All About Sewing Machine Covers + 17 Fun And Festive Sewing Machine Cover Patterns

Remember when you bought your sewing machine, and it came with a stiff, plastic, slightly off-white cover? 

I don’t know about you, but mine is still in the box that my sewing machine came in. They just aren’t very pretty!

With that said, wouldn’t having a beautiful and practical sewing machine cover for your sewing space be fun? 

Let’s talk all about sewing machine covers and why you should probably have one for your machine. 

What Is the Purpose of a Sewing Machine Cover? 

First, let’s cover the basics of why a sewing machine cover is a practical choice and how it is vital in your overall sewing machine maintenance. They don’t just look cute; they serve a purpose. 

A sewing machine cover protects your most valuable sewing tool from things like:

  • Dust
  • Pet hair
  • The sun
  • Spills

Depending on your sewing machine cover pattern, it can also store your most used sewing tools like rotary cutters, bobbins, and pins. It also adds a bit of style and charm to your sewing space. 

Do You Need a Sewing Machine Cover?

I firmly believe in not lecturing others about how they choose to sew, quilt, or manage their sewing spaces. However, I recommend using a sewing machine cover, and I’ll tell you why. You’ve spent (probably) at least a few hundred dollars on your sewing machine.

If dust and debris get inside the machine, it can wreak havoc on the inner workings of the sewing machine, especially if it’s computerized.

You would then have to pay A LOT more than the materials for a sewing machine cover to get it fixed by a professional. 

Making a sewing machine cover would be an excellent investment of time and materials.

What Is the Best Fabric to Make a Sewing Machine Cover From?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. The best fabric to use will probably be the one you feel most comfortable working with. Here are a few examples of material you could use.

  • Quilting Cotton
  • Denim
  • Duck cloth
  • Canvas
  • Vinyl

Sturdy fabrics will give you the structure you need to protect the sewing machine adequately. Another thing to keep in mind is if you choose to use quilting cotton, you can always use quilt batting or interfacing to give the fabric more structure and stiffness.

How to Make a Sewing Machine Cover 

Here is a sewing machine cover tutorial that you can follow to create a simple cover for a sewing machine. This tutorial will work for any size sewing machine.

Step One: Take Measurements

  • Measurement #1: Measure your sewing machine’s length. Mine is 16 ½”.
  • Measurement #2: Measure your sewing machine from front to back, like in the image below. My machine measures 32”. I recommend starting and stopping the measuring tape so it is level with the tabletop. This will make sure no dust gets trapped under the machine. 
  • Measurement #3: Measure the height and width of the ends of your sewing machine. If your machine is like mine and has one end taller than the other, measure the taller end. Mine measures 7” x 14 ¼”. 

Step Two: Cut the Fabrics

Now we can cut our fabrics. Add 1” to each measurement that you took in Step #1. Then cut the following pieces.

For the Body:

  • Cut one rectangle from the main fabric, batting, and lining fabrics that measures (Measurement #1 + 1”) x (Measurement #2 + 1”.)

Ex: I will cut a 17 ½” x 33” rectangle from my main fabric, batting, and lining fabric for my cover. 

For the Ends:

  • Cut two rectangles from the main fabric, batting, and lining fabrics that measure Measurements #3. Don’t forget to add 1” to both measurements.

Ex: I will cut two 8” x 15 ¼” rectangles from my main fabric, batting, and lining fabric.

Step Three: Quilt the Pieces

Make quilt sandwiches with the main fabrics, batting, and lining fabric pieces. Quilt these three quilt sandwiches as desired.

Step Four: Round the Corners

On the end pieces, we want to round the top edge. To do this, take a bowl and line it up on the top edge of the end pieces and cut the fabric. This will give us a curved edge when we sew the pieces together.

Step Five: Sew the Pieces Together

Now we need to sew the pieces together to create the cover. To line up the ends perfectly with the body of the cover, Fold the cover in half and mark the center point on either end. Make sure you are marking the lining side of the cover.

Pin the center of the top of each end piece so it lines up with the mark you made on the center point of the body piece. 

Pin or clip the ends in place, ensuring you are pinning it so the lining fabric is on the outside.

Sew the pieces together using a ¼” seam allowance. Take it slow when you are sewing the curved edge. Sew both ends to the body of the sewing machine cover. 

Step Six: Conceal the Raw Edges

Take binding or bias tape and conceal all of the raw edges of the cover.

Turn the project right side out to reveal your beautiful new sewing machine cover!

17 Fun and Festive Sewing Machine Cover Patterns

Now that you know the basics of how to make a sewing machine cover, let’s check out some beautiful patterns for you to choose from. Many of these are free sewing machine cover pattern options, so keep that in mind while looking. 

1. Simple Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

simple quilted sewing machine cover patterns

Here is a fantastic beginner-friendly quilted sewing machine cover pattern. The design features charm pack squares (5” squares) sewn together with simple straight-line quilting. This is also a great way to use up larger scraps. 

2. Colorful Sewing Machine Cover

colorful sewing machine cover patterns

How cute is this sewing machine cover? I love the addition of the buttons for texture. The sewing machine block used for this cover was made using foundation paper piecing. 

3. Super Simple Sewing Machine Cover

super simple sewing machine cover patterns

This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a “bare bones” simple sewing machine cover pattern. This easy-to-follow tutorial and free pattern will help you make a simple yet beautiful protective cover for your sewing machine. The designer also includes video tutorials to help you make one. 

4. Jellyroll Sewing Machine Cover

jellyroll sewing machine cover patterns

Do you have a jellyroll sitting around, and you’re unsure how to use it? Why not use it to make a custom cover for your sewing machine? This sewing machine cover will come together quickly and look beautiful when you are not using your machine. The ends also include pockets to store your favorite pair of scissors or measuring tape. 

5. Retro Camper Sewing Machine Cover

retro camper sewing machine cover patterns

Have you ever seen such a cute sewing machine cover? This adorable pattern creates a one-of-a-kind camper design that works perfectly as a sewing machine cover. You can customize the windows and other features using your fabrics and prints. 

6. Farmhouse Fresh Sewing Machine Cover

farmhouse fresh sewing machine cover patterns

Here is a beautiful project included in Jenelle Kent’s Farmhouse Fresh book. You can easily add your spin to this pattern. I love how the maker used a business label on the front cover.

7. Quilt As You Go Sewing Machine Cover

quilt as you go sewing machine cover patterns

Here is an in-depth tutorial that shows you how to make this beautiful quilt as you go sewing machine cover and project mat. The project mat is an excellent catch-all for your sewing tools and notions. This free tutorial is a great beginner-friendly project.

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8. Reversible Sewing Machine Cover

reversible sewing machine cover patterns

This excellent free tutorial shows us how to make this fun reversible sewing machine cover. This is an excellent option if you frequently switch up the decor in your sewing space. Beginner quilters, this is a fantastic project for you!

9. Featherweight Sewing Machine Cover and Mat

featherweight sewing machine cover patterns

Here is a fantastic tutorial that walks you through the steps to make this beautiful sewing machine cover and mat. The cover quickly converts into a sewing machine mat with five handy pockets to hold all your sewing necessities while working. This is a great scrappy quilt project.

10. Padded Sewing Machine Travel Cover

padded sewing machine cover patterns

Here is a super detailed tutorial that shows you how to make a padded travel cover for a sewing machine. The tutorial includes photos and hand-drawn diagrams for each step. This is great for anyone who goes to sewing retreats or quilt-alongs. 

11. Modern Sewing Machine Cover

modern sewing machine cover patterns

This gorgeous sewing machine cover tutorial is similar to what I taught earlier in this post. All you need is some fabulous, modern fabric, and you’ll be able to make the perfect cover for your machine. This tutorial has excellent photos of each step.

12. Floral Flamingo Sewing Machine Cover

floral flamingo sewing machine cover patterns

This sewing machine cover tutorial will show you how to make a cover that looks incredible and holds the sewing tools you need. The front of the cover features an adorable flamingo hand embroidery design that you can recreate. This is an excellent tutorial that shows you how to make this sewing machine cover easily.

13. Under Cover Sewing Machine Cover Pattern

under cover sewing machine cover patterns

This sewing machine cover has pockets for the foot pedal and extension table. The cover also has an opening for the sewing machine so that you could use this cover as a travel case for sewing retreats. The pattern includes three sizes that will fit most domestic sewing machines. 

14. Spools Sewing Machine Cover

spools sewing machine cover patterns

Here is a fantastic, whimsical sewing machine cover with adorable thread spool quilt blocks and an applique pair of scissors. The pattern also includes instructions to make a matching mini quilt that you could hang on your wall by your sewing machine. When you purchase this pattern, you will also gain access to video tutorials that will help you.

15. Vintage Campervan Sewing Machine Cover

vintage campervan sewing machine cover patterns

Cuteness overload! This pattern will show you how to make this ridiculously adorable vintage van-inspired sewing machine cover. The pattern includes printable templates that you will use for the different parts of the cover. 

16. Hearts Sewing Machine Cover Pattern

hearts sewing machine cover patterns

Here is a fun sewing machine cover pattern designed with a quilter in mind. You can see that you can make several different quilt blocks in this pattern. The pattern includes instructions on adjusting the size of your specific sewing machine.

17. Simple Girl’s Sewing Machine Cover Pattern

simple girl sewing machine cover patterns

This versatile quilted sewing machine cover pattern will help you make a cover no matter what size your sewing machine is. The design features cute petite quilt blocks and thick binding concealing raw edges. This is a fun beginner-friendly quilt project. 

Thank you so much for reading, and we hope you found this tutorial helpful. The possibilities are endless regarding the designs you can use for a sewing machine cover.