15 Adorable Chicken Quilt Patterns That Will Have You Clucking

When you think of potential quilt patterns, we bet chicken quilts aren’t what first comes to mind. 

But after reading this post and seeing the most adorable chicken-themed quilt patterns, you will have a whole new perspective on these feathered land dwellers. 

Not only are these chicken quilt patterns cute, but many are beginner-friendly and fun to make. 

Without further ado, let’s check out these clucky chicken patterns and see what the fantastic pattern designers behind these patterns have come up with. 

How Do You Make a Chicken Quilt?

The process of making a chicken quilt is pretty much like any other quilt. Let’s go through the steps you must take to create a beautiful and unique chicken-themed quilt. 

  1. Choose your chicken pattern.
  2. Select the fabrics you will use to create your quilt.
  3. Follow the instructions in your specific pattern to cut and piece your chicken quilt blocks together. 
  4. Sew the quilt blocks together into rows.
  5. Sew the rows together to create the quilt top.
  6. Create a quilt sandwich using the quilt top, batting of your choice, and backing fabric.
  7. Quilt the quilt sandwich as desired.
  8. Trim the excess fabric and batting.
  9. Bind the quilt, stand back, and admire your beautiful handiwork.

Chicken Quilt Pattern: 15 Chicken Quilt Ideas You’ll Love

Now that we’ve walked through the steps of making a quilt let’s check out some charming chicken quilt patterns.

I’ll point out any free patterns and whether or not a pattern is better suited for a more experienced quilter. 

1. Flock Party

flock party chicken quilt patterns

Here is a fabulous and free chicken quilt pattern that features a simple chicken block to construct. This pattern will instruct you to create 20 chicken blocks and separate them with sashing and cornerstones. If you want a beginner pattern, this is it! The finished quilt measures 57 ½” x 70 ½”.

2. Chickens

Chickens chicken quilt patterns

Okay, if a company’s name is “Cluck Cluck Sew,” you’ve gotta know they will create the perfect chicken quilt pattern. This pattern features two blocks, one with the chicken standing and the other with the chicken nesting; so cute! There are three sizes included in this pattern.

3. Cluck Pattern

cluck pattern chicken quilt patterns

Aren’t these “primitive” inspired chicken applique pieces adorable? This is a great way to practice your applique skills and some hand-stitching to add more embellishment to the design.

If you look closely, the designer even used a chicken wire motif for the quilting. The finished size of the quilt will be 62” square.

4. Crazy Chicken Table Runner

crazy chicken table runner chicken quilt patterns

This free downloadable pattern features three crazy chicken quilt block options. The chicken pieces are appliqued onto a square piece of fabric, making this a fun beginner-friendly applique project. You could also use the pattern to create a larger quilt by making more chicken blocks. 

5. Free Chicken Block Tutorial

free chicken block tutorial chicken quilt patterns

Here is a well-written free tutorial featuring a plump chicken you can make in just a few minutes. Each block will measure 7” x 8”. The tutorial has lots of pictures that show you what to do every step of the way.

6. Hen Party

hen party chicken quilt patterns

This pattern is so much fun! The instructions are scrap and fat-quarter friendly and will help you create a 53” x 65” quilt. To make the chickens, eggs, and other decors, you must know how to use applique methods. 

7. Hen House Pillow

hen house pillow chicken quilt patterns

Here is a sweet pattern that features a momma chicken and her three chicks. This is another applique pattern perfect for using up scraps you have lying around. The finished pillow will measure 18” x 18”.

8. FPP Chicken Block

FPP chicken block chicken quilt patterns

If you enjoy foundation paper piecing, this is a great choice. This pattern includes instructions to create a 10” or 12” square chicken block. The instructions also show you how to create a mirror image to have a right or left-facing chicken.

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9. King of the Coop

king of the coop chicken quilt patterns

Here is a pattern that offers a wide variety of chicken styles you can create to make a unique quilt. The pattern includes ten different chicken designs and a rooster. All use the applique method for construction, and the finished quilt measures 56” x 67”.

10. Hen House

hen house chicken quilt patterns

This whimsical pattern features chickens, flowers, hen houses, and a sly fox. This is a scrap-friendly pattern and uses applique to create these adorable chickens. The pattern includes a bonus mini quilt pattern too. The finished quilt will measure 55” x 70”.

11. Millie’s Chickens

Millie's chickens chicken quilt patterns

“Millie’s Chickens” is a fun pattern that kids will love. The pattern includes templates for 12 chickens and some chicken-themed words to add to the design. The finished quilt measures 58” x 75”.

12. Peckish

peckish chicken quilt patterns

This pattern features two beautiful applique creatures, one chicken and one rooster, in the center and a lovely diamond and flying geese border. This mini quilt can be used as a table centerpiece or a wall hanging. It will measure 21” square. 

13. Sun’s Up! Mug Rug Pattern

sun's up mug rug chicken quilt patterns

This mug rug pattern is perfect for anyone wanting a quick and easy project over the weekend. These precious chicken and rooster applique designs are placed on the small rectangles to create fun, quirky mug rugs that measure 7” x 10”.

14. Chicken Ranch

chicken ranch chicken quilt patterns

One of the cutest things to witness is a mother chicken taking care of her chicks, and the designer of this pattern has captured that perfectly.

This beautiful pattern features left and right-facing chickens and chicks all over the quilt top. The blocks are pieced together using traditional methods, and the finished size of the quilt is 55” x 70”.

15. Cluckers

cluckers chicken quilt patterns

These beautiful chickens almost look like Japanese origami birds. They are pieced using traditional quilt block piecing methods. The design also features barn blocks and a fun white picket fence. The pattern is fat-quarter friendly and will help you create a 72” x 84” quilt top. 

We hope this collection of chicken quilt patterns has inspired you to think outside the chicken pen and create your own clucky quilt.

If you haven’t tried applique before, any of the applique patterns from this compilation would be an excellent choice for a first-time applique quilter. Always remember to have fun with it!

Do you love animals? Here is something you can add to your animal quilts collection. Check out these chicken quilt patterns you can try next.