9 Of The Best Self-healing Cutting Mats for Quilters

self healing mats

One of the most utilized tools in the quilters workspace aside from the rotary cutter is the cutting mat.

A quality cutting mat will not only provide a sturdy cutting surface but also self-heal in the process. The composition of the mat should not dull your rotary blade.

Although mats come in a variety of sizes, a new quilter will want to purchase an 18″x 24″ mat to get them started. This size is easily portable for classes and retreats.

Quilt fabric is folded between 21″-22″ wide. Most of the cutting occurs along this fold, and therefore the mat needs to accommodate the width.

Anything smaller and cutting involves sliding the fabric along the mat to complete the cut.

Cutting mats should be “rotary cutter” friendly. A rotary blade is different than an X-Acto knife. Avoid mats that have a rough or gritty surface. This type of surface will dull the rotary blade.

When cutting into the mat try to avoid deep cuts. The mat will not heal from a deep cut.

The best cut is a shallow cut. Over time repeated shallow cuts would become deep cuts. Once that occurs, the mat will no longer self-heal. Deep cuts will create a rough surface and may cause snags in the fabric.

The length of time a mat will last depends on its use. Typically mats will last three years. That may vary depending on cuts, the care of the mat, and the frequency of use.

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