15 Adorable Chicken Quilt Patterns That Will Have You Clucking

When you think of potential quilt patterns, we bet chicken quilts aren’t what first comes to mind. 

But after reading this post and seeing the most adorable chicken-themed quilt patterns, you will have a whole new perspective on these feathered land dwellers. 

Not only are these chicken quilt patterns cute, but many are beginner-friendly and fun to make. 

Without further ado, let’s check out these clucky chicken patterns and see what the fantastic pattern designers behind these patterns have come up with. 

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19 Free Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns You’ll Love

stack of fabric, fat quarter quilt pattern

Quilters like fat quarters, but they love free patterns even more.

How do we know that fat quarters are still popular with quilters?

Quilt shops typically have a section just for fat quarters, and will often offer to cut fat quarters from their bolts of fabrics.

Although other precuts such as jelly rolls and charm packs have increased in popularity, the fat quarter remains the base for many quilts.

It is quite typical for a traveling quilter to buy fat quarters, instead of yardage, as a token of their visit to a new place.

Are they concerned about finding a pattern for their new fat quarters?

Of course not.

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9 Excellent Fabric Cutting Machines For Quilting

fabric cutting machines

As quilters, we’ve all experienced hand cramps and the ever daunting task of hand-cutting pieces for our next quilt project. 

Or maybe you’ve had a near disaster with a rotary cutter blade by cutting yourself or your table.

Did you know that there are now machines out on the market that will cut fabric for you?

I’ve read countless fabric cutting machine reviews and have found nine of the best fabric cutting machines on the market today to help you make the best decision for buying your own.

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The 19 Best Fabric Shops On Etsy

Best Fabric Shops On Etsy

Esty has a reputation for being “your grandma’s basement,” or a crafty, clever, cross between eBay and Amazon.

Whatever vision you have of Esty, or whatever way you want to describe this online site, one thing is certain.

You’ll find some of the best fabric stores on the planet on this popular site, as well as vintage fabrics you may not find anywhere else.

Can You Buy Fabric on Etsy for Quilting and Sewing?

Yes, you can. And here’s why you should.

Quilters and sewers didn’t have the luxury of buying their fabrics online twenty years ago. Some vintage quilters still shop for fabrics in brick-and-mortar stores that have rows and rows of stacked fabrics.

The main reason they take the time to get in the car, brave the 21st-century traffic, and endure the crowds, is quilters like to feel, caress, and smell fabrics before they buy them.

Some of these stores may not have the fabric you need, or they don’t have enough to complete your creative project. So that means jumping back into the car and finding another giant fabric store with an endless supply of fabrics.

It takes time and money to make the fabric store rounds, and some quilters say that practice is a bit archaic.

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Know A Little One Who Loves Dinosaurs? 13 Dinosaur Quilt Ideas That Will Thrill Junior Paleontologists

Have you ever noticed that most kids, at some point, are interested in dinosaurs and fossils? 

Their curiosity is peaked when they imagine and learn about these prehistoric giants. 

What better way to encourage that curiosity than to surround them with dinosaur goodies? 

A great way to do this is to make them a one-of-a-kind dinosaur quilt. 

This quilt will be super fun to make for you and a cherished gift for your little one. 

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Super Simple Quilt As You Go Table Runner Tutorial

Quilt As You Go Table Runner

As the season changes or during a specific holiday, isn’t it fun to decorate your home with beautiful new decor?

What is something that can immediately change the look of your kitchen, dining room, or living room? A table runner! 

A quilted table runner can instantly transform your chosen room from winter to spring and can be the focal point and inspiration for the rest of your room decor.

In this post, I’m going to show you a simple Quilt As You Go (QAYG) table runner tutorial that will inspire you to make your own for every season and holiday!

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