15 Gorgeous Staircase Quilt Patterns for a Statement Piece in Your Home

Today, we are looking at a super fun and eclectic group of modern quilt patterns that will spark your creativity. 

Not only are these quilt patterns eye-catching, but most of them are beginner-friendly designs.

The sub-genre of quilt patterns that we’ll be diving into is staircase quilt patterns. 

You may be wondering what that is. How do you make them? 

Don’t worry; we’ve got you. 

We’ll discuss this important information before we check out 15 fantastic stairway quilt pattern options. 

What Is a Staircase Quilt?

Staircase quilt patterns are a group of patterns that resemble a staircase. Shocking, right? Haha! These patterns can be abstract and modern or simple and straightforward. The blocks will have a step effect, which can be an all-over quilt design or a more subtle stairway pattern in the borders or around the centerpiece.

They’re an excellent beginner quilt pattern since they are traditionally pieced and don’t feature complex angles and shapes. They are also popular for wall-hanging quilts, so they’re a much smaller project than a queen-size quilt. 

How Do You Make a Hanging Staircase Quilt?

Do you want to know how to make a hanging staircase quilt? Let’s review them and discuss your options for hanging the quilt.

  1. Choose the pattern you would like to use.
  2. Pick out the perfect fabrics for your quilt.
  3. Follow the instructions in the quilt pattern to piece your quilt top.
  4. Make your quilt sandwich (quilt top, batting, and backing fabric.)
  5. Quilt as desired. You can hand quilt, free-motion quilt, or use straight-line quilting.
  6. Trim the excess batting and backing fabric from the quilt.
  7. Bind the raw edges of the quilt.
  8. Hang the quilt with your preferred method. Here are some options.

Here are some additional ideas for hanging your staircase quilt:

  • Use ribbon, string, or yarn to create a hanging loop for the quilt. Sew it to the quilt to ensure it is attached securely.
  • Create a quilt sleeve and sew it to the back of the quilt. Then, slide a dowel rod through the sleeve and hang it on the wall.
  • Use a store-bought quilt hanger.
  • A curtain rod works surprisingly well to hang quilts. You will either need to create a sleeve on the back for the curtain rod to go through or clip the quilt to the rod.

15 Gorgeous Staircase Quilt Patterns for a Statement Piece in Your Home 

Now, let’s check out a beautiful collection of staircase quilt pattern options that I hope will inspire you to make your own.

I’ll include unique features and size options for each quilt pattern. 

1. Staircase Quilt Panel Pattern

Wow! This staircase quilt is breathtaking. The actual quilt resembles a staircase and is meant to be a statement piece wall hanging. The pattern includes foundation paper piecing options for a more scrappy look. The finished piece measures 54” wide, and the longest panel is 66 ½” long. 

2. 3D Staircase

This unique modern quilt pattern features several staircases over the quilt top. No matter which way you turn the quilt, the staircases are there, ascending and descending. Pretty cool, right? The pattern has four size options, from a wall hanging 40” square to a 95” square queen-size. 

3. Courthouse Steps to the Sky

This gorgeous quilt is a strip-style design that utilizes an ombre color palette to create unique blocks. The finished size will fit a double bed. This quilt looks phenomenal in solid colors or prints. 

4. Bargello

Here is a fun pattern that mimics the waves of the ocean but fits in the category of staircase patterns. The bargello quilt pattern uses different sizes of squares and rectangles to create movement across the quilt top. This pattern includes four sizes to choose from.

5. The Stacks 

Here is a fun strip quilt that works excellently with scraps or precuts. This beginner quilt pattern is quick to make. The pattern will show you how to make a 60” x 75” quilt top, but you can easily make it larger or smaller depending on your desired size.

6. Riding the River Rapids

Here is another strip quilt that is perfect for those extra jellyrolls in your fabric stash. The pattern includes two quilt sizes: baby and twin. This quick and easy quilt pattern is a fantastic modern design for any skill level.

7. Prism

This quilt pattern is about fabric placement to create those “stair steps” across the quilt top. The well-written pattern shows you step-by-step how to make the quilt top using yardage. There are five size options written in this pattern.

8. Envision

This quilt pattern uses a quarter log cabin block to create a large step design. It will look incredible in any color palette and with solids or prints. The designer gives instructions for six different sizes.

9. Hampton Court

It wouldn’t be a staircase quilt pattern collection without a courthouse steps quilt pattern. This pattern is great to use up scraps or precuts that you have in your stash. There are four sizes written in the pattern. 

10. The Rows

This is an abstract version of a staircase pattern featuring narrow strips and squares. This modern quilt pattern is beginner-friendly and a fast quilt project. There are two size options to choose from. 

11. Ombre Gems

This eye-catching quilt pattern includes two throw sizes and layout options. You can create this quilt using jellyrolls, fat quarters, or yardage. The designer includes instructions and a link to a self-paced quilt along for this project if you need extra help with the steps. 

12. Brightly

Here is a beautiful Cluck Cluck Sew quilt pattern that uses several square sizes to create a unique step or staircase design. It is a twist on an Irish chain quilt pattern. For this pattern, you can use layer cakes, fat quarters, yardage, or scraps. There are four size options included.

13. Mountain Dawning

Here is a unique quilt pattern that shows you how to make one block that you can lay out in five different configurations, depending on your desired look. You can use jellyroll strips or yardage to create this quilt. The finished quilt measures 48” x 48”.

14. Ridiculously Easy

Here is another jellyroll-friendly quilt pattern that comes together quickly. Fun for all skill levels, this quilt pattern includes five sizes, from a small child quilt to a large king-size quilt. This is a fun, modern take on a chevron design.

15. Ohio Log Cabin

Log cabin quilt blocks are an excellent way to create stairway quilt designs, and this quilt pattern shows us that with ease. It mixes a classic log cabin and Ohio star quilt block to create a gorgeous quilt. The finished quilt measures 94” x 118”.

I hope you enjoyed and were inspired by these unique and beautiful staircase quilt patterns. This pattern group is a great choice for beginners and can usually be made fairly quickly.