Sew A Stylish Quilted Vest Using These 15 Easy Patterns

Have you noticed the rise in popularity of quilted clothing? 

Retail stores are starting to carry all kinds of quilted clothes, and one of the most popular choices is a quilted vest. 

A quilted vest can be a fantastic addition to any outfit; in the winter, it also adds a layer of warmth. 

But why buy one when you can make one? 

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know to make your own DIY quilted vest and check out 15 stunning patterns you can use. 

Why Make Your Own Quilted Vest?

Making your quilted vest is a fabulous idea for many reasons.

No matter what reason sticks out to you, it’s always a great option! Here are a few reasons why I recommend every quilter (or sewist) make at least one.

  • It helps you stretch your creativity and imagination.
  • You’ll learn new skills.
  • You can add your quirky style to your outfits with your favorite fabrics and prints.
  • It can be much cheaper than buying one from a retail store.
  • You decide what closure you want to use: zipper, button, tie, snaps, or no closure at all. The choice is yours!
  • Once you know how to make one, you’ll want to make several for different outfits.
  • They add a cozy, warm layer to your winter wardrobe. 
  • They’re trending right now and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. 

How to Sew a Quilted Vest 

If you have never sewn clothing before, don’t be intimidated. A quilted vest is an excellent beginner-friendly clothing item. Follow these simple steps to make your handmade quilted vest. 

  1. Choose a Pattern

Before you start cutting into your fabric, it’s a good idea to pick out a vest pattern. In a bit, we will look at 15 vest patterns. 

  1. Decide on Fabric Selection

Fabric selection will vary quite a bit from person to person. Some will want to use a solid piece of fabric to make their vest, while others want to sew pieces together to create a patchwork quilt vest. Either way, you need to figure out which fabrics to use for your quilted vest project. 

  1. Read the Pattern

Before doing any project, you should read the entire pattern and ensure you understand all the terminology and instructions. If you don’t, do a quick Google or YouTube search to figure things out before you start sewing. 

  1. Cut Out the Pattern Pieces

Follow the instructions in your chosen pattern and cut the pattern pieces to the size you need. Most patterns include several size options. 

  1. Cut the Fabric

Next, you will need to cut all the fabric pieces required for the vest. To make a patchwork-style vest, you must first piece together your different fabrics. Then, cut out the pattern pieces from those pieced fabrics.

If you are using solid fabric, you can just cut out the pattern pieces from your chosen yardage. Again, follow the pattern instructions for specifics. 

  1. Create the Quilt Sandwich and Quilt Your Pieces

Baste the layers of the quilted vest together (outside, batting, and lining) and create the quilt sandwich. Quilt the vest pieces as desired. Straightline quilting or free-motion quilting will both look gorgeous. 

  1. Follow the Pattern Instructions to Complete the Vest

The vest’s finish will depend on the sewing pattern you choose. Refer to the pattern to complete your quilted vest. 

15 Favorite Quilted Vest Patterns

Now that we know what all is entailed in creating a handmade quilt vest let’s look at a collection of beautiful vest patterns that will inspire you. Even if a pattern isn’t written specifically for a QUILTED vest, you can use the above instructions to make it a quilted vest pattern. 

  1. Ruby Vest

Here is an excellent beginner-friendly quilted vest sewing pattern you can easily make in just a few hours. As you can see in the above photo, you can finish this vest in several ways. This is a size-inclusive pattern that includes sizes 0-34. 

  1. Tove Vest

This adorable vest features two large pockets on the front and a relaxed fit. It is available in five size options, ranging from extra small to extra large, for women. Be aware that the pattern doesn’t include quilting instructions. 

  1. Hermia Vest

The Hermia vest pattern features two front pockets and fun double ties for the closure. It is a clean, modern look with a solid color like the photo above, or it can look playful and fun with a patchwork look. Sizes included in this pattern are 0-8. 

  1. Lelant Vest

This wearable quilt is the perfect beginner garment-making project. The easy vest pattern includes instructions for using a premade quilt or making your own quilted pieces. The great part about this pattern is it is unisex and can be used to make vests for everyone you love!

  1. Mama Quinn Vest

Crop tops are back in style, and this cropped vest pattern is perfect for springtime. The cool part about this pattern is that the designer also created a children’s size pattern to accompany it. You can make matching vests for mama and child. Too cute!

  1. Side Tie Top

Speaking of cropped tops, how cute is this side tie patchwork vest? This pattern has endless possibilities. It is extremely size-inclusive, with sizes 0-30 available. 

  1. Quilted Linen Vest

Here is an excellent free quilted vest tutorial. This tutorial walks you through each step to make this simple quilted vest. The size is limited, however, to US sizes 6-8.

  1. Quilted Gilet Vest

Here is a longer vest option that features a cozy collar. You can use snaps, buttons, or ties to close this vest. The sizes included in the pattern are XS-XXXL. You will also receive a link to a video tutorial on how to make the vest. 

  1. Riley Vest

The puffer vest has been a staple in winter wear for a long time, and now you can make your own with your favorite quilting cotton. The front pockets and hoodie are optional, so if you would rather not include those, you don’t have to. The size included XXS-5XL.

  1. Terrific Tabard Vest

These vests are wearable art! They are an excellent project for using up scraps. The pattern includes instructions for two styles and sizes XS-4XL. 

  1. Vintage Butterfly Vest

Wow! This vintage pattern from the 1980’s features a gorgeous butterfly patch on the back. The sizing for this vest is a women’s size 7-9. The edge has a fun frill detail that is optional. 

  1. Oversized Crop Vest

This pattern was written for velvet fabric, but it would look SO good as a quilted vest. You can make this beginner-friendly sewing project in a few hours. The sizes included are XS-XL.

  1. Off the Grid Vest

This is the perfect quilted vest pattern if you are into modern quilting. You can fold the large collar of the vest up or down. It also has side slits so that it will fit most bodies. The pattern is written as a one-size-fits-all. 

  1. Prim Puffer Gilet Vest

If you want something more daring, check out this extra-long hooded vest. Imagine the back of this long vest with several quilt blocks and quilting up and down the sides. Gorgeous! This pattern includes sizes XS- XXL.

  1. Red Dragon Vest

This beautiful quilted vest features large front pockets, a mandarin collar, and a Chinese frog button closure (optional). It can also be reversible, so you’ll be making two vests at once. The sizes included in this pattern are S-5XL.

I hope you enjoyed checking out this gorgeous collection of quilted vest patterns with me. It’s pretty amazing how many options there are and how different a quilted vest can look, depending on the fabrics and finishes used.