Don’t Get Fidgety! We Found 9 Beautiful Fidget Quilt Ideas To Keep Your Hands Busy

If you have a loved one or know someone that has been touched by dementia or Alzheimer’s, you know it can be difficult to see that personal struggle. 

One unique and surprisingly helpful valuable tool for the patient is therapeutic fidget quilts.

We will look at what a fidget lap blanket is and its benefits. 

We will also look at nine compelling examples of these extraordinary creations.

What Is a Fidget Quilt?

Fidget quilts are essentially a quilt (or blanket) that has several different moveable accessories that someone can enjoy. 

For example, a fidget blanket for Alzheimer’s will have zippers, buttons, velcroed toys that they can move, snaps, ribbons, different types of fabrics, and other notions. 

What Size Should a Fidget Quilt Be?

A fidget blanket only needs to be a small “mini” quilt. There is no right or wrong size, but it would be most helpful if it could fit on someone’s lap. You can also add two straps to either side of the blanket to make an apron that the recipient can tie around their waist and carry. 

What Is the Purpose of a Fidget Blanket?

Fidget blankets have several different purposes, such as entertainment to pass the time. You can also use them to engage the patient’s mind and help them focus on the present moment.

These powerful tools can also help someone calm down if they are upset and have trouble remembering something specific. 

How Do You Make a Fidget Quilt?

There are endless possibilities for fidget quilts for seniors and what they may like. To create a fidget blanket, always remember the different accessories will be more critical than an intricate quilt design or fancy piecework. 

Here are a few simple steps to create a fun fidget quilt.

  1. Choose the foundation. Take a fat quarter (18”x21” rectangle), preferably the recipient’s favorite color, and press it flat. This step is going to be the foundation of the fidget quilt. 
  2. Sew on all accessories. Don’t completely cover the fat quarter in items. You don’t want the design to be overly chaotic. Try to use six different types of fidget tools for a good variety.
  3. Create a quilt sandwich. Use the fat quarter with all the fidget tools as the quilt top, choose a soft thick batting, and then use either quilting cotton or a soft Minky/fleece for the backing.
  4. Do simple quilting. You can either do a few straight line quilting lines or use yarn and tie the quilt layers together to add another layer of texture.
  5. Bind the quilt. This step you will do like any other quilt binding. 
  6. Gift the fidget quilt. This gift will mean the world to whoever you give it to, and someone will enjoy it every day. 

9 Beautiful Fidget Quilt Ideas to Inspire You

This compilation of fidget quilt pattern ideas will give you an idea of what to use when making a fidget blanket for that special someone. These projects are a labor of love and can make a difference for those who receive them. 

  1. Grandad Fidget Blanket
Fidget Quilt Ideas 1

This blanket is an excellent example of how you can use items that you already have around the house to make a fidget blanket for dementia. Using familiar objects like a sleeve and key will benefit who you make the blanket for and help keep them engaged. The creator of this example used brightly colored thread to serge all the items to a felt square which is an excellent use of color and texture.

  1. Blue Fidget Blanket
Fidget Quilt Ideas 2

Here we have a lovely fidget blanket with a wide variety of accessories. Adding a small tissue holder and coin purse is a brilliant idea. They can be fun to play with as well as practical to use.

  1. Free Crochet Fidget Blanket Pattern
Fidget Quilt Ideas 3

Here we have a crochet pattern for a fidget blanket. The designer has a three-part series teaching you how to create this multi-faceted lap blanket. See how she uses different stitches to add various types of fidget tools?

  1. Girly Fidget Quilt
Fidget Quilt Ideas 4

This fidget quilt features 12 blocks, each with its own accessory. The different items have varying textures and movements to keep the recipient interested and having fun. This quilt even includes a small sachet of marbles. 

  1. Fidget Quilt for a Gentleman
Fidget Quilt Ideas 5

Here we have a classy gentleman’s fidget blanket. This blanket utilizes an old-fashioned key, several buttons, and different ribbons for interest. This is a beautiful fidget quilt that will be well-loved.

  1. Pink and Blue Floral Fidget Blanket
Fidget Quilt Ideas 6

What a gorgeous gift this will make. The designer used several hair ties to create fun options for Liz, the lady who received this quilt. This fidget quilt has excellent texture, accessories, and color, essential factors for a fidget blanket.

  1. Square Fidget Blanket
Fidget Quilt Ideas 7

This square fidget blanket doesn’t only use different fidget accessories. It also uses other fabrics for the blocks to add texture to the entire blanket. The designer used flannel, two different Minky fabrics, and quilting cotton as the foundation for the various attachments. 

  1. Floral Fidget Blanket
Fidget Quilt Ideas 8

This blanket is the perfect example of how “less is more.” You don’t want too many attachments, or it will become confusing for the patient. With plenty of blank space between the different elements, you ensure the blanket will be enjoyable without being too much for the person who receives it.

  1. Patchwork Fidget Blanket
Fidget Quilt Ideas 9

Here is a 15” square fidget blanket that features a well-made lace-up section, perfect for keeping someone’s mind focused and alert. This blanket has appropriate attachments for its size and would make a heartfelt gift for anyone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

Struggling with dementia and Alzheimer’s is an uphill battle and can cause anxiety and agitation. Giving a lovely, sweet gift like a fidget blanket would mean so much to someone who otherwise may feel alone and lost.

I hope these nine examples have inspired you to create something beautiful for someone who needs it most. 

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