18 Of The Best Online Fabric Stores For Quilters

The people who love to quilt are a rare breed.

Quilters embrace different types of fabrics like artists embrace brushes and a color wheel. Bold and bright as well as soft and comfortable fabrics are the body consciousness of a quilt.

Fabrics are part of the personal statement that a quilter wants to make, reflecting both the style of quilt and the personality of the artist.

Quilters love looking through various fabrics and brainstorming how they want their quilt to look. That’s why online fabric stores for quilters are so important.

Finding the right fabric for quilters is like discovering a new species for scientists. It gives quilters a sense of accomplishment and purpose. And all works of quilting art are products of accomplishment and purpose.

Here’s our list of the best online fabric stores for quilters:

1. Organic Cotton Plus

If you want beautiful, 100 percent organic fabrics from an online fabric store with family ties to a long-standing cotton farm, this is the site to visit.

Organic Cotton Plus is the sister company of one of the first organic cotton farms in the country. You’ll find eco-dyed fabrics, knits, notions, and other quilting goodies here.

2. DuckaDilly (USA)

DuckaDilly is a boutique fabric studio. The site specializes in Liberty of London Art fabrics. If you’re looking for the classics, seasonal, and hard to find prints, you have to check out DuckaDilly.

DuckaDilly also provides subscriptions and curated bundles for quilters who like to ponder other perspectives and who need fast shipping.

3. Alewives Fabrics (USA)

This four-decade-old online fabric store for quilters has an eclectic mix of artfully selected fabrics.

Alewives carries vintage graphics like polka dots, stripes, and toiles, as well as the best contemporary pattern designs.

Alewives ships quickly and will work with you on returns.

4. Fabric Bubb

This Seattle-based fabric store is the brainchild of a husband and wife team who specialize in creating custom bundles for quilting clients.

The owners say all the fabrics in the store are products of good quilting taste and extensive travel experiences.

Plus, they take pride in offering fast shipping and a decent return policy.

5. Girl Charlee (USA)

Girl Charlee offers hundreds of solid cotton jersey knit, different prints, as well as cotton, ribbed knit fabrics, cotton lycra knit, and other quilting items.

This online fabric store offers quick shipping and half-yard cut fabrics, as well as fabrics by the yard. Multiple yard bargains are also available.

6. Fabric Spark (Canada)

Daryl, the owner, likes to say her site is for fabric junkies, and for people who have quilting on the brain 24-hours a day.

She loves buying fabrics in bulk and helping quilters find fabrics that give them that extra creative spark.

7. Bloomerie Fabrics (USA)

Bloomerie is a female-owned fabric store that offers personalized service, quick shipping, and color-coordinated Bloomerie Bundles.

This site is the right fit when you need a little help coordinating fabrics, or if your thing is working with bundles that mix multiple fabric collections.

8. Fabric Worm

Fabric Worm carries one of the largest selections of imported and organic fabrics online and is one of the best.

The site offers quilters fast shipping, modern fabrics, as well as home décor, apparel, and other craft-related items.

9. Hawthorne Threads (USA)

This upstate New York online fabric store for quilters is a nine-year-old retail endeavor rooted in the love of fabrics and quilting.

Lindsey Hawthorne started buying fabric wholesale through her other business, Fabricationsbylin.Esty.com.

Her Hawthorne Threads site became an online retailer that offers unique pattern designer fabrics and other pattern themes.

10. Kate Quilts (Australia)

This modern, 100% cotton craft and apparel fabric online retailer has an impressive collection of Liberty, Free Spirit, Alexander Henry, Moda, and Art Gallery, as well as Sevenberry, Yuwa, Sun Prints, and Cosmo Textile Japanese prints.

Kate Quilts takes pride in prompt customer service and fast domestic and international shipping.

11. Pink Castle Fabrics

Pink Castle Fabrics is a seven-year-old online business. The company’s brick and mortar fabric store opened in 2013, thanks to the modern quilting fabrics, as well as the apparel fabrics and flannel they offer.

Quilters who buy from the online store get fast shipping and friendly Michigan customer service.

12. I Love Fabric (USA)

This online quilter’s paradise used to be Pink Chalk.

But now, I Love Fabric is a one-stop, fast shipping quilting website that offers modern quilting fabrics, as well as information about quilting, sewing, and anything in between.

13. Pretty Fabrics & Trim (UK)

Penny and Sarah offer quilters the prettiest patterns, notions, and quilting fabrics in the industry, thanks to their ability to cherry pick the good stuff.

These passionate women believe in old-fashioned customer service and fast international and domestic shipping.

14. Purl Soho (USA)

This 16-year-old, New York City brick and mortar store and the company website offer quilters a gorgeous collection of Purl Soho fabrics and yarns, as well as their online collection of Purl Bee fabrics online.

The Purl Bee collection is the handiwork of the company’s team of creative designers, and something new comes along two or three times a week.

15. Sunny Day Supply

Sunny Day Supply is a family business that offers quilters, fabric lovers, and crafters amazing fabrics and notions from all over the world.

Fabrics and notions must meet sisters, Mary Dugan and Shawn Morris high-quality standards.

Mary and Shawn offer quilters a mix of exclusive patterns and other fabric influences that engage beginners, as well as seasoned quilting veterans.

16. The Cloth Pocket (USA)

This North Austin, Texas fabric store is Nicole LaBry’s business baby.

The store opened its doors in 2014, and thanks to Nicole’s discerning taste in fabrics and notions, the store quadrupled in size in 2016.

The website offers quilters a plethora of fabric choices, as well as fast shipping and that friendly Texas customer service.

17. Clair’s Fabrics

Clair’s Fabrics motto is “fresh and modern fabrics for today’s quilters,” and one look at the website confirms the company’s dedication to that motto.

This Australian online fabric retailer is a great find for quilters who want fabrics that have that “down under” look and feel.

If you want a special designer brand, Clair’s Fabrics probably has it, and they will ship it to you faster than a kangaroo can jump.

18. Mood Fabrics (USA)

Mood Fabrics serves more than 1,200 clients a day in their New York City store.

The New York Daily News named Mood Fabrics “One of Fashion’s 50 Most Powerful,” because the company has an impeccable 20-year reputation for being creative, honest, and a quilters destination.

It’s a great site if you want to find unusual and the extraordinary fabrics to complete your quilting dreams.

The Los Angeles and New York stores, as well as the online store, give quilters an opportunity to buy a piece of fabric history every time they make a purchase.

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This list of fabric stores reflects how important quilting is as an art form, business, and hobby for thousands of crafters around the world.

This seems to be the age of creative quilting, and online fabric stores play a huge role in supporting the artistic endeavors of both seasoned and new quilters.

We picked a great assortment of fabric stores for you to choose from, but we might have missed a few.

If we didn’t list your favorite fabric store, leave a comment, and we’ll add that store to the list.

We've done the research and put together 18 of the best online fabric stores. In the post you'll find both U.S. and U.K. stores.

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