9 Best Quilting Ironing Boards For 2024

If you’re a quilter, you’re going to need a good quilting ironing board. And no, that skinny, wobbly board you’ve had for twenty years won’t do the trick.

You’ll need something that works for a large swath of fabric and a heavy finished quilt — something that doesn’t tip over or cause you to trip over yards of material as you’re trying to iron.

Fortunately, there are ironing boards made just for your quilting projects, so don’t skimp on this important piece of equipment.

If you want a quality, beautiful finished product (and we know you do), invest in an ironing board that makes the job easier and safer.

Why do you need a quilting iron and ironing board for your quilting projects? Because you’ll need to:

  • Press seam allowances to get the most from your blocks of fabric.
  • Press quilt blocks so they fit together exactly as they should when you assemble the quilt.
  • Press all of the assembled blocks before you add batting and complete the quilt (for a smooth finished product).
  • Press a completed quilt after washing or extended use.

You might wonder what makes for a quality quilting ironing board. Here’s what you need to look for:

You Need A Reliable And Sturdy Ironing Board For Quilting

Most quilters ironing boards touch you at hip level is the most comfortable to use when you are piecing and constructing your latest quilting project.

Being comfortable while ironing is a key element in quilting since you’ll be doing plenty of it.

Before you purchase an ironing board for your quilting adventures, check out these different features you’ll want to consider. Figure out what is important to you and your needs. 

  • Adjustable Height: Most ironing boards are adjustable. If you are taller or shorter than average, you may need to find one that adjusts to a comfortable height. 
  • Length and Width: Arguably, the most important feature is how large the ironing surface is. You want to find something that will fit your workspace and your needs.
  • Breathability and Ventilation: If you plan on using a lot of steam and/or starch spray, pick an ironing board with a breathable cover and mesh top. You don’t want to use steam on a wood-top ironing board. The moisture will warp the wood, and you could create a mold issue. 
  • Sturdy Legs: When you want to press a whole quilt top, it’s crucial to have a sturdy ironing board. It can be annoying and potentially dangerous if your ironing board is wobbling while you move the fabric. Hot iron + wobbly ironing board= disaster.
  • Washable Cover: When quilting, you may use different glues, dyes, starch sprays, or other things that may stain or cause a smell on your ironing board cover. It’s a plus if the board’s cover is removable and machine washable. 

There are three types of quilting ironing boards available.

  • The full-size ironing boards range in size from 15 x 54 inches to 19 x 63 inches.
  • Then there are larger professional ironing boards, as well.
  • But the basic, lightweight, portable ironing boards are the most popular.

Since you’re ironing a quilt, you’ll probably want a heavier-frame model, which will give you the stability you need to complete the task without a lot of unnecessary movement.

woman ironing quilting ironing board

You also want a wide ironing board for quilting, so you have enough room to focus on different areas of the quilt without a lot of frustrating quilt maneuvering.

Ironing board gurus say the width is more important than length, but you need both for most quilting projects.

Here Are The Best Ironing Boards For Quilting Ironing

Choose from these 9 quilting ironing boards:

1. Reliable 320LB Home Ironing Board

If you are someone who irons and presses a lot throughout the week and needs a heavy-duty ironing board, the Reliable 320LB Home Ironing Board might be a perfect choice.

This ironing board is a quilter’s dream. Here are some features that make it great for quilters:

2. Bartnelli 51×19-Inch Multi-layered T-Leg Extra Wide Ironing Board

The Bartnelli is one of those Euro-design ironing boards that make ironing a quilt seem like an effortless task. Here are its features:

  • This ironing board has a steam iron rest and convenient hanging rail as well as safety locks that prevent an accidental collapse.
  • Bartnelli’s handy transport lock keeps the table folded when you move or store it.
  • The multi-layered, 100 percent cotton board cover is extra thick, thanks to foam and felt layers.
  • The sturdy construction keeps the board from wobbling: its ability to adjust to four different heights is also a big plus, and the protective feet prevent floor scratches.
  • This European-made ironing board is 51 x 19 inches and comes with a three-year guarantee.

3. Sullivans Ironing Board Table Top

As quilters, we are always searching for more storage. How awesome would it be to have an ironing table with extra storage? The Sullivans Ironing Board Table Top fills the order and gives you a large ironing/pressing surface and plenty of storage in the cabinet below.

Here are some other features:

4. June Tailor Quilter’s Cut’n Press

Sometimes, when you need to press blocks, you don’t want to pull out your full-size ironing board. With the June Tailor Quilter’s Cut’n Press, you can quickly press blocks next to your sewing machine without getting up from your seat.

Here are some reasons this small Cut’n Press ironing surface is popular with quilters:

5. Mabel Home Extra-Wide Ironing Pro Board


The Mabel has safety locks to prevent accidental collapsing, and it can adjust to six different heights. Here are its features:

  • The retractable wings give you the extra-wide area you need to iron large quilts.
  • The large heat-resistant iron tray and safe transport locks make this ironing board a quilting favorite.
  • The heavy-duty padded board cover is 100 percent cotton, as is the extra cover.
  • The wider ironing surface, with the heat-resistant outboard support tray, gives you enough room to keep the iron from dropping.
  • The outboard tray has a handy cord holder, and the safety locking system makes it easy to set-up and take-down the board.
  • The sturdy powder-coated metal frame offers the stability you need when you have a large quilt to iron.

6. OakRidge Deluxe Ironing Board

The OakRidge Deluxe Ironing is great for small spaces as it folds out in seconds, doubling as a storage shelf or space for folding t-shirts and sorting socks. Here are its features:

  • It creates extra storage which is great for laundry rooms as it has built-in storage shelf and cabinet, great for iron, detergents and laundry accessories.
  • It has a folding station where you can fold, sort and iron your garments in one convenient place.
  • It is a perfect sewing companion space-saving solution serves as a perfect sewing station for fabrics, iron, sewing kit and more.
  • It has a solid wood construction which is padded, fold-out ironing board sits atop a solid wood cabinet.

7.  Household Essentials 895018 Ironing Board

Here is a great multi-purpose ironing board that isn’t too big or too small. You can use this board for all your ironing and pressing needs, plus it folds up easily for storage. Let’s look at the features that make this board stand apart from the rest:

8. Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Prozone

This is a great choice if you need an ironing board on the smaller side. This ironing board has small details that make a huge difference. Here are some details:

  • Ergonomic position for the iron rest to help give your arm and wrist a break when you need to place it down and pick it up.
  • Convenient clips that hold the iron cord in place so it won’t get tangled. 
  • Prozone cover that radiates the heat upward back into the fabric. This will help give the fabric a crisp flat press similar to a wool pressing mat. 
  • The board comes with a five-year warranty which is a huge bonus. 
  • The ironing surface measures 15”x48”.

9. Ybm Home Deluxe Ironing Board

This ironing board comes with a beautiful floral cover, but it’s not just a pretty ironing board. It has an excellent ironing surface size, adjustable height, and much more. Here are the other features to note:

  • The base has sturdy steel legs and a mesh metal top. 
  • The fabric cover is made from heat-resistant Teflon that is breathable- perfect for steam and pressing blocks. 
  • The ironing surface is 15”x48” and has only a slight taper at one end of the ironing top.
  • You can adjust the height from 29” to 36”. 
  • Features an iron rest on one of the boards to place the iron on when you aren’t using it. 

Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Ironing Board

  • Check the label on your ironing board. If the cover is washable, wash it regularly.
  • Remove the cover and wipe down the board and the frame with a damp cloth on a regular basis.
  • Spot clean a cover that is not washable.
  • Make sure the cover and the ironing board are dry before you store them.
  • Store your ironing board in a safe place where it won’t get knocked over or damaged.

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Choosing The Best Quilting Ironing Board For Your Needs

Choosing an ironing board can feel like buying new tires for your car — necessary but boring.

But remember, this ironing board is going to serve you for a long time and help you create beautiful, quality quilts that can last for generations.

Take your time, and make your choice based on knowledge and a bit of research. You won’t regret it.

Quilters have a lot of ironing board choices, but not all ironing boards can help you finish a large quilting project. And some ironing boards are expensive.

So when you choose an ironing board, make sure it has all the features you need to do different types of projects.

Wider ironing boards are better for quilters, and boards with adjustable height features are great quilting boards as well.

Which of these ironing boards is your favorite? Do you have another board you would recommend?

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