15 Beginner Quilt Patterns To Make You Look Like A Pro

Are you a beginner quilter searching for patterns that don’t necessarily look like simple quilt patterns?

When I was a beginner, I wanted to hurry up and learn the basics so I could make the more complicated, “fancy” quilt patterns. 

You know which ones I’m talking about.

The quilt patterns where you have to take a step back, turn your head, and say, “How did they do that?!” 

I’ve come up with a fun list of beginner-friendly quilt patterns that will make you look like a pro from the get-go.

Just because you’re attempting a beginner quilt pattern doesn’t mean it can’t be gorgeous and professional.

Common Questions from Beginning Quilters 

Before we jump into the list of easy quilt patterns, I want to go over some questions that pop up quite a bit when curious people want to leap into the wonderful world of quilting. 

How do you start quilting for beginners?

Quilting an entire throw-sized quilt or larger can be a bit daunting to a true beginner. I like to suggest to beginners to start with a small project like potholders or a table runner.

This way, you are still doing all the steps of making a quilt, just on a much smaller scale. The project is done quicker, and then you can jump into the next project to continue to learn.

Can I teach myself to quilt?

100% YES! You don’t have to take any expensive classes to learn how to quilt. Read some beginner quilting tutorials, watch some tutorial videos to master the basics, or go to your local library to check out some books.

I taught myself how to quilt, and the moments I learned the most were when I was sewing and learning by “trial and error.” As cliche as it sounds, practice really does make perfect.

What does a beginner quilter need?

All you need are a basic home sewing machine, thread, scissors (or a rotary cutter and mat), and fabric. That’s it! You don’t need a bunch of fancy templates and gadgets to get started.

Once you figure out the basics and decide this really is a hobby you want to pursue, then invest in the other “fancier” accessories and machines.

What is the easiest quilt pattern for a beginner?

The simplest design for a beginner is a simple square patchwork quilt. If you look up free quilt patterns for beginners, chances are this design will pop up in your search. 

All your blocks are the same size square, and you simply sew the squares together, creating rows. You then sew your rows together to create your quilt top. It’s the perfect beginner quilt project.

15 Best Beginner Quilt Patterns

When looking at these patterns, remember they are simple quilt designs, so don’t allow self-doubt to creep in. You can definitely attempt these 15 designs and have a lot of fun doing it.

1. Glitter and Glow

Glitter and Glow

Glitter and Glow is a beautiful beginner-friendly quilt pattern for those who lean more towards modern designs. There are five different size options in this pattern and fabric requirements for each.

2. Apartment Nine

Apartment nine

This pattern is available as a downloadable PDF or as a hard copy. The designer has given you five sizes to choose from, along with the fabric requirements and step-by-step instructions.

3. Friendly Stars

friendly stars

Wow, isn’t this pattern fun? This pattern looks a bit complex from a distance, but if you look at it closely, it’s a simple design of squares and HST (half square triangles) blocks pieced together. The pattern is written in crib and throw quilts sizes.

4. Little Star Shower

little star shower

This adorable pattern is for a small quilt which you could make as a baby quilt, wall hanging, or a small lap quilt. The finished quilt is 38”x44 ½”. The pattern designer has given you all fabric requirements and step-by-step instructions.

5. Riding the River Rapids

riding the river rapids

Riding the River Rapids is a jellyroll-friendly quilt. The pattern includes two sizes and full instructions to create a beautiful strip quilt. This pattern is a great option when using those beautifully curated jellyrolls sold at most fabric shops.

6. Pretty Petit Fours

pretty petit fours

Made up entirely of HST (half square triangle) and sashing, this pattern is an excellent option for beginners who want to create something quickly and learn some basic skills along the way. The pattern offers several sizes and gives you the necessary fabric requirements for each size.

7. Lucky Log Cabins

lucky log cabins

Here we have a gorgeous modern take on the log cabin block, a staple block in any quilter’s block index. This pattern gives you a staggering eight sizes to choose from! By mixing fabrics and colors, you can create endless possibilities for this quilt pattern.

8. Summer Garden

summer garden

These adorable flowers are part of the Summer Garden quilt pattern, and though they may look complicated, the designer has made them using only squares and HST. The pattern includes two sizes: crib and throw.

9. State Avenue

sate avenue

This exciting pattern looks like a lot is going on, doesn’t it? Take a closer look, and you’ll see that each star has the same construction. Fabric and color selection plays a crucial part in the overall look and feel of the finished quilt. 

10. The Rebekah

the rebekah

This one is a modern pattern available in four different sizes: baby, throw, twin, and queen. The fun geometric design of this quilt may look intimidating, but the designer has done a fantastic job of showing you diagrams and steps to complete this quilt as a beginner quilter.

11. Bear Hugs

bear hugs

This pattern gives you a beautiful example of the “bear claw” block, which is comprised of HST and squares. Creating this as a beginner provides you lots of practice in the basics, and you will be making a gorgeous quilt at the same time.

12. Road Trip

road trip

I am in love with the color selection the designer chose for this quilt. This modern design is an ideal option for a beginner who wants to make something cool and modern. This eye-catching quilt is bound to get you lots of praise, but no one will know how simple it was to create.

13. Journey Home

journey home

Here is another example of a stunning quilt with a fairly simple design, but with the right fabrics and colors, it takes it to the next level. Imagine showing off this beauty as one of the first quilts you make! This pattern offers five different sizes.

14. Iris


Another strip-style quilt, the Iris is a great beginner-friendly quilt pattern. Think how many color and pattern options there are with this design to make the quilt look different each time you create it. With five different sizes to choose from, this pattern will be perfect for many quilting projects in your future.

15. Pow-Wow

pow wow

This cute arrow design is an excellent option for you if you want to make a quilt top quickly. All the blocks are constructed the same way and are simple to create. This pattern will give you four different sizes.

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Final Thoughts

Have these beginner quilt patterns inspired you?

There are so many beginner-friendly quilt patterns to choose from, and it’s hard to go wrong when finding your next quilt project to tackle. 

Don’t let a quilt pattern intimidate you. Try taking a closer look at the example quilts and challenge yourself to figure out the individual blocks. Chances are, the pattern is something you can create as a beginner and still look like a pro.

Don’t forget, practice makes perfect. Have fun with your quilt pattern selection and happy stitching!

Learning how to quilt is easy. Learn how to start quilting using some of the best beginner quilt patterns.

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