15 Eye-Catching Optical Illusion Quilt Patterns

Have you ever seen a quilt that seemed to play tricks with your eyes, and you had to stop and wonder, “How did they do that?” 

Optical Illusion quilt patterns have a wonderful mixture of artistry and creativity; many times, they are much easier to create than they seem. 

In this post, we will thoroughly discuss illusion patterns, beginning with what they are and ending with 15 gorgeous examples of these fun, quirky patterns. 

What Is an Optical Illusion Quilt?

Optical illusion quilts are a special category of quilt patterns that use various shapes to play tricks on your eyes and mind. 

The different shapes and colors can create movement and dimension to a quilt’s design that doesn’t seem physically possible.

Many of these designs will look like a 3D quilt pattern. 

Using color to create an interesting 3D effect is a brilliant way to catch the eye and create dimension on a flat surface.

Is It Hard to Make an Illusion Quilt?

Whether an illusion quilt is difficult to make will depend primarily on that specific pattern’s complexity. 

Most quilt pattern writers include a skill level for their patterns, so you should be able to tell if that particular pattern is complicated. 

Surprisingly, many of these patterns are more straightforward than they appear. You must look closely at the individual blocks and layout to see their difficulty. 

To make an illusion quilt, you must follow the pattern instructions strictly. The pattern writer will give detailed directions for block construction and layout to achieve the specific illusion you are trying to create. 

15 Eye-Catching Optical Illusion Quilt Patterns 

Now that we know a little about illusion patterns let’s check out a beautiful compilation of patterns that feature illusions and mind-bending details.

There are beginner-friendly patterns as well as more advanced patterns in this mix.

1. Convex Illusions

This beautiful pattern utilizes colors and shapes to create a fun illusion for the centerpiece of this quilt. It is suitable for a confident beginner and will help you make a 60”x60” quilt top. The designer also links to several YouTube video tutorials for constructing the quilt.

2. Color Block

Here is a fantastic beginner-friendly pattern that has the illusion of floating blocks. The brown blocks are the “shadows” of the colored blocks. This pattern is a great choice if you have fat quarters with beautiful prints that you want to feature on a quilt top.

3. Log Cabin Optical Illusion

This quilt top does something weird to your eyes, right? But if you look closely, the blocks are made from the traditional log cabin block. You only need two contrasting colors for the log cabin blocks. The pattern includes templates for four block sizes and assumes the maker has basic quilting skills. 

4. Wind Chimes

Here is the perfect example of a 3D quilt pattern. This quilt top uses tiny triangles sewn together and color-coordinated to create this exciting chain link design. The finished quilt will measure 53”x75,” and no “Y” seams are involved in the construction.

5. Astigmatism

This two-toned quilt has a funhouse-themed illusion that is accomplished by using multiple different sizes of squares and rectangles. The finished quilt will measure 75”x75”. It is another beginner-friendly pattern with excellent instructions for piecing the quilt top.

6. Entangled Sky

Here is a fabulous modern quilt that mimics an architectural structure. This entire quilt top is made using 2 ½” strips, and you only use two quilt blocks to create this unbelievable design. The finished quilt size is 55”x74”.

7. 3D Blocks Illusion Quilt

This gorgeous quilt is best suited for intermediate and advanced quilters since you need to use “Y” seams to create the blocks. The pattern includes step-by-step instructions for fabric cutting and block construction. The finished quilt measures 54”x68”.

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8. Spiral Motion

“Spiral Motion” combines spirals and squares to make the centerpiece of this quilt. The center also features a checkerboard heart made from rectangles and squares. The maker of this example quilt used batik fabrics to add to the movement of the design. The finished quilt size is 67” square.

9. Game Changer

This modern take on the classic 9-patch quilt block is genius. It may look a bit complex, but this is a great beginner project since it uses one block for the entire quilt top. The completed quilt measures 55”x65”.

10. Modern Vortex Quilt Pattern

Isn’t this quilt gorgeous? This eye-catching centerpiece is traditionally pieced using strips and a Dresden plate tool. The 18-page pattern includes instructions for several variations. The finished block size is 20”x20”.

11. Jewel Box

Is it me, or are these square blocks jumping off the quilt top? Using several shades of the same color can create this unique jewel-inspired block design. Batik fabrics are perfect for this pattern. The finished quilt measures 48” square.

12. Circular Illusion

When you look at this quilt, you’re not sure where to look first, which is the beauty of an illusion quilt pattern. This fat quarter-friendly quilt pattern is great for a beginner and should come together quickly.

The example quilt measures 60”x72”, but if you want it to be larger, you can add more blocks or borders.

13. Stair Bender

This quilt almost looks like a labyrinth pattern with white and black pathways across the top. The pattern shows you step-by-step instructions and diagrams for piecing this quilt. You’ll be able to make a 72”x72” square quilt.

14. Sophie

This contemporary quilt pattern features oval and circle applique pieces to create this fascinating spherical design. The maker used a modern wave quilting pattern to add to the overall design of this mini quilt. The circle measures 28” in diameter. 

15. Antelope Canyon

Here is a gorgeous pattern that features modern log cabin blocks. If you notice, the log cabin blocks use contrasting colors to give the illusion of circular pieces. The finished quilt measures 74 ½”x74 ½”, and the pattern is perfect for any skill level. 

Optical illusion quilt patterns are in a class all their own and usually have a modern twist. I hope this group of patterns has inspired you to try out one of these seemingly complex designs for your next quilting endeavor. 

Optical illusions are surely fascinating and amazing. Here are some optical illusion quilt pattern you can try as your next quilting project.

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