15 Magical Labyrinth Quilt Patterns You Must Try

Today we’re going to go on an adventure through the winding paths of different labyrinth quilt patterns.

Before we dive into this mysterious pattern, let’s go over some basics.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a labyrinth as “a maze formed by paths separated by high hedges.”

But how is that translated into a quilt pattern?

The answer to this question is what I’ll reveal in this post.

So buckle up and don’t get lost in this beautiful maze of fabric and thread.

What Is a Labyrinth Quilt? 

A labyrinth quilt is a quilt design with a 3D effect that gives the illusion of “high hedges,” just like an actual labyrinth maze. Using dark and light fabrics to create the illusion allows quilters to trick the eye into seeing the quilt top as 3D.

Another popular rendition of this brain-teasing design is the labyrinth star quilt pattern.  

This design is comprised of a center star block with interlacing borders surrounding it. I’ll show you a few examples of this to give you a clear picture of what this design will look like. 

Are Labyrinth Quilts Hard to Make?

At first glance, labyrinth quilts can look highly complex and honestly intimidating, but rest assured, they really aren’t that difficult at all.

Most patterns only use a couple of different simple blocks to create the beautiful, complicated maze designs the labyrinth quilt patterns are known for. 

A huge trick in creating these quilts is fabric selection. The contrast between a dark fabric and a light fabric is half the battle when piecing these quilt patterns. Several of the patterns I’ll show you today say “no Y seams,” indicating that it has a simple construction.

“Y” seams may seem intimidating, but with a bit of practice and patience, they’re quite easy to master. So if the pattern you choose to make does have “Y” seams, don’t throw it and run! You can do it; just remember —  practice and patience.

Labyrinth Quilt Pattern: 15 Magical Examples of This Design

Now let’s look at several labyrinth quilt patterns to inspire us to grab a pattern for ourselves, shall we?

Labyrinth quilts are meant to be an illusion, so if a pattern looks too difficult at first, keep in mind, it’s supposed to look that way.

1. Blue Labyrinth Quilt Pattern

blue labyrinth quilt pattern

This modern expression of a classic log cabin quilt gives a labyrinth-like feel by using overlapping blocks. There are so many lines going in different directions that your eye isn’t quite sure where to land. It’s a perfect illusion.

2. Tie-Dye Circular Labyrinth

tie dye circular labyrinth

This design is another beautiful example of a circular labyrinth reminiscent of a garden maze. This quilt designer chose to use a gorgeous tie-dye technique to make the labyrinth design pop against the black background.

3. Amazing Labyrinth Quilt Pattern

amazing labyrinth quilt pattern

This pattern gives you the classic maze/labyrinth look in a modern quilt design. In this pattern, you will have the ability to make two different quilt sizes.

4. Square Within a Square Within a Square

square within a square within a square

This gorgeous quilt top is a square within a square within a square, etc. I love the choice of rainbow colors to distinguish between the seven different frames, don’t you?

This is an excellent example of an illusion-based quilt design.

5. 3D Maze on the Diagonal

3D maze on the diagonal

Okay, take a good, long look at this quilt top.

Doesn’t it look like the maze is jumping off the fabric? The contrast between the black and white fabric is precisely the illusion a labyrinth quilt is supposed to have. 

6. Star Labyrinth

star labyrinth

Here is a beautiful rendition of a star labyrinth quilt. It’s a gorgeous 8 point star with two intertwined borders that seem to pop right off the quilt top.

This quilter did a fantastic job with fabric selection to make those borders stand out against the light-colored background.

7. Celtic Labyrinth

celtic labyrinth

This Celtic-inspired labyrinth quilt is an impressive example of a maze-like design. This quilt was actually part of a display in Hungary back in 2010.

8. Earthtone Labyrinth

earthtone labyrinth

Here’s another beautiful example of the star labyrinth quilt, complete with two huge gorgeous frames around the 8 point star.

The quilter also did some magnificent quilting designs to help make the centerpiece stand out.

9. 3D Maze/Labyrinth Quilt Pattern

3D maze labyrinth quilt pattern

How fast can you trace your finger through the paths of this maze to find the end? This pattern shows you how to make a 50” square quilt.

The designer has a larger queen-size pattern available as well. 

10. Purple Star Labyrinth

purple star labyrinth

These gorgeous lilac and plum frames almost look like they’re spinning, don’t they? This quilt is another example of the star labyrinth pattern.

11. Crazy Labyrinth Quilt Pattern

crazy labyrinth quilt pattern

Here is a free labyrinth quilt pattern that is a play on a log cabin block. This pattern will show you how to create a quilt sized 60 ½”x60 ½”. The color selection will help with the illusion aspect of the design.

12. Modern Labyrinth

modern labyrinth

Isn’t this pattern fun? You can follow the entire path of the labyrinth from start to finish. The designer used a unique combination of colors to make the center of the maze stand out beautifully.

13. Blue and Brown Star Labyrinth

blue and brown star labyrinth pattern

Like #10, this quilt has two sets of “frames” around the center star block. This quilter did a fantastic job breaking up the different parts of the design with different quilting designs, which is a smart move when you want a 3D effect on your quilts.

14. Circular Neck Tie Labyrinth 

circular neck tie labyrinth

This fun Christmas tree skirt was crafted using men’s neckties. The circular labyrinth design is such a great way to use neckties in a fun and unique way.

15. Labyrinth Walk Quilt Pattern

labyrinth walk quilt pattern

This quilt pattern is awe-inspiring and truly a masterpiece of design. Each block is a different labyrinth style and comes together seamlessly into one large maze quilt top.

This pattern is one of those that instruct “no ‘Y’ seams,” which is excellent for beginners. The final size of this quilt is an 84” square.

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Are you ready to try a labyrinth quilt?

When shopping for a labyrinth quilt pattern, don’t forget that even though it looks “tough,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be. 

The quilt designer has broken down the steps for you and will give you step-by-step instructions. They also supply fabric requirements and suggestions.

I hope you enjoyed wandering through these mysterious paths and corridors of different labyrinth quilts.

Now you can feel inspired and motivated to create your own maze from fabric and thread.

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