Fall In Love With These 27 Gorgeous Heart Quilt Patterns

heart quilt pattern

The image of a heart is synonymous with love, so what better way to create something for someone you love than by making a heart quilt

There are heart quilt patterns for every skill level, whether you are a first-time quilt maker to a seasoned professional. 

We will check out an enormous compilation of 27 charming heart quilts to inspire you to create one (or more) for your loved ones. 

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19 Easy And Exquisite Charm Pack Quilt Patterns


Precut fabrics are one of my favorite items to look at when I go to a fabric shop. 

They are well-thought-out assortments from different designer collections and can be used in a wide variety of ways when quilting.

One of the most popular precut sizes is the charm pack.

Today, I’ll explain what charm packs are and why they are so great, and then show you 19 quilt patterns using a charm pack. 

Charm pack quilts are a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to learn the basics of quilting, and I’m so excited to show you these beautiful options.

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23 Striking Queen Size Quilt Patterns: You’ll Want To Make Them All!

queen size quilt patterns

When searching for the perfect quilt pattern, it can feel slightly overwhelming with the thousands of options out there right now.

One of the ways you can narrow down your search is to pick the size you want to make. 

The most versatile quilt is the queen-size quilt.

It can be used, of course, on a queen bed, but it can also work for a twin/full bed or as a topper for a king bed.

I will go over some FAQs about the queen-size quilt pattern and show you a vast selection of easy queen-size quilt patterns. 

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A Quick And Easy Churn Dash Quilt Block Tutorial + 15 Dazzling Churn Dash Quilt Patterns

churn dash quilt pattern

The churn dash quilt pattern is a classic pattern that is easily recognizable.

This block has had many different names, such as monkey’s wrench, hens and chickens, love knot, and shoo fly. 

No matter what name you know this block by, the churn dash quilt block is a beautiful design to add to your quilt block library.

I’m going to show you how to make this versatile block.

We will also check several churn dash quilt block variations and examples. 

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Want To Try Your Hand At A Quilted Jacket? 17 Quilt Jacket Patterns To Inspire You

quilt jacket pattern

Contrary to some opinions, quilts and quilting are still popular today.

Not only are they popular, but they’re trending!

There has never been a better time to be a quilter, from quilted bags to trendy quilting bedding. 

This post is dedicated to the versatile quilted jacket.

We will look at some basics of making one from a quilt jacket pattern, then look at 17 gorgeous quilted patchwork jacket ideas. 

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17 Over The Rainbow Yellow Brick Road Quilt Patterns To Try

yellow brick road quilt pattern

Are you searching for a simple yet beautiful quilt pattern for your next quilt project? 

I would love to suggest a yellow brick road quilt to you.


Because the yellow brick road pattern is not only an easy-to-follow pattern but it can be put together fairly quickly too.

If you are a beginner quilter, this quilt pattern would be an excellent option for you to learn the fundamentals of quilting.

This post gives you 17 examples of the yellow brick road pattern to inspire you to create your own quilt.

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