35 Gorgeous Quilt Strip Patterns That Are So Creative And So Easy To Make

For many of us quilters, sometimes we want a beautiful quilt pattern that won’t take forever to make.

So how do we search for a pattern that will look amazing and be a simple construction?

My answer: easy strip quilt patterns. 

Pattern designers write patterns that utilize blocks made from fabric strips of varying widths and lengths.

They are simple and quick to put together.

Let’s check out 35 prime examples of this quilt pattern.

How Do You Make a Simple Strip Quilt?

If you prefer following patterns, I suggest searching for simple strip quilt patterns.

If you want to make one without a pattern, I recommend using jellyrolls (precut strips that measure 2 ½”x42”), or you can cut your strips from yardage for whatever width you want. 

Yardage is typically 42”-44” wide, so for example, if you want to use 3” strips, you can cut 68- 3”x WOF (width of fabric) strips to create an 84”x87 ½” quilt.

Here is an example of this simple strip quilt.

quilt strip patterns

For this example, I used six different solid colors.  You will need one yard of each fabric. Sew 34 strips together to create each side of the quilt. 

quilt strip patterns

Then you sew the sides together to make one large quilt top.

What Size Strips for a Strip Quilt?

Strip quilting is a vast category of quilt patterns and can vary from a straightforward quilt like the one above or describe log cabin quilts and other well-known quilt patterns.

You can make a “strip quilt” out of any size strip. Yes, jellyrolls are famous for strip quilt ideas, but they aren’t the only size you can use to make this versatile category. 

How Do You Make a Quilt Block with Strips?

You can make so many different quilt blocks using strips. That’s why instead of going through the various blocks you can make with strips; I will show you some ideas for a strip quilt in the next section. 

35 Gorgeous Quilt Strip Patterns

I have gathered 35 beautiful patterns to inspire you to create a strip quilt for your next project. This compilation is full of free strip quilt patterns and some paid patterns.

Most of these are perfect beginner projects too. 

1. Herringbone Tutorial

quilt strip patterns

This fun herringbone quilt pattern is a free tutorial that would be a fantastic first-time quilt project. The designer used a gorgeous Riley Blake 10” precut pack to create this example quilt which gives this pattern a cute patchwork style. The finished size is 40”x43”. 

2. Strips and Selvage

quilt strip patterns

Jennifer Sampou designed this colorful modern quilt pattern. The pattern gives detailed instructions on constructing a 61x 68 ⅜” quilt top. This will be a great pattern if you keep your scraps and selvage from yardage. 

3. Scrappy Strip Quilt

quilt strip patterns

Here is another excellent example of a scrappy-style strip quilt. All the strips in this quilt are 2” wide but have varying lengths giving this quilt a whimsical feel. You could create a quilt like this using jellyrolls, yardage, or scraps, depending on what you have on hand. 

4. Triangle Batik Strip Quilt

quilt strip patterns

This quilt top is remarkable! The creator, Lori Suss, used batik fabric jellyrolls to make this quilt. She sewed two large squares, cut them in half, and then arranged them this way. This would look phenomenal in a two-tone color palette. 

5. Easy Jelly Roll Quilt

quilt strip patterns

If you are looking for a quick and easy strip quilt pattern, look no further. This is a free tutorial on how to make this beautiful quilt. The writer didn’t add many images, but their instructions are easy-to-follow. This tutorial requires two jellyrolls and will make a 54”x72” quilt top. You can easily create a smaller or larger quilt by adding or subtracting blocks. 

6. Madeline

quilt strip patterns

This adorable quilt pattern has an effortless design with two different-sized strips in an offset pattern. It looks modern and fun with solid colors but could also look lovely in scrappy fabrics. The pattern is fat quarter and jellyroll friendly and has four sizes: baby, small throw, large throw, and bed.

7. Easy Peasy Strip Quilt

quilt strip patterns

Let’s say you have some gorgeous, large print yardage that you’re not sure how to use since you don’t want to cut it up into small pieces. This simple tutorial will show you how to use wide strips to create this simple yet elegant quilt top.

The tutorial will show you how to make a 52”x57” quilt which you can easily add rows and borders to make it a larger quilt. 

8. Ombreiled Modern Strip Quilt

quilt strip patterns

Here is a simple rail fence quilt pattern that uses eye-catching vibrant colors to bring this pattern to the next level. This modern take on the traditional rail fence gives it new life using many beautiful shades. You only need two jellyrolls to create this 72”x72” quilt top.

9. Strip Rag Quilt

quilt strip patterns

Rag quilts are a lot of fun to make, and I think every quilter should make at least one. This free tutorial from The Crafty Blog Stalker walks you through the process of making a simple strip rag quilt. This would be a fun parent/child project to do together. 

10.  Crazy Rails

quilt strip patterns

Here is another beautiful example of a rail fence quilt that used small 1 ½”x3 ½” strips to create the blocks of three strips. If you like the look of scrappy quilts, this is a fantastic way to use up a bunch of your scraps to create a colorful masterpiece. Using this simple tutorial, you can make this quilt in any size.

11. Tessellating Diamonds

quilt strip patterns

This stained glass-inspired quilt is drop-dead gorgeous! The pattern to create this quilt gives detailed instructions on piecing the blocks to make a 58” square quilt top. You will need one jellyroll or yardage to cut 38- 2 ½”x WOF strips plus 1 ¾ yard black fabric for this pattern.

12. American Flag Heart Quilt

quilt strip patterns

Here is an excellent beginner quilt project that you can use to show your pride in the USA. The pattern includes cutting and sewing instructions to piece together the quilt top. The finished size of the quilt will be 75”x65”.

13. Between the Lines

quilt strip patterns

The designer who created this pattern wrote it with beginner quilters in mind. This pattern will walk you through each step to create this cute quilt top. You can make this quilt using one jellyroll, and the final size will be 49”x64” (a great size for a quilted throw.)

14. Strip Cacoon

quilt strip patterns

This quilt pattern uses fabric strips that are 2 ½” wide and of varying lengths. The construction of each block is similar to a log cabin quilt block as the pieces build onto each other to create a finished block. The pattern includes instructions for four quilt sizes.

15. Multiple Widths Strip Rag Quilt

quilt strip patterns

Here is a free tutorial on creating a rag quilt from start to finish. This tutorial is well written and has helpful images for each step. This quilt is similar to #9, except this quilt uses strips with different widths. It would make a wonderful baby quilt since babies love different textures.

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16. High Street

quilt strip patterns

This baby-size quilt pattern is jellyroll and charm pack (5” squares) friendly. The pattern designer wrote step-by-step instructions on how to create this quilt and added lots of tips and tricks for beginners. The finished size of the quilt will be 48”x48”.

17. Loose Threads

quilt strip patterns

How cute would this be as a gift for one of your quilty friends? (Or even yourself!) This quilt pattern combines regular quilt piecing and rag quilt techniques to make these “loose thread” quilt blocks. The finished quilt will measure 60”x72”.

18. Double Strip Trip

quilt strip patterns

This modern strip quilt pattern includes five sizes you can create using the instructions in the pattern. The pattern is layer cake (10” squares) friendly, or you can use yardage. The designer used brightly colored batiks to create the examples quilts giving the quilts a beachy feel.

19. Zigzag String

quilt strip patterns

This pattern focuses on the technique of creating these lovely blocks with diagonal strips of varying widths.

The pattern designer states that once you learn the reasonably simple method, you can make a quilt of any size with these blocks. The pattern also includes different colorway examples to inspire your creativity.

20. Braided Stripe Quilt

quilt strip patterns

Isn’t this design stunning? Imagine all the gorgeous colorways you could use with this pattern. The best part? This is a free tutorial from Anne & Will.

Anne takes you step-by-step on creating this attractive braided design with large fabric strips. The tutorial will show you how to make a 45”x60” quilt.

21. Strip Stacks

quilt strip patterns

Strip Stacks is a patchwork design featuring 2 ½” strips. You can use jellyrolls or yardage to create these fun blocks. This pattern is beginner friendly and comes in three different sizes. 

22. Pastiche

quilt strip patterns

Wow, talk about a scrap-busting quilt pattern! This fun pattern has easy-to-follow directions for creating this colorful piece of art. The final quilt size will be 44”x57”, but you can make it larger with longer strips and borders.

23. The Iris Quilt

quilt strip patterns

This sweet pattern is fat quarter and jellyroll-friendly but would also be a fabulous scrappy quilt. It may look a bit complex, but it is a simple construction you can make quickly. The pattern includes three sizes: baby, lap, and twin.

24. Supernova

quilt strip patterns

Here is a beautiful rail fence pattern “on point,” which means you turn the blocks 45°. The designer used gorgeous bright fabrics with fun patterns to give this quilt a cottage-patchwork look. The finished quilt will measure 56” square. 

25. Low Tide

quilt strip patterns

The designer of this 45”x55” quilt used one jellyroll and 1 ¼ yard of background fabric to create this outstanding design. It is an abstract view of the tide rolling onto the beach and is a beautiful modern quilt. I would love to see this quilt in traditional “beachy” colors, wouldn’t you?

26. Spin Me Round

quilt strip patterns

Here we have a free tutorial to create a beautiful quilt top with strips that seem to be spinning around a center square. This is a well-written tutorial and gives detailed illustrations for each step. It also includes instructions on how to construct a backing for the quilt.

27. Strip It Three Ways

quilt strip patterns

This pattern includes three quilt layouts, making it three patterns in one. Each quilt design in this pattern uses jellyrolls and are quick and easy project.

The example above is the “Prism” quilt, made by sewing strips of fabric together. You then cut the strips into triangles and sew the triangles together. The finished size is 45”x55 ½”.

28. Riding the River Rapids

quilt strip patterns

This pattern is supposed to mimic river rapids flowing down the quilt top, and I think the designer captured that perfectly in this quilt.

This jellyroll-friendly quilt is a quick and easy project for beginners and seasoned pros. The finished size is 53”x80”, but the designer has also made a baby-sized pattern with this same design.

29. Longnor Street

quilt strip patterns

Longnor Street is a simple quilt pattern that looks like a maze. It is a jellyroll and charm pack-friendly pattern and will give instructions to create a 46 ½” square quilt. The designer created this pattern for beginners who want to use precut fabrics.

30. Mckinley’s Maze

quilt strip patterns

These blocks are known as “piano key” blocks and are a great way to use up scraps and precuts. This would make a great beginner project to learn the basics of quilt making. The finished quilt size is 54”x70”. 

31. Rise and Shine

quilt strip patterns

Rise and Shine is the modern quilt pattern you are looking for. Not to mention it is a free downloadable pattern. This would look fantastic in any colorway and with solids or patterned fabrics. The finished quilt will measure 57”x75”.

32. Snap Line

quilt strip patterns

I love to see a patchwork quilt with a black background. It makes the blocks pop and gives the quilt a modern feel to a traditional and straightforward piano key pattern. You can use any size precut, yardage, or fabric scraps for this pattern. The final size measures 58”x72”.

33. Tilda Harvest Mini Tutorial

quilt strip patterns

Here is a “mini” tutorial that shows you how to make these beautiful patchwork blocks. With this block tutorial, you can make any size quilt; just add 2” sashing between the blocks to get the look of the example above. The tutorial has illustrations to show you the steps of creating this block.

34. Strip and Flip

quilt strip patterns

Here is an excellent free tutorial for a baby-sized strip quilt. The designer used yardage and cut 2” strips, but you could easily use a jellyroll to make this quilt. Just know it will be larger than the example quilt, which measures 36”x41”.

35. Vortex

quilt strip patterns

I know this pattern looks complex, but if you look closely, it is a modern take on the beginner log cabin block. The designer uses different shades of fabric to create dimension to the design. The pattern includes three sizes: crib, throw, and double/queen. 

Aren’t all these quilts unique? I hope this compilation of strip quilts has inspired you and got you thinking about which one you want to make. This style of quilt pattern is usually a quick and easy project to create something beautiful. 

Creating quilt projects can be easy and simple. It's not always complicated with simple patterns. These quilt strip patterns are a sample of simple projects.

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