Create A Striking Collage Quilt With These 17 Unique Patterns

Quilting has many types; every type is unique and a form of art. 

One of the most eye-catching types of quilting is collage quilting. 

This quilting style is often thought to be too tricky or not “traditional enough” by some, but I’m hoping to show you today how fun and exciting it can be, even for beginner quilters. 

In this post, we’ll discuss what collage quilting is, how to do it, and then look at some gorgeous examples of collage quilting patterns. 

What Is a Collage Quilt?

You piece blocks together to make a traditional quilt and then sew them into a quilt top. On the other hand, a collage quilt starts with a foundation fabric (usually a neutral color), and small pieces of fabric are sewn onto that foundation to create beautiful designs. 

The pieces of fabric are layered and placed strategically to create all kinds of beautiful motifs like animals, cityscapes, and floral arrangements. 

A quilt collage is a beautiful way to use up your fabric scraps, and how cool is it that you can make a collage with all the fabrics from your previous quilt projects? I LOVE this idea so much!

How Do You Make a Collage Quilt? 

Now I will walk you through the steps to make a collage quilt. This type of quilting is almost like a therapy session, and it is SO much fun to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece out of scraps. 

1. Choose the Pattern

If you are a beginner and have never done a collage quilt before, I encourage you to find a collage quilt pattern for your project. These patterns are designed by professional quilters specializing in collage quilting, and their templates will be perfect for your first collage project. 

If you can draw and would rather create your own pattern, you will need to draw out your design in the size you would like your collage to be. 

2. Gather Your Fabrics

Collage quilts are a great way to use those tiny scraps from your other projects. The more fabrics, color shades, and shapes, the better. 

If you don’t have scraps, use precut fabrics (layer cakes, charm packs, or fat quarters) to create your collage design. Simply cut the pieces to fit the different areas of the design.

3. Begin Laying Out the Fabrics

When laying out the small pieces, you want to ensure you cover the entire template shape you are creating. You don’t want gaps that aren’t supposed to be there.

Once you have figured out the layout you want for a section of the design, use washable glue such as a glue stick or fabric glue to stick the fabric in place. Depending on the glue, you can use your iron to set the glue faster.

4. Continue Layering the Fabrics

Continue this process until you have all the fabrics laid out and glued down. When you are placing the fabrics, you want to layer the fabrics. Also, use lighter and darker shades of fabric to create highlights and shadows when you can. 

5. Stitch the Fabrics Scraps Down

After you have completed the fabric layering process, take your glued quilt top and stitch the pieces to the foundation. You can use several different stitches for this step. This is basically raw edge applique

In this step, many collage quilters like to use a mixture of threads and stitches to adorn their quilts.

6. Create the “Quilt Sandwich”

Now we need to make our quilt sandwich. This is the same process as any other quilt. Lay the quilt backing right side down. Place the batting on the backing. You can use glue basting or pin basting for this process.

Next, lay the quilt top right side facing up and either glue or pin it in place to complete the quilt sandwich. 

7. Quilt as Desired

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to quilt a quilt. If you want a more straightforward look, go for some straight-line quilting—many quilters like to do some sort of free-motion quilting on these quilts. 

The quilting you choose is totally up to you. I encourage you to try something a little daring for this artistic quilt project.

How Do You Bind a Collage Quilt?

It may surprise you, but binding a collage quilt is done the same way as you bind any other type of quilt. However, if you would rather not bind your collage quilt traditionally, there are a couple of alternatives. 

  • Skip the binding all together and frame the quilt in a picture frame. 
  • Use facing strips instead of traditional binding methods. 

17 Striking Collage Quilt Patterns to Inspire You 

Now that you know about making a collage quilt, let’s check out some sensational patterns that inspire you. Keep in mind these patterns are great for a number of skill levels, and I’ll point out if any are specifically for more advanced quilters. 

1. Floral Sugar Skull

floral sugar skull collage quilt patterns

Free collage quilt patterns can be challenging to find, but this free tutorial is the exception. Lori from Tall Poppy Studios gives us a step-by-step tutorial on how she made this beautiful quilt. This is a fantastic “first-time” collage quilt project since you are cutting out large flower pieces instead of using tiny scraps to create each flower.

2. Water Scape

water scape collage quilt patterns

How gorgeous is this wall-hanging quilt? It almost looks like a painting! This is another free tutorial on using tie-dye fabric to create a water scene. The quilting on this collage quilt brings it to the next level and shows how important that step is to the design process.

3. Daisies

dasies collage quilt patterns

Here is another excellent beginner collage quilt pattern that features cute little daisies. The pattern includes instructions for finishing the quilt in two ways. The actual piece is finished at 7” x 9”. 

4. Flower Pot

flower pot collage quilt patterns

This pattern includes all the necessary templates and instructions to create this sweet floral arrangement. This pattern combines fussy cutting flowers and collage piecing. The finished quilt will measure 20” x 20”.

5. Blue Cup of Coffee

blue cup of coffee collage quilt patterns

Here is the perfect collage quilt pattern for a coffee lover! This pattern will show you how to piece this design together using raw edge applique and collage elements. The finished quilt measures 27” x 27”.

6. Cup of Tea

cup of tea collage quilt patterns

If coffee isn’t your “cup of tea,” how about this adorable pattern? See what I did there? This pattern is by the same designer as the Blue Cup of Coffee pattern and will help you create a 27” x 27” quilt. The pattern includes all templates and instructions you will need. 

7. Sirene Mermaid in a Bottle

sirene mermaid in a bottle collage quilt patterns

Laura Heine is one of the most well-known collage quilt pattern designers, and she creates some of the most detailed, gorgeous collage designs out there. This mermaid in a bottle pattern is one of her designs. It includes everything you need to make a 44” x 72” quilt that you can use as a wall hanging or centerpiece for a larger quilt. 

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8. Mr. Peabody the Grasshopper

mr. peabody the grasshopper collage quilt patterns

This is another Laura Heine design that features a whimsical grasshopper, Mr. Peabody. The instructions include a step-by-step tutorial and color layout directions. The finished quilt will measure 24” x 36”.

9. Teeny Tiny Flamingo, Bear, and Vintage Trailer Collage

teeny tiny flamingo collage quilt patterns

Here is a small collection of Laura Heine’s small collage quilt patterns. These patterns are “mini” versions of original Laura Heine designs, and they will all come out to about 16” x 20” mini quilts. This is a fantastic way to try out several patterns and make some beautiful wall art for your home. 

10. Longhorn Collage

longhorn collage collage quilt patterns

Here is another fantastic beginner collage quilt project that features an artistic longhorn head and several floral appliques.

The pattern comes with links to YouTube video tutorials which are super helpful for those who like to learn by watching. The pattern also includes a full-size template that you can print out. 

11. Nola the Unicorn

nola the unicorn collage quilt patterns

This Laura Heine collage pattern is intricately detailed, with a magical unicorn and flowers sweeping over the quilt top. The pattern includes all instructions and templates to make this beautiful collage quilt. The finished quilt will measure approximately 35” x 47”.

12. Guitar Collage

guitar collage collage quilt patterns

This pattern is an excellent choice for a confident beginner quilter. You will piece the guitar using the collage quilting method, which gives the guitar strings a fun 3D effect. The finished quilt measures 23” x 36”.

13. Take Flight: Fun With Textile Collage

take flight collage quilt patterns

This is a book by Emily Taylor (The Collage Quilter.) The book includes patterns for six bird designs and instructions to create a quilt, wall hanging, and pillow.

If you are serious about learning all about collage quilting, I recommend this book. She gives you many tips and tricks to apply to future projects.

14. Jack the Pumpkin

jack the pumpkin collage quilt patterns

Here is a quirky, spooky collage pattern of your dreams. This Laura Heine pattern features an adorable pumpkin, Jack, and his crow friends in a fun Fall/Halloween motif. The finished piece measures 30” x 40”.

15. Vino Collage Pattern

vino collage pattern collage quilt patterns

We already covered a coffee and tea cup pattern; why not grab a glass of wine quilt pattern too? This pattern is one of Laura Heine’s more simple designs, which makes it perfect for beginners. The finished quilt measures 13 ½” x 24 ½”.

16. Hip Hop Collage

hip hop collage collage quilt patterns

This would be such a sweet wall hanging in a nursery, don’t you think? This bunny design is created by layering fussy cut flowers, birds, and butterflies on a neutral background. The finished mini quilt measures 21” x 35”.

17. Octopus Garden

octopus garden collage quilt patterns

Wow, check out the detail in this design! This is an advanced pattern, and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to a beginner since there is SO much going on in the design. The finished project measures 40” x 45” and would look gorgeous as a large wall hanging or as the centerpiece for a bedspread. 

I hope you had as much fun as I did looking at these gorgeous collage quilt patterns. It’s always fun learning about new quilting techniques is always fun, and I don’t know about you, but I certainly want to make a collage quilt soon. 

Get ready to create a unique quilt project to add to your collection. Check out these collage quilt patterns we've gathered in this post.