Your Simple Guide To Quilt Sizes

Quilters learn one important fact about the art of quilting when they create their first quilt — when it comes to quilts there is no right size.

Quilts come in all shapes and sizes, so when it comes to determining the size, the main questions to answer are, what or who are you making the quilt for?

And how are you going to make it work for that project?

Even though quilts come in standard sizes, other factors can influence the size of your quilt.

Mattress size is always a factor in the final size, so the final size of your quilt can be 4″ to 8″ different than the standard size.

You usually have to add length to your quilt so it hangs over the edge of the mattress properly.

The other factors that impact the size of your quilt are the backing and the batting.

The size of the backing and the batting depends on how you want your quilt to look, so those factors may not be on a quilt size chart.

For example, most pre-cut baby bed batting comes in 45″ x 60″ packages.

If you are doing the basting and doing the quilting work yourself, it’s a good idea to add a couple extra ” to the backing and the batting to allow for the overhang on each side.

Here’s a list of quilt sizes along with a quilt size chart for easy reference:

Be sure to read below for more detail on quilt sizes, frequently asked questions, and how to customize a quilt for your bed.

Click here to download the printable quilt sizes chart.

The Standard Baby/Crib Quilt Size

The standard crib quit size is 36″ x 52″ or 30″ x 40″ for small baby cribs.

Crib mattresses can be 23″ x 46″, but some mattresses can be 32″ x 66″.

And in the case of a little baby crib, the mattress size is 27″ x 52″ so a pre-cut package of 45″ x 60″ batting should work for most crib quilting projects.

Twin Bed Quilt Size

The standard twin quilt size is 70″ x 90″. If you want to create a throw or a lap quilt, the standard size is 50″ x 65″.

An extra-long twin dorm bed needs a 70-inch x 90-inch standard quilt.

The pre-cut batting size for a twin is 72″ x 90″. And the standard mattress size is 39″ x 75″.

Full Or Double Quilt Size

The standard size for a double or full-size bed quilt is 85″ x 108″. And the pre-cut batting size is 81″ x 96″. The standard mattress size is 54″ x 75″.

Queen Quilt Size

The standard quilt size is 90″ x 108″, and pre-cut batting is the same measurement. The standard mattress size is 60″ x 80″.

King Size Bed Quilt Size

The standard quilt size for a king bed is 110″ x 108 “, and the standard mattress size is 76″ x 84″. The pre-cut batting size is 120″ x 120”.

California King Quilt Size

The California King standard quilt size 106″ x 112″, so the pre-cut batting size of 120″ x 120″ will work on the California King. The standard mattress size is 72″ x 84″.

If you need to calculate how much lining yards you’ll need for your size quilt, here’s a good starting point: If your fabric is 44″ wide, you’ll need 5.25 yards for a Twin; 5.25 yards for a Double or Full; 7.5 yards for a Queen, and 8 yards for a king and a California King.

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FAQs About Quilt Sizes

When choosing what size to make your quilt, it’s essential to know a few key facts about the sizing system. Most projects have no “right” or “wrong” size. Let’s go over a few FAQs about quilts sizes.

What are the standard sizes for quilts?

When you purchase a quilt pattern, the standard sizes you will find will be crib/baby, throw/lap, twin, queen/full, and king. Each standard size may vary in dimensions by a few inches, but categorically they will fit within our printable quilt size chart. 

What is a good size for a lap quilt?

Lap-size quilts are a popular size choice for many quilters. You can make a gorgeous quilt and display it in your living room, whether hanging it on the wall, draping it on the couch, or neatly folding it on a quilt ladder. A good size for a lap quilt is 50”x60”.

What are the sizes of homemade quilts?

The significant part about making your handmade quilts is you get to choose the size you make it. Yes, if you purchase a pattern and go off that to make a quilt, it will have specific dimensions.

However, you can easily add extra borders or subtract rows to make the quilt exactly how you want it. Homemade quilts are whatever size the quilter chooses to make them. 

Is a King-Size Quilt Square?

Not necessarily. Whether a quilt is square, no matter the size depends on the quilt pattern and the designer’s preferences. For example, I love the look of square quilts and have made several. However, I know some quilters who never design their quilts to be square. 

Since a king-size mattress is almost square (76”x 80”), it stands to reason that you could use a square quilt on a king bed.

What Size Is a King-Size Patchwork Quilt?

A standard king-size mattress measures 76” x 80”. If you want a 12” drape, you need to make a quilt that is at least 100” x 92”. You can add or subtract width and length to that general estimate depending on the “look” you are going for.

What Size Quilt Is 86×86?

You can use an 86” x 86” quilt for a variety of situations. It can be a large throw, perfect for snuggling. It can be used on a twin bed, though it may be too wide. You can also use it for a full-size bed. 

No matter what, I recommend measuring the bed you are making the quilt for and figuring out how much drape you want. Then search for quilt patterns that fit within that measurement. You can always add borders if you need a little extra width or length for your quilt. 

How To Customize a Quilt To Your Particular Bed

Most mattresses will come in a standard size, whether it’s a twin, queen, full, king, or California king. If you are making a quilt to fit a particular size bed, you need to add width and length for the quilt to drape over the sides and front of the bed. 

Having an overhang of a quilt on those three sides will make the bedding look beautiful and provide plenty of quilt for whoever uses it. Depending on your preferences, you will want a drape of at least 10” on each side. That means if you are making a quilt for a standard twin size mattress (38”x75”), you will need to make a quilt that is at least 58”x85”. 

Here is an equation you can use to determine the quilt size to make:

  • Mattress Width + 10” + 10”= Quilt Width
  • Mattress Length + 10”= Quilt Length

You can change out the amount of drape if you want more, for example:

  • Mattress Width + 16” + 16”= Quilt Width
  • Mattress Length + 16”= Quilt Length

Quilt sizes are entirely customizable, especially if you design your quilt.

Have fun, and try not to overthink the sizing too much. 

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  1. thankyou for the imfo i havent made a quilt in years and forgot a lot but can you make your size chart print able

  2. Hi I found a friendship quilt pattern i like. The size is 39″ x 47 1/2″, I would like to make a king quilt. 111″ x 101″, is there a conversion chart for that. When they ask for a certain amount of fabric to be cut, it looks like I triple the amount, by my calculations. Looking for a chart, thank you.

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