15 Easy and Fun Fanny Pack Sewing Patterns to Inspire You

Trends in fashion always seem to make their way back into the spotlight, and today’s topic is one of those iconic 80s trends.

Oh yes, we’re talking about the Fanny Pack. 

In this post, we will discuss what a fanny pack is, how to make a fanny pack and check out some beautiful modern twists on that classic fashion accessory. 

By the time we’ve looked over all of these patterns, you’re definitely going to want to make one…or five!

Let’s jump into it!

What Is a Fanny Pack? 

Let’s give ourselves a little refresher on what a fanny pack is and how it can be used. The Oxford Dictionary defines a fanny pack as “a small pouch on a belt, for money and small articles, worn around the waist or hips.” 

Other names for a fanny pack include bum bag, belt bag, waist bag, or hip bag. Also, a new trendy way to wear a fanny pack is by wearing it across your body instead of on your waist. 

They usually feature one large compartment with a zipper enclosure. The compartment might also include card slots and small pockets for your keys or other small accessories.

Fanny packs are great for when you are out and about and want to have both hands available. For example, they’re an excellent choice for shopping, festivals, the zoo, or keeping your necessities with you for a long walk. 

How to Make a Fanny Pack

A fanny pack can be a great beginner-friendly sewing project, which you can easily make in just a few hours. Let’s go over the steps you will take to make your very own fanny pack. 


Here is an example list of materials that you may need. The materials you need will depend on what fanny pack pattern you choose. 

  • Fabric: exterior and lining
  • Thread
  • Interfacing, batting, or both, depending on your pattern
  • Zippers
  • D-rings
  • Buckle closures
  • Webbing
  • Bias tape
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Scissors
  • Marking pen
  • Sewing machine
  • Templates
  • Fanny pack pattern

Step One: Gather Materials and Read Through the Pattern

Whenever you are making something from a pattern, it’s always best practice to read through the entire pattern before you start the project. Then, you will know what the steps include, and you’ll be able to ensure you have all the necessary materials before you start.

Step Two: Follow the Pattern Instructions and Construct the Body of the Bag

Most fanny packs have a relatively simple construction and make outstanding beginner sewing projects. The pattern you choose will have detailed instructions on how to construct the body of the bag.

Step Three: Add the Strap and Other Accessories

For most patterns, you will make the body of the bag before you add the straps. The order in which you add the other accessories, such as D-rings, will depend on the pattern you choose. This is another good reason to read all the instructions before making the bag. 

15 Easy and Fun Fanny Pack Sewing Patterns to Inspire You 

Now, let’s check out some cute and versatile fanny-pack patterns that are sure to catch your eye. These are fantastic beginner sewing patterns, and the fanny packs would make excellent gifts, too!

1. Hip Pouch

hip pouch fanny pack pattern

This pattern includes full-scale templates, instructions, and two-size options. The finished hip bag has no raw seams and is fully lined. The body of the bag features a small zipper pocket and a large interior pouch, perfect for storing all your items. 

2. Boxy Fanny Pack

boxy fanny pack fanny pack pattern

This is a newer style of fanny pack with a more boxy shape in the body of the bag. This large belt bag features an open back pocket, a small zipper pocket on the front, and a roomy main compartment. The finished bag measures 9” x 5” x 2” with an adjustable strap. 

3. Free Fanny Pack Pattern

free fanny pack pattern

Here is a free fanny pack pattern from Sew Can She. This is a fun project that you can make in just a couple of hours. This simple fanny pack would be a great pattern to make fanny packs for you and your children for your next day out.

4. Color Block Fanny Pack

color black fanny pack pattern

This pattern works excellently using solid colors, as seen in the image above. Color block designs are a fun callback to the 80s, so it makes sense to make a color block fanny pack. The finished bag measures 12” x 4 ½” x 2 ½”. 

5. Mini Hip Pouch

mini hip pouch fanny pack pattern

Here is a fun small belt bag pattern you can make for an adult or child. The pattern includes instructions and measurements for waist sizes for a child or adult. The main compartment also has a smaller zipper pocket that you can use for smaller items. There is also an optional pocket on the back of the bag for security. 

6. The Alpen Quilted Belt Bag

the alpen quilted belt bag fanny pack pattern

Here is a fanny pack pattern perfect for a quilter! The large compartment has several slip pockets to hold smaller items like keys and lip balm. The instructions allow you to make a convertible zipper pouch from the belt bag by quickly removing the strap. 

7. Simple Fanny Pack Pattern

simple fanny pack pattern fanny pack pattern

Here is a fantastic crossbody fanny pack pattern that features an adjustable strap, a large outside zipper pocket, and plenty of room for your phone and small wallet. The finished bag measures 8” x 5” x 2”. The instructions include two options for attaching the lining to the exterior fabric. 

8. Easy Fanny Pack Pattern

easy fanny pack pattern

This pattern will help you make a modern, minimalistic fanny pack. The pattern includes step-by-step instructions and bonus tips on how to make this simple bag. The steps are easy to follow and have graphics to help you along the way.

9. Free Flat Pack Pattern

free flat fanny pack pattern

Here is another free fanny pack pattern that will make a wonderful gift! This fanny pack lays flat and is perfect for using scraps. The pattern includes templates, instructions, and excellent images for each step of the construction. 

10. Quilted Fanny Pack

quilted fanny pack pattern

Here is an excellent AND free quilted bum bag pattern that has a simple construction and looks gorgeous! The bag has a boxy design with one main compartment to hold all your necessities. The tutorial includes well-written instructions and detailed photos of each step.

11. Leather Fanny Pack

leather fanny pack pattern

Do you prefer carrying a leather handbag? This pattern is designed specifically for a leather fanny pack! It has clean lines and a simple design, perfect for leatherwork. The pattern includes video tutorials to help you create this beautiful bag.

12. The Clamshell Sling

the clamshell sling fanny pack pattern

The shape of this fanny pack is SO cute! It almost reminds me of a vintage fishing basket. This pattern includes instructions, templates, and video tutorials to make this bag. It also contains instructions on making the small pouch to attach to the bag strap for added storage. 

13. Bumbag Fanny Pack

bumbag fanny pack pattern

This classic fanny pack includes a secret zipper pocket on the back to hide your money or credit cards. I wouldn’t recommend this pattern to new sewists because the instructions aren’t thorough. You should know how to sew a zipper since these instructions are not included. 

14. The Emerson Bag

the emerson bag fanny pack pattern

Here is another fanny pack pattern that is a great fit for quilters. The bag includes a large main compartment with slip pockets, a smaller zipper pocket on the front, and an adjustable strap to wear as a crossbody or traditional fanny pack. The finished bag measures 9” x 5” x 3”.

15. Six Pocket Belt Bag

six pocket belt bag fanny pack pattern

If you need a fanny pack with a bunch of storage, this pattern is for you! This fanny pack has six pockets to store all your necessities for a day (or night) on the town. The pattern includes templates, instructions (written and video), and tips for making this bag.

I hope this collection of fanny packs has inspired you to take a trip down memory lane and create a modern twist of a classic bag accessory. There’s a reason the fanny pack has come back into style, and these patterns show us just how unique this bag type can be.