make this beautiful, modern quilt top. You can use charm packs (5” squares) or yardage to cut out the tumbler quilt blocks to make this quick and easy quilt. The instructions included a baby and throw size option. 

12. Buffalo Check Autumn

This gorgeous modern quilt pattern features stars and pumpkins on a calm gingham background. I love the combination of traditional star and modern pumpkin blocks to create a one-of-a-kind design. The finished quilt measures 72 ½” x 84 ½”. 

13. Channel the Flannel

This adorable quilt pattern features shirt quilt blocks. Isn’t that perfect to use flannel for the shirts? I love this idea SO much. You could even use old flannel shirts for the shirt blocks for added sentiment. 

14. Starburst

This gorgeous quilt was pieced using Woolies flannel, and it is a great example of how you can piece together simple blocks to create a breathtaking quilt. This charm pack-friendly quilt pattern is an excellent beginner project. The finished quilt measures 44” square. 

15. Woven Windows

This optical illusion quilt pattern features vibrant colors on a dark background, giving the blocks a woven appearance. The maker of this quilt used flannel to create the whole quilt top, and it looks so cozy and warm, don’t you think? The finished quilt measures 84” x 84”.

16. Journeys

Here is a fun quilt pattern that is fat quarter and beginner-friendly. The example quilt is made from quilting cotton, but it will look even more comfy if made with flannel fabric. The finished quilt measures 69 ½” x 77 ½”.

17. Home Awaits

This quilt pattern is a great choice to use along with flannel because it only uses squares in the design. This makes it quick and easy to work with the flannel, even for a beginner. You will find six size choices included in the pattern instructions.

18. Ebb and Flow

This beautifully modern quilt pattern features rectangle blocks that “ebb and flow” over the quilt top. This design would be fun and quick to make with flannel. The pattern includes five size options.

19. Maypole

Suzy Quilts is well known in the quilting community for her beginner-friendly modern designs, and “Maypole” is no exception. This pattern would look even better with warm, cozy flannel fabric for the quilt top. This design is made using HSTs, the quintessential beginner quilt block. There are three size options available in the pattern.

20. Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

This pattern was designed specifically for jellyroll strips. The blocks are a simplified log cabin construction and are quick to make. Six size options are written in the instructions, so the possibilities are endless for this pattern. 

21. The Honey

Here is an excellent layer cake-friendly pattern with a granny square block for an all-over design. To make a unique texture, use flannel for the colored squares and quilting cotton for all the background pieces. This will help the granny squares “pop!” on the quilt top. The finished quilt measures approximately 72 ½” square. 

FAQs about Flannel Quilts 

Should I Prewash Flannel Before Quilting?

Some patterns may say to NOT prewash your flannel. In that case, follow the pattern instructions. However, in most other scenarios, it’s a good idea to prewash flannel. This is because flannel shrinks quite a bit when it is first washed.

You can even prewash precuts. Just serge or use a zig-zag stitch on the raw edges to ensure they don’t unravel in the wash. It’s an extra step, but you’ll be glad you did it. 

Do Flannel Rag Quilts Need Batting?

You don’t need to use batting, but you should have a middle layer of fabric between the top and bottom layers of fabric. Many quilters use another layer of flannel or fleece in the middle of rag quilt blocks. 

What Is the Best Batting for a Flannel Quilt?

Since you are using flannel, you probably want a lovely, warm quilt. The best batting for warmth is going to be cotton batting. You could also use wool for a fluffier quilt, but my go-to batting is cotton because it is low-volume and very warm. 

Flannel fabric can make an excellent quilt and provide the necessary warmth and comfiness during winter. You can use many beginner quilt patterns for making flannel quilts, so have fun with it and make sure you use good-quality flannel so your quilt lasts for years to come.