Quilt-Tastic: 21 Jaw-Dropping Quilted Table Runner Patterns You’ll Want to Try Now

One of the most popular quilting projects you can undertake, besides a quilt, is a quilted table runner. 

Quilted table runners are quick and fun projects that aren’t expensive and only take a fraction of the time it takes to make an entire quilt. 

They’re also an excellent project if you’re new to quilting.

You can learn quilting basics in a short amount of time. 

In this post, we’ll check out 21 gorgeous table runners you can make now!

How to Make a Quilted Table Runner 

Before we check out the table runner ideas, let’s review the steps you will take to make one. You’ll probably follow these simple steps no matter what table runner you decide to make.

  • Choose your table runner pattern. You can use a paid or free pattern or tutorial to create your table runner.
  • Choose your fabrics. The pattern or tutorial should give you fabric requirements. It will also include any other sewing notions, such as trim if that is part of the design. 
  • Piece together the table runner top. Just like a quilt, you must piece together the table runner top. Follow the instructions in your pattern or tutorial.
  • Baste your mini quilt sandwich. You need to baste the layers of the table runner to hold them together. You can either glue or pin-baste your quilt sandwich.
  • Quilt as desired. You can do any quilting, such as hand quilting, free motion quilting, straight line quilting, stitch in the ditch, or even tying a quilted table runner.
  • Trim and bind to finish the table runner. The final step is to trim the excess batting, square up the corners, and bind the edges of the runner. 

How Long Should a Table Runner Be?

The length of your table runner will depend heavily on the size of your table and the “look” you are going for.

For example, you may want your runner to sit on the tabletop and not drape over the sides.

On the other hand, you may want the runner to drape over the ends of the table. I suggest measuring your table and determining which size you would like.

Then, search for a table runner pattern or tutorial based on those measurements. 

21 Quilted Table Runner Patterns You’ll Want to Try Now 

These table runner patterns are perfect for beginners and seasoned quilters, and I hope you enjoy this beautiful collection. I found a good combination of paid and free patterns and tutorials.

1. Simple Patchwork Table Runner

simple patchwork quilted table runner patterns

Here is a fantastic free tutorial from The Stitching Scientist. This tutorial will show you how to make a simple patchwork table runner measuring 30” x 12”, but you can easily make it larger or smaller by adding or subtracting squares. This step-by-step tutorial is an excellent option for beginner quilters. 

2. Rocksteady Table Runner

rocksteddy quilted table runner patterns

This beautiful modern table runner tutorial is from Suzy Quilts and features design elements from her Rocksteady quilt pattern. This unique design is made using squares and half-square triangles. This pattern would look stunning in any color palette and looks great using solid or printed fabrics. 

3. Red Braid Table Runner

red braid quilted table runner patterns

Here is another free table runner tutorial that you can use to create a beautiful centerpiece for your table. You could make one for every season of the year to change the look of your dining table or other table you decide to decorate. The tutorial gives the instructions in such a way that you can make any size table runner. 

4. QAYG Table Runner

QAYG table runner quilted table runner patterns

If you’ve ever wanted to try the quilt-as-you-go method, this tutorial teaches a basic but beautiful QAYG design. The finished table runner will measure approximately 20” x 45”. This is a quick and easy quilted table runner project. 

5. Scrap-Friendly Table Runner

scrap-friendly table runner quilted table runner patterns

This sweet table runner was made using leftover charm pack squares from another project. You can easily recreate this with scraps and make it any size you need. The tutorial has easy-to-follow instructions and fabulous pictures to show you the steps. 

6. Nordic Star Table Runner

nordic star table runner quilted table runner patterns

This gorgeous free pattern features a beautiful star block for the design. The finished table runner measures 15” x 54” and will look breathtaking on your table! You can use scraps or precuts for this project.

7. Charming Tree Farm

charming tree farm quilted table runner patterns

This adorable Christmas-themed table runner features three patchwork tree blocks. This free pattern allows you to use scraps or charm pack squares to create this festive centerpiece. The finished runner measures 16 ½” x 36 ½”, perfect for a smaller table. 

8. Late October Stars

late october stars quilted table runner patterns

Wow, I’m loving this modern star block! This pattern features six unique star blocks that dance across the table. Your finished table runner will measure 16 ½” x 51 ½”. 

9. Chandelier Table Runner

chandelier table runner quilted table runner patterns

This free pattern from Lella Boutique goes with her full-size quilt pattern by the same name. This pattern uses one charm pack plus one ⅛ yards of background fabric to create the table runner top. The finished runner measures 16 ½” x 50 ½”.

10. Balsam Gnomes

balsam gnomes quilted table runner patterns

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a slight obsession with gnomes, and this free pattern is PERFECT for us gnome enthusiasts! This highly detailed free tutorial includes printable templates for the different pieces.  Even if you are a brand-new quilter, you can make this project with this excellent tutorial.

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11. Stacked Strips

stacked strips quilted table runner patterns

This beautiful yet simple quilted table runner was made using 2” strips of varying lengths. The free tutorial for this runner gives the details you need to make a table runner for your home. The finished runner measures 16” x 72”, but you can easily make it in your required size by adding or subtracting pieces.

12. Cottage Diamonds

cottage diamonds quilted table runner patterns

Here is a table runner pattern that includes three size options to make different runners for all the tables in your home. You can use scraps, charm packs, or yardage to make these beautiful quilted table runners. This pattern shows you all the steps on how to make a table runner, making it an excellent beginner’s choice. 

13. Crazy Runner

crazy runner quilted table runner patterns

Have you ever wanted to make a crazy quilt but get a little intimidated by making a full-size quilt project? Yeah, me too! With this pattern, however, you can make a beautiful table runner with quirky, crazy quilt blocks in a more manageable-sized project.

I recommend this pattern to a confident beginner since the pattern writer notes that you should know basic quilting techniques to make this quilted table runner.

14. Cottage Star

cottage star quilted table runner patterns

This patchwork table runner pattern features star-within-a-star blocks and a unique angled border. You also get a bonus pillow tutorial in this pattern, a fun addition. There are two table runner sizes included in the instructions.

15. Tillie Table Runner

tillie table runner quilted table runner patterns

Here is a beginner-friendly table runner pattern that utilizes 5” squares that you can cut from layer cake squares, yardage, or charm packs. You could also use scraps for a more scrappy look. The finished table runner measures approximately 15” x 38”. 

16. HST Table Runner

HST table runner quilted table runner patterns

Here is a beautiful HST design that you can make easily in just a few hours. The pattern writer includes instructions for using charm packs, yardage, or layer cakes for the squares. The finished table runner measures 17” x 67”.

17. Charming Breezes

charming breezes quilted table runner patterns

“Charming Breezes” is a quick and easy table runner pattern perfect for beginners. The pattern is written for charm packs, but you can also use yardage or scraps. There are three size options written in this pattern.

18. Sunny Dream

sunny dream quilted table runner patterns

Isn’t this oval table runner gorgeous?! This pattern mimics stained glass and features a beautiful flower design that will expand across your table. The finished runner measures approximately 28” x 48”.

19. Pineapple Table Runner Duo

pineapple table runner duo quilted table runner patterns

This option not only comes with a 20” x 80” table runner pattern, but it also includes a unique octagon-shaped table centerpiece pattern that measures approximately 42 ½” across. Both are beginner-friendly quilt projects and would make a super fun gift for a pineapple lover. Make one or both for a tropical-themed tablescape. 

20. Starflower Medley

starflower medley quilted table runner patterns

Here is another pattern that includes instructions for a table runner and pillow. These look so sweet in this cottage-themed fabric line, but wouldn’t they look striking in a bold color palette? You will receive three size options for the table runner written in the pattern.

21. Autumn Flight

autumn flight quilted table runner patterns

I know this pattern is technically fall-themed, but this would look incredible on a table or cabinet all year round. This is an excellent introduction to applique with the leaves and acorns. The finished table runner measures 15” x 45”.

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful quilted table runner options. There are endless possibilities with pattern and fabric choice, so have fun with it and enjoy making table runners. 

Photo credit: Patchwork Delights