Spread Your Wings With One Of These 13 Beautiful Bird Quilt Patterns

Have you ever sat out on your front porch or somewhere in nature and watched the birds soar and interact with each other? 

Birds are gorgeous and unique creatures, so we’ve dedicated an entire post on bird quilt patterns. 

We will look at 13 unbelievably innovative bird quilts to inspire you to think differently about our fine feathered friends. 

There will be patterns for every skill level, so let’s jump in and see what’s out there.

What Is the Best Way to Make a Bird Quilt? 

If you want to make a bird quilt, we recommend finding a pattern within your skill level and going from there. 

Many designs feature all kinds of different birds, which we’ll take a closer look at shortly. Some involve applique, and others require piecing the bird design as part of the block.

The steps to creating a bird-themed quilt are about the same as any other one.

  • Step 1: Choose a pattern
  • Step 2: Select the fabrics
  • Step 3: Cut the fabric
  • Step 4: Piece together the quilt blocks
  • Step 5: Assemble the quilt top
  • Step 6: Assemble the quilt sandwich (quilt top, batting, and backing)
  • Step 7: Quilt the quilt
  • Step 8: Trim the excess fabric
  • Step 9: Bind the quilt and enjoy!

13 Beautiful Bird Quilt Patterns You'll Love to Try

Now let’s check out some beautiful and easy bird quilt block ideas. I’ve found a good mixture of applique, foundation paper piecing, and traditionally pieced quilt patterns, so no matter your preferred method, there will be something here for everyone.

1. Three Free Bird Quilt Blocks

Look no further if you are searching for a free bird quilt block. This set of three free quilt block patterns is from Riley Blake Designs.

Each uses a different piecing method: applique, foundation paper piecing, and traditional. You could use all three in a unique custom layout or pick one to create a quilt top.

2. Red Bird Quilt Block

Here is a fun and free quilt block tutorial that you can use to make any color bird you want. This is a great beginner quilt block since, yes, it does have several small pieces, but it is a relatively simple design. The tutorial gives instructions to create an 8 ½” square block.

3. Pretty Birds

Like me, if you’re an Elizabeth Hartman fan, you’ll love this gorgeous pattern that features several types of parrots and other exotic birds.

Elizabeth includes two sizes in this pattern and excellent illustrations showing how to piece each of the different birds. This is a fun beginner-friendly pattern to put together with your girlfriends. 

4. The Chicken Quilt

This super cute chicken quilt is from Quilty Love. She used a free tutorial from Sew Inspired to create this quilt. It is an excellent beginner quilt project and is a great way to use up scraps or feature a fun fat-quarter bundle. The finished quilt measures 60” x 78”. 

5. Budgie Birds

How cute is this parakeet quilt pattern? This modern pattern includes instructions to assemble six adorable 9” x 26” budgie quilt blocks. The finished quilt will measure 58” x 58”, but you could create more budgie blocks if you want a larger quilt. 

6. A Gathering

“A Gathering” is a beautiful example of how bird applique patterns can help you create detailed, realistic bird motifs. The pattern includes instructions and templates for male and female adult Quail and quail chicks and eggs. The finished quilt measures approximately 49” x 57 ½”.

7. Sparrows

If you’ve looked up bird quilt patterns, chances are you’ve seen this adorable pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns. This fat-quarter-friendly pattern will help you create a 65 ½” x 71” quilt top featuring chubby sparrows. You could also use scraps for a playful, colorful twist. 

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8. Feathers

This sweet bird pattern features scrappy birds flying about the quilt top. The pattern is layer cake (10” squares) friendly and beginner-friendly. The finished quilt measures 60 ½” x 70”. 

9. Black Birds

These little black bird quilt blocks are pieced using traditional methods and are quick to make. The pattern includes construction and layout instructions for a 40” x 46” baby quilt.

You could follow the patterns instructions and create blackbirds or use bright colors for a vibrant, colorful look. 

10. Origami Crane

Here is a unique origami crane quilt block. This block is a great way to use up small scraps and is pieced using foundation paper piecing.

This pattern does NOT include instruction on how to do the foundation paper piecing (FPP) technique, so you will need to know how to do that to use the pattern. The block size is 6” square.

11. Singing Bird

Wow, this pattern is incredible! Before tackling this impressive pattern, you should have plenty of experience with raw edge applique, but it will look fantastic if you’re up for the challenge!

The finished quilt measures 40” x 45”. You could add borders for a larger quilt or use it as is for beautiful wall art. 

12. Wren FPP Quilt Blocks

This pattern is excellent if you want to dip your toes into FPP; this pattern is perfect. It includes several variations of the beautiful Wren bird and How-To instructions for piecing them together. The pattern also provides coloring sheets and templates for 6” and 12” blocks.

Mix and match the blocks to make a one-of-a-kind bird quilt. 

13. Assorted Birds on a Branch

This great applique bird pattern features five different kinds of birds. The pattern includes templates for all the pieces used and instructions for assembly. The finished block measures 15” square, which you can make into a mini quilt or use for a larger quilt. 

Wasn’t that fun checking out these gorgeous bird quilt patterns? We looked at varying designs, from abstract to realistic bird blocks. I hope this collection of feathery quilt patterns has inspired you to create something special for yourself or others.

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