17 Happy And Handsome Baby Boy Quilt Patterns

Do you, or someone you know, has a baby boy on the way?

A handmade quilt is one of the sweetest and most cherished gifts a baby can be given. 

That’s why I’ve gathered 17 adorable baby quilt patterns for boys. 

This quilt pattern collection is perfect for beginner quilters and is much less daunting than a larger, more complex quilt design. 

We even found some fantastic free options!

What to Consider When Making Baby Boy Quilts 

Before making a quilt for a baby, you should consider a few things. Let’s review these different categories before looking at the baby quilt patterns. 

Choosing a quilt pattern can feel a bit overwhelming since there are thousands to choose from online and in your local quilt shops. 

Here are a few things to consider when picking out the perfect pattern.

  • Skill level: Make sure to pick something that fits within your skill level unless you want to challenge yourself with a more complex pattern. 
  • Quilt size: You want to ensure the pattern you choose has the size you want in the instructions.
  • Well-written instructions: It’s essential to find patterns that have well-written and easy-to-understand instructions, especially for beginners. Not all quilt patterns are created equal. 

Once you have picked out the quilt pattern, you get to have some real fun and pick out the fabric! Here are my recommendations for how to choose fabric for a baby quilt.

  • Color: Check to see if the parents have picked nursery colors. Creating something for the baby that fits perfectly with the other nursery decor items is super fun.
  • Soft fabrics: It’s no secret babies love soft, cuddly fabric. Try using some flannel or Minky to make the quilt extra cozy for the little one. 
  • Good quality fabric: Chances are the quilt you make will need to be washed. A lot! It’s always best to use good-quality fabrics when making items for babies. It will wear better, and quality quilting cotton is more soft and vibrant than cheaper options. 

17 Happy And Handsome Baby Boy Quilt Patterns

Now that you know what type of things to remember when searching for the right pattern, let’s look at a bunch of examples. Most of these patterns are excellent beginner sewing projects.

1. Bricks

bricks baby boy quilt patterns

Here is a fantastic free baby boy quilt pattern perfect for any beginner. This pattern features rectangles and squares sewn together to make a fun brick design. This pattern will help you make a 42” x 54” quilt.

2. Quilted Car Play Mat

quilted car play mat baby boy quilt patterns

How cute is this playmat?! This tutorial from the Suzy Quilts blog features fun wool applique pieces over a simple quilt top. This quilt can serve multiple purposes, like keeping the baby warm, and as he gets older, he can use it to play with toys.

3. Playroom Quilt Pattern

playroom quilt pattern baby boy quilt patterns

Here is a super interesting modern quilt pattern that features thin rectangles and triangles in a unique design over the quilt top. The pattern has three sizes, including a 36” x 48” baby-size layout. This is an excellent choice for those modern-design mommas.

4. Midnight Mountains

midnight mountains baby boy quilt patterns

This quilt combines traditional piecing and applique to make a beautiful night sky design. This pattern makes a 36” x 40” crib quilt. Using flannel with this pattern will give it another layer of coziness.

5. Blue and White Gingham

blue and white gingham baby boy quilt patterns

Here is a simple yet adorable quilt pattern with three squares of colors arranged to look like the popular gingham pattern. This quilt measures 44” x 52” and is easily recreated using 4 ½” squares for the entire quilt top. This will be a tremendous first quilting project if you have never sewn anything.

6. Simple Baby Boy Quilt

simple baby boy quilt baby boy quilt patterns

This is another simple square patchwork quilt that uses 5 ½” squares. The design features a staggered block layout. The maker included two borders to give the quilt a more finished look.

7. Small Steps

small steps baby boy quilt patterns

This pattern will help you make a 43” square quilt for your little one. This pattern uses traditional piecing and applique methods and features cute little feet walking up the quilt top. The square blocks have a fun irregular layout.

8. T-Rex Quilt Pattern

T-Rex quilt pattern baby boy quilt patterns

Okay, let’s be honest, what little boy wouldn’t absolutely LOVE this quilt? It comes in three sizes and features a massive T-Rex and a fun palm tree on the quilt top. The cool part of this design is that you will piece the entire top using traditional methods. No applique and no paper piecing.

9. Up, Up, and Away Airplane

Up, Up, and Away airplane baby boy quilt patterns

The foundation of the quilt top is a simple stairstep design. You add plane and cloud applique pieces to give it this fun and adorable design. This quilt would be a great introduction to applique piecing. The finished quilt measures 41” x 45”.

10. Timber!

timber baby boy quilt patterns

This sweet quilt includes gorgeous scrappy-pieced birch trees, a beautiful bird, and a ridiculously adorable little black bear cub. The pattern recommends this to the “adventurous beginner” quilter (I love that term!) It includes two sizes, one being a 36” x 50” baby-size quilt. 

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11. I Love Dirt!

I love dirt baby boy quilt patterns

This beautiful pattern by Nellie’s Needle uses applique piecing to create all of these different heavy machinery quilt blocks. The design includes full-size applique templates and well-written instructions. The finished quilt will measure 47 ½” x 55 ½”.

12. Squadron Leader

squadron leader baby boy quilt patterns

How cool is this picture, first of all? This beautiful quilt is made up of six airplane blocks that are traditionally pieced. If you look closely, the quilter even quilted straight lines behind each plane to look like the air stream. The finished quilt measures 41” x 51”.

13. Give a Dog a Bone

give a dog a bone baby boy quilt patterns

This pattern is perfect for those with a four-legged baby that you know will be best friends with their newborn. Almost the entire design is pieced traditionally. All you need to applique is the floppy ear, the small eye, and the cute tail. The finished quilt measures 39 ½” x 52 ½”.

14. Eli’s Forest Friends

Eli's forest friends baby boy quilt patterns

These adorable animals are inspired by the critters you will find in Northern Wisconsin. Each animal is a hand-drawn design that you can use as a template to create your sweet animals. The finished quilt measures 41” x 41”. 

15. Dino Roar

dino roar baby boy quilt patterns

Here is another excellent beginner-friendly applique quilt pattern featuring dinosaurs. This fat-quarter-friendly pattern has three sizes, including a baby size measuring 44” x 53”. There are instructions for a pillow cover to match the quilt.

16. Alphabet Pattern

alphabet pattern baby boy quilt patterns

Here is an adorable and simple alphabet quilt pattern that you made using fabric scraps from other projects. It is also layer cake and jellyroll-friendly if you prefer using precuts. The finished quilt measures 36” x 41”.

17. One Giant Stitch

one giant stitch baby boy quilt patterns

This breathtaking quilt pattern is from Kelli Fannin Quilt Designs. I recommend it to a confident beginner/ intermediate quilter since there are many pieces to making the quilt top. The finished quilt measures 58” x 70”, which may seem a bit large for a baby quilt, but it would be an excellent quilt for the baby to “grow into.”

I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous quilts and found your next quilt project in this compilation. There are so many options out there, and it’s genuinely impressive how creative quilt pattern designers are, don’t you think?