9 Unique And Charming Ways To Display Your Quilts

Display Your Quilts

Do you have several quilts lying around the house but are unsure what to do with them? 

Most quilters have more quilts in their homes than beds, but where else can we put them?

Whether you made the quilts or someone special to you made them, you want to have them out for all to see, not locked away in a closet. 

Today, we will examine nine beautiful and unique ways to display quilts. 

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19 Super Easy Quilt Blocks That Make You Look Like An Expert

Do you ever stumble across a quilt block and think, “Wow, that looks extremely complex! I can’t possibly create something like that.”

Well, what if I told you that you could create a lot of complicated-looking quilt patterns from easy quilt blocks.

Today, let’s dive into the world of easy quilt patterns that look hard and discover how you can create these beautiful, complex quilt patterns without having a massive headache over following the steps.

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How To Make A String Quilt + 15 Gorgeous String Quilt Patterns

string quilt patterns

If you’re a quilter, you know you have a ton of scraps from past projects.

But what do you do with them? 

Scrappy quilts are some of the most fun, quirky styles of quilts you can make, and today, we’re going to focus on a specific type of scrappy quilt called a string quilt. 

We will go over what a string quilt is and how to make one, and then look at 15 eye-catching string quilt patterns to inspire you and show you what is possible with those strip scraps. 

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Looking For Baby Girl Quilt Patterns? Here Are 27 Darling Designs

baby sleeping baby girl quilt patterns

One of the most fun and rewarding quilt sizes to make is baby-sized quilts.

Something about making a small quilt that you know a little mini person will use and love is so precious and sweet. 

Today, we will go over several baby girl quilt ideas, including free and paid patterns.

We will also discuss some tips about making baby girl quilts and the best measurements to use for a baby quilt. 

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15 Fun And Easy-To-Make Broken Dishes Quilt Patterns

Have you been searching for a quick and easy quilt pattern? 

There are so many to choose from, but we want to show you a pattern that we know you’ll enjoy.

Half-square triangle quilts are popular in modern quilting, especially for beginners. 

We will focus on a particular block called the “broken dish” quilt block. 

It’s a super simple block and works excellently in various quilt designs. 

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8 Of The Best Online Quilting Classes

quilting online classes FI

Quilting is a beautiful form of art, but it can be daunting to try to learn how to quilt on your own and teach yourself the necessary skills.

An excellent option for many individuals, especially in these times of social distancing and lockdowns, is online quilting classes for beginners. 

Also, not everyone can afford personal quilting lessons.

Online quilting classes are generally much less expensive than in-person courses. 

Many of these online programs have videos and tutorials that you can watch an unlimited number of times.

And you’ll have access to all the content, literally, forever. That’s a huge bonus!

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