The 16 Best Quilting Blogs On The Web For 2021

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things about quilting is the community — the large, friendly community.

Many different types of people enjoy quilting, and quilting blogs make it possible for quilters to come together and talk about their experiences, as well as give each other useful tips.

Quilting bloggers often share pictures of their work, as they talk about the details of their process with other people who share their interest in quilting.

There are a lot of great quilting blogs out there, but blogs can change over time.

Some bloggers get too busy with life or other work to keep blogging, so they stop posting. However, there are always new bloggers eager to join the quilting community.

We put together a great list of best quilt blogs that are current right now.

Whether you are just getting started with your first quilt, or you are looking to take on a huge project, you'll find inspiration in this list.

Here are 16 of our favorite quilting blogs:

Choose from any of these top 16 quilt blogs to get more quilting news:

Red Pepper Quilts

quilting blogs 1

This blog began in 2009 and is a great blog for any quilter, whether you are new to the craft or have been doing it for years.

Rita Hodge has an easygoing tone that makes her posts quick to read, and her designs are beautiful.

She offers book reviews and even has an Etsy shop where she sells her quilts and her patterns so that you can recreate her designs yourself.

Quilting Tidbits

quilting blogs 2

This is a great blog if you are looking for a way to make keepsake quilts.

The authors of this blog sell their patterns and their quilts. They include links within their blog to many valuable resources for quilters of any skill level.

A Quilting Life

quilting blogs 3

This is a modern quilting blog that features fun tutorials for practical, modern quilt projects.

Sherri has been quilting for over 20 years and gives useful tips on how to improve your quilting. She runs two other crafting blogs that she often links to when the posts are relevant.

Quilting by the Bay

quilting blogs 4

Quilting by the Bay is a store in Florida that opened in June 2002.

Along with their blog, their store provides quilters with a wide range of quilting services and supplies.

Their blog seeks to inspire readers to try new things, from novel techniques to using new types of fabric.

Blossom Heart Quilts

quilting blogs 5

Alyce Blyth started making quilts in 2011 when her husband urged her to follow her passion, and she has become a self-taught master.

She also loves to write, which led her to start a blog and write a few books. Alyce offers tutorials for people who are interested in quilting, and she tells stories from her personal life that relate to the craft.

Laundry Basket Quilts

quilting blogs 6

Edyta, the author of this blog, has been quilting since a very young age.

This blog offers designs that show passion and help motivate readers to complete their projects.

Edyta has a great eye for color, so this might be the right blog for you if you are interested in learning how to mix and match colors appropriately to make a colorful design.

Quilting Is My Therapy

quilting blogs 7

Angela Walters started this blog as a way to share her passion for quilting with other people. Her main focus is on machine quilting, and she provides a great deal of inspiration and instruction for this specific type of quilting.

She offers clear, up-close pictures of specific machine quilting techniques, tips for picking out designs, and a variety of tutorials.

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Quilting Hub

quilting blogs 8

This website is visited by thousands of people every month as a place to find all of the answers you may be looking for in regards to your quilting.

It provides a lot of information and a community for people to discuss their quilting creations.

Nancy Zieman

quilting blogs 9

Although Nancy recently passed away on Nov.14, 2017, her blog remains one of the best resources for people who love to quilt.

Nancy wrote many books throughout her life on quilting and appeared on television many times as well. She was the national spokesperson for Baby Lock sewing machines and the founder of Nancy’s Notions®, making her a well-known, trusted source.

This is a great blog for people who are looking for practical tips to improve their quilting skills.

Diary Of A Quilter

quilting blogs 10

This fun blog is filled with beautiful quilt patterns and tutorials. Amy Smart, the blog's creator, has loved to quilt since she was a child, and gives a lot of great information for people of all experience levels.

Her step-by-step instructions are clear and cover topics from basic quilting techniques to binding. Her personal tone makes the reader feel like she is an old friend.

Suzy Quilts

quilting blogs 11

Suzy Quilts provides its readers with free sewing tutorials, relevant product reviews, basic how-to instructions, an inspiration for creating new designs, and personalized quilt patterns for the modern quilter.

There is something here for every quilter to enjoy.

Patchwork Posse

quilting blogs 12

This blog offers innovative techniques and patterns for people who are new to quilting or have been quilting for years.

The author is very active on social media and loves to interact with her followers and readers. She offers easy tips as well as inspirational ideas.

All People Quilt

quilting blogs 13

This quilter's blog is a great resource for anything that has to do with quilting.

You can buy any tools you may need and see what other people have recently created. There is something on this website for everyone.

Cluck Cluck Sew

quilting blogs 14

This blog began in 2007 when Allison, the author, used the internet to keep track of her projects.

She turned it into a blog that has now developed a large following.

She shares her quilts as well as the stories behind them along with her in-depth tutorials. She also has a shop where her readers can buy a variety of patterns.

Christa Quilts

quilting blogs 15

Christa Watson is the author of many quilting books. She has been quilting since 1994 and has been teaching the craft just about as long.

She owns an online fabric shop where her readers can buy her fabrics. Christa Quilts is a great place to learn new tips and techniques, plus you can follow her teaching schedule to see when she'll be in your area.

Amys Creative Side

quilting blogs 16

If you want to follow a quilting blog that has a lot more than just patterns, this is a great choice.

Amy gives her readers helpful tips on everything, including organizing your sewing room. She also offers tutorials, quiltcasts, links to her quilt patterns, and a shop where readers can buy her patterns.

Quilting is a great craft that has gathered a large following and community.

computer sitting on desk quilting blogs

Reading blogs is a really good way to learn about other quilters and their passions and motivations.

Check out some of these quilting blogs to see if you can find some new inspiration for your quilting projects.

Did you find any value from this list of best quilting blogs?

I hope you enjoyed discovering these quilting blogs. Which of these quilting bloggers is your favorite?

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We've done the research on quilt blogs. Here is our list of the best quilting blogs on the web for 2021.

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