17 Over The Rainbow Yellow Brick Road Quilt Patterns To Try

Are you searching for a simple yet beautiful quilt pattern for your next quilt project? 

I would love to suggest a yellow brick road quilt to you.


Because the yellow brick road pattern is not only an easy-to-follow pattern but it can be put together fairly quickly too.

If you are a beginner quilter, this quilt pattern would be an excellent option for you to learn the fundamentals of quilting.

This post gives you 17 examples of the yellow brick road pattern to inspire you to create your own quilt.

What Is A Yellow Brick Road Quilt?

The yellow brick road quilt pattern is characterized as a quilt top made up of rectangles and squares placed in a patchwork style design. 

Sometimes the blocks are broken up by some sashing, but not always. All the rectangles can be the same size or a variety of different sizes.

This quilt pattern is an excellent option for you if you have a fat quarter bundle that you’ve been saving for a special project. You could also dive into your scrap stash and make a fun, colorful quilt top with this pattern.

The brick road pattern is a popular choice for baby quilts as well.

How Do You Make a Yellow Brick Road Quilt?

Now that we’ve determined that the yellow brick road quilt pattern is a beginner-friendly, fun option, how do you make one? I’ll break it down into a few easy steps that will be a good launching point to create your own.

  • Choose your fabrics.
  • Cut your fabrics. If this is your first quilt, I would suggest doing a simple layout with rectangles all the same size, such as 3”x8” rectangles.
  • Lay out your rectangles, either horizontally or vertically. Either way will look beautiful; play around with it. To make it look like a brick road, place your rectangle rows staggered every other row like the image below.
brick road quilt
  • Sew all the rectangles together by row.
  • Sew all the rows together.

Yellow Brick Road Quilt Pattern: 17 Wizard-Approved Patterns to Try

The instructions I just gave you were for a straightforward pattern for the brick road quilt. Now I will show a wide variety of different ways you can create a yellow brick road quilt. Enjoy!

1. Atkinson Designs Yellow Brick Road Quilt

Atkinson Designs Yellow Brick Road Quilt

I wanted to start this list with the original Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern. This pattern by Atkinson Designs is a well-written and easy-to-follow pattern that will help you create your own Yellow Brick Road quilt.

The pattern gives you directions to make six different sizes of this quilt which is a great deal, especially for the price. It will also give you all the fabric requirements.

You could use a fat quarter bundle or curate your own bundle, which is always fun.

2. Modern Colors Yellow Brick Road Quilt

Modern Colors Yellow Brick Road Quilt

Doesn’t this quilt “scream” Spring? This design is another example of the original Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern, but the quilter decided to choose bold, modern colors for her modern quilt top

The quilting they chose to do on the quilt also brings this quilt to the next level, and it really highlights the beautiful bricks of this pattern.

3. Dorothy’s Journey Quilt

Dorothy’s Journey Quilt

This adorable quilt is not only made in the brick road pattern, but it was created using Wizard of Oz fabric! Cute, right? This quilt is part of a yellow brick road quilt tutorial and is extremely simple and easy to follow. There is even a link to watch a video on how to piece the rows together. 

Wouldn’t this make a lovely baby shower gift? This quilt is an excellent example of why the pattern is great for baby/children quilts.

The bricks are large enough to highlight and show off the fun, beautiful fabrics you can choose.

4. Quilt-As-You-Go Brick Road Quilt

Quilt-As-You-Go Brick Road Quilt

This charming quilt top was created with the quilt-as-you-go method and featured in Jera Brandvig’s book Quilt As You Go Made Modern

It is incredible what she has figured out with this quilting method, and this quilt is one of my favorites she has made.

Using these lovely, dainty fabrics gives this quilt pattern a cottagey feel which I love.

5. Green Brick Road Quilt

Green Brick Road Quilt

Here we have a perfect example of using all the same size blocks, but the layout makes it unique and fun. I also had to include a quilt with some green in it for the Emerald City.

This quilt shows that simplicity can still be beautiful and professional no matter what your skill level is in quilting. 

6. Modern Bricks Quilt

Modern Bricks Quilt

This pattern is a fantastic option since it gives you two different layouts for the “brick” blocks. You can have the blocks laid out vertically or horizontally, depending on the look you are going for. 

The pattern provides fabric requirements and instructions on the construction of the entire quilt.

7. Sunset Quilt

Sunset Quilt

The Sunset quilt is a gorgeous representation of a brick road quilt. The batik fabrics are an excellent choice and really give the feel of “bricks” in this pattern. 

All the brick blocks are the same size which makes this pattern beginner-friendly with its simple construction.

8. On the Road to Spring Quilt

On the Road to Spring Quilt

An extensive quilt-along tutorial accompanies this quilt pattern to help you create one of these beautiful quilts by yourself. The entire quilt top is made up of rectangles and squares. 

The tutorial will show you how to create a throw-size quilt measuring approximately 60”x50”.

9. Mini Brick Road Table Runner

Mini Brick Road Table Runner

This table runner is made from the mini version of #1 from this list. This pattern was designed to use a charm pack which is a pack of 42 5” squares. 

The bright colors in this example runner highlight the different size blocks and showcase the fun brick road pattern.

10. Scrappy Bricks Quilt

Scrappy Bricks Quilt

Wouldn’t this pattern make an adorable baby quilt? This pattern is a yellow brick road quilt pattern, free download, and another excellent beginner quilter option. 

The printable PDF will give you four different sizes you can make and provides all the fabric requirements and instructions for each size.

11. Staggered Bricks Quilt

Staggered Bricks Quilt

This complex design for this quilt top is made from only rectangles. If you look at the previous instructions telling you how to make a yellow brick road quilt, that pattern layout is very similar to the layout for this quilt.

The difference between this and other more simple designs (like #3) is the fabric selection and placement. This pattern includes five different sizes PLUS four different layout variations.

12. Simple Bricks Quilt

Simple Bricks Quilt

This free tutorial is a simple design, but look how gorgeous this example quilt is. With the right fabric and even the simplest of quilt patterns, this quilt can be breathtaking. 

This tutorial also has a free PDF pattern that you can download to help you create this quilt.

The finished quilt will measure approximately 63”x72”.

13. Turning Twenty…Again! Quilt

Turning Twenty...Again! Quilt

I love the garden theme for this example quilt. Like the other patterns in this list, this is a simple design and easy to put together. All the different size blocks make this a feast for the eyes. 

Fabric selection is crucial for this pattern, and you can either purchase a fat quarter bundle or put together your own fabric selection. Have fun with it.

14. Snowman Applique Brick Quilt

 Snowman Applique Brick Quilt

I love the mixture of techniques in this quilt top with the brick road blocks’ applique squares.  

This pattern is an excellent option if you want to showcase some beautiful hand embroidery pieces or make a memory quilt with some old shirts or other clothing. 

15. Sedimentary Quilt 

Sedimentary Quilt

This modern quilt pattern is a fun example of “less is more.” The color choices and placement of the blocks give it movement with minimal difficulty. 

With this pattern, you have four different size options ranging from baby size to full/queen size. 

16. Brick Road Quilt

Brick Road Quilt

This quilt looks quite different from other patterns on our list, but I love the look of these “chunky” bricks. 

This pattern comes as a sew-along series, and the designer gives all the fabric requirements and instructions for a finished quilt size of 63”x78”.

Using different fabrics either solids or patterned fabrics gives this quilt a distinct look for your project.

17. Brick Road Pillow

Brick Road Pillow

Aren’t these pillow covers fun? This free tutorial is available to teach you how to create your own Brick Road Pillow. I love when quilt designers take a quilt pattern and miniaturize it for a pillow or mini quilt. 

This tutorial gives you a pattern to create a pillow that will measure 18” square. 

Keep in mind, if you are making a pillow that is 18” square, you’ll need a pillow form at least 2” larger than your pillow to look fluffy and full.

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Time to hop on the Yellow Brick Road quilt path!

I hope this list has shown you that the Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern may seem simple or “easy,” but it can also be beautiful and unique.

This pattern is a great way to use up your scraps or use that fat quarter bundle you bought three years ago but still haven’t used.

I know this has got my quilty brain wheels moving, and I can’t wait to start planning one for myself. Like most quilt patterns, this one has endless possibilities, so don’t overthink it and just have fun!

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