The 16 Best Fabric Shops On Etsy

Esty has a reputation for being “your grandma’s basement,” or a crafty, clever, cross between eBay and Amazon.

Whatever vision you have of Esty, or whatever way you want to describe this online site, one thing is certain.

You’ll find some of the best fabric stores on the planet on this popular thirteen-year-old site, as well as vintage fabrics you may not find anywhere else.

Quilters and sewers didn’t have the luxury of buying their fabrics online twenty years ago. Some vintage quilters still shop for fabrics in brick and mortar stores that have rows and rows of stacked fabrics.

The main reason they take the time to get in the car, brave the 21st-century traffic, and endure the crowds, is quilters like to feel, caress, and smell fabrics before they buy them.

Some of these stores may not have the fabric you need, or they don’t have enough to complete your creative project. So that means jumping back into the car and finding another giant fabric store with an endless supply of fabrics.

It takes time and money to make the fabric store rounds, and some quilters say that practice is a bit archaic.

All quilters love to feel fabrics before they buy them. But there is an incredible selection of good fabrics online, and there are so many exceptional fabric store choices on the site that hunting for fabrics in a local fabric store doesn’t give you a clear picture of how big the fabric business is today.

We decided to help you cut through some of the fabric overload on and give you a clear picture of the sixteen best Esty fabric stores.

These sixteen fabric stores have a broad selection of different types of fabrics that can make any quilter feel overwhelmed.

In order to prevent quilter’s and sewer’s shock, we put the number of positive reviews for each store in our description, as well as a short note about each store, so you can get down to business, and find the store that has what you need.

Here are the 16 best Etsy fabric shops for 2020:

1. Stitch Stash Diva 

Stitch Stash Diva matches fabrics for you, and the husband and wife team creates custom bundles.

The store sells fabrics in a wide range of sizes, so you can purchase a small piece first to verify the quality, before purchasing the yardage you need.

This store also has same-day or next-day shipping, so you don’t waste time waiting for the fabric. There’s free shipping over $50 and the more than 48,000 reviews give this store a 5-star rating.

2. Fabric Empire 

Fabric Empire is a 30-year-old, LA-based fabric store. It is one of the best places to find fabrics for personal use as well as for business projects.

The store gives quilters and sewers stylish and affordable fabric choices, and the 4,300+ positive reviews confirm Fabric Empire’s claim that it is one of the best fabric houses in the business.

3. Cutting Edge Fabrics 

Cutting Edge Fabrics offers free shipping on orders over $150 and a 10 percent discount on orders over $75.

Cutting Edge lives up to its reputation as one of the top stores in the unique fabric category, and the more than 6,900 positive reviews about the fabrics, service, and quality prove Cutting Edge is one of the best fabric stores online.

4. Spoonflower 

Spoonflower digitally prints all the fabric designs, so the store is a favorite among quilters and sewers who want to custom order fabric.

The fabrics are available by the yard or in 1/4th-yard cuts.

Spoonflower does not have a return or exchange policy because all the fabrics purchases are custom orders. But the store will work with you if there is an issue with your order.

The more than 6,000 positive reviews prove Spoonflower is one of the unique stores on Esty.

5. The Fabric Cobbler

Fabric Cobbler is a six-year-old online fabric shop, but the shop was a small local business before the owner joined Esty in 2012.

The store has more than 16,000 fans on Facebook, and the shop has 10,000 active members who share information and tips.

The fabric Cobbler has more than 4,300 positive reviews thanks to quality fabrics and small-town Illinois friendliness.

6. Land of Oh 

The Land of Oh is a New England wife and husband team that decided to move to South Korea to find the amazing fabrics that this Asian country offers.

You might say Land of Oh is a work in progress because they introduce new Asian fabrics to Etsy lovers on a regular basis.

The more than 6,900 reviews show the success this pair of adventuresome fabric lovers is having in their new homeland.

7. Sew What Quilt Shop

This Buffalo-based fabric store carries a generous selection of 100% cotton fabrics. Those fabrics include calicos, children’s prints, batiks, florals, and novelties.

The staff will help you pick your quilting fabrics as well as help you plan your project, or you can wander through the store at your leisure.

Over the last two years, Sew What Quilt Shop has more than 2,300 positive reviews from people all over the world.

8. Angelfabric

Angelfabric is a Charlotte-based fabric shop that specializes in fabrics like the new Wonder Women print or the Troll Poppy print.

Moana is another favorite fabric, but make sure you order what you want the first time.

Angelfabric doesn’t accept returns, but more than 7,500 positive reviews say you’ll get what you need the first time you order.

9. AcksonsWovens

This trendy, modern, Texas-based fabric store is the creation of Jackson Smith.

Smith goes out of her way to offer her clients simple, but modern fabrics that have modern touches and trendy designs.

AcksonsWovens is a two-year-old Esty store, but more than 2,100 positive reviews make this store seem a lot older.

10. Warm Kitty Quilts 

Warm Kitty Quilts is a Maryland-based store that has more than four years of experience on Esty selling the fabric line from Cluck Cluck Sew, as well as other fabrics that make quilting fast, simple, and fun.

The store has more than 7,200 positive reviews because the owner takes pride in the fact that she offers quilters and sewers fabrics and patterns at a great price.

11. Fabric Shoppe 

The Fabric Shoppe is a Minnesota-based store with more than nine years of selling experience on Esty.

The owner picks fabrics that inspire creativity, and the store specializes in modern yardage and bundles.

This fabric shop likes to ship orders faster than other stores, and the more than 38,000 positive reviews prove the Fabric Shoppe is one of the top sellers on Esty.

12. Bella Fabrics 

Bella Fabrics is an eight-year-old online Florida-based fabric store that offers free shipping on orders over $50.

The store specializes in cut fabrics, so fat quarters, 1/4 yards, 1/2 yards, and 3/4 yards, as well as yard cuts, are available.

The more than 9,600 positive reviews are a testament to Bella Fabrics excellence in fabric quality and its prompt shipping record.

13. JAQSFabrics 

This six-year-old, California-based fabric store offers free shipping on orders over $75. The 10,800 positive reviews prove the unique fabric choices are a hit with quilters all over the world.

14. Klines Corner 

Klines Corner is a four-year-old Texas-based store that has a loyal following thanks to the owner’s good taste and high-quality standards.

The owner still travels to trade and craft shows, so the fabric choices are up-to-date as well as unique.

The more than 4,300 reviews prove Klines Corner is doing a lot of things the right way.

15. Carolina Cotton Co 

The Carolina Cotton Co is a North Carolina fabric store with more than five years of selling success.

The store specializes in 100 percent cotton fabrics. The exceptional customer service and reasonable prices make this shop a quilters favorite.

And the 11,778 positive reviews reinforce the store’s excellent reputation.

16. RebsFabStash

ebsFabStash is a fun and creative two-year-old Idaho-based store that has 19 shelves of unique fabric choices.

This store is all about excellent customer service. The 2,660 positive reviews make this newbie a favorite with quilters who like to do business with small merchants that still care about what they sell and how they treat customers.

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Quilters love to shop almost as much as they like to quilt and sew.

Most quilters are always online looking for new tools, fabrics, and ideas that will take their quilting projects to the next level.

The sixteen Etsy fabric stores on the list give quilters an opportunity to focus on stores that resonate with their quilting style and their fabric needs.

Not all the stores on the best Etsy fabric stores list will work for some quilters for various reasons. Location, price, return policies, and the quality of the fabrics all play a role in picking the stores that “feels” comfortable.

There isn’t one store that stands out in this selection. They all do their best to offer quilters and sewers what they want when they want it.

Looking for unique, beautiful fabrics for your next quilt? Check out our list of 16 of the best fabric shops on Etsy for a wide selection.

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