17 Holly Jolly Quilt Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns + FAQs On Making A Tree Skirt

When decorating for Christmas, one detail that sometimes gets overlooked is the Christmas tree skirt. 

Yes, you could quickly run down to your local department store and purchase a premade skirt, but wouldn’t it be much more fun to make your own?

Let’s look at how to make a quilted Christmas tree skirt, and check out 17 breathtaking tree skirt patterns to inspire you to make your own this year. 

17 Quilt Tree Skirt Patterns You’ll Love 

Now let’s look at some gorgeous quilting tree skirt options that will inspire you to make your own this year.

These are fantastic beginner-friendly sewing projects, even if you don’t know how to quilt. 

1. Star Burst Tree Skirt

Here is a free tutorial from Ev Quilts & Co to help you create this eye-catching tree skirt. The tutorial walks you through each step using the quilt-as-you-go method. You can use the instructions from this tutorial to make any size Christmas tree skirt.

2. Simple Tree Skirt

This beginner sewing project is perfect for anyone who wants to make a simple tree skirt. The pom-poms on the outside edge of the skirt are such a cute touch. This tutorial will help you make any size tree skirt that you need for your tree.

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3. Classic Tree Skirt

This gorgeous Christmas tree skirt is easier to make than you may think. The free tutorial will show you how to make this skirt with written instructions, photos, and links to video tutorials. The small details of this skirt make it classy and modern, don’t you think?

4. Jelly Roll Christmas Tree Skirt

Have you ever seen a jelly roll rug? This tree skirt is made using the same technique, but instead of making a rug, you will make an adorable tree skirt. Using this tutorial, you can make a skirt as large or as small as you need for your Christmas tree.

5. Upcycled Tree Skirt

This tutorial shows how to make a modern Christmas tree skirt from an old bed sheet. Pretty cool, right? You need a sheet that is large enough for a twin bed. The straight-line quilting on this skirt gives it a soft, cozy look.

6. Striped Christmas Tree Skirt

Here is a fantastic free tutorial to make this fun modern tree skirt. The tutorial shows you how to make a 55” tree skirt, but you can easily add or subtract pieces to make the proper size for your tree. This is a lovely beginner-friendly quilt project. 

7. Fair Isle Tree Skirt

This Christmas tree skirt tutorial will help you make a beautiful octagonal tree skirt pieced like a traditional quilt star block. Each step is well-written and has corresponding photos to help you visualize how to do each step. The finished skirt will measure approximately 38” x 38”.

8. Boxy Christmas Tree Skirt

This modern Christmas tree skirt pattern features a square shape, wide strips, and adorable circles across the quilt top. The tutorial has excellent diagrams showing you how to piece the quilt. The finished tree skirt will measure 41” x 41”.

9. Ruffle Christmas Tree Skirt

Who doesn’t love an adorable ruffle on a tree skirt? Am I right? This super simple tutorial shows you how to create these gorgeous ruffles and add them to a tree skirt for added detail. You can create a tree skirt from scratch or use an existing tree skirt as the foundation for a ruffled tree skirt.

10. Felt Tree Skirt

Do you have extra felt lying around from other arts and crafts projects? You can use that additional felt to make this adorable and easy-to-make Christmas tree skirt. You’ll need one yard for the foundation and then scraps to make all the beautiful “ornament” pieces. You can easily make this in 1-2 hours.

11. Star Christmas Tree Skirt

Here is a gorgeous Christmas tree skirt quilt pattern that looks amazing in traditional Christmas colors. Measuring across the skirt from point to point, it measures 46”, which makes it an excellent size for a 7-8 foot Christmas tree. This downloadable pattern has written instructions and diagrams to help you sew the fabric together and construct the tree skirt.

12. Log Cabin Tree Skirt

The tree blocks for this quilted tree skirt are a fun play on the traditional log cabin quilt block. This pattern also includes instructions on how to make adorable tree-shaped ornaments for your Christmas tree. The finished skirt measures 60” from point to point. 

13. Giant Dresden Tree Skirt

This beautiful Christmas tree skirt pattern uses the classic Dresden plate block in an exciting new way by rounding the ends into a cute scalloped edge. This is a fantastic modern design that looks fabulous using modern Christmas fabrics. The finished tree skirt measures 54” across.

14. Balsam Gnomes Tree Skirt

Gnomes have been gaining popularity over the past few years, and this tree skirt pattern is the perfect choice for any of you Gnome lovers out there. The block construction is simple and timeless, and instead of a circular skirt, this tree skirt is a square. The finished tree skirt measures 45” square.

15. Eight Tiny Reindeer Tree Skirt Pattern

This pattern is a bit more expensive than the others in this collection, but I had to include it for you guys. Look at all the little details of this tree skirt! You will need to know how to do the applique technique to make this tree skirt. The finished size is 48” across.

16. Simple Modern Christmas Tree Skirt

This pattern includes three sizes: 31”, 46”, and 56”. This is an excellent choice for beginners and anyone who wants a simple yet modern tree skirt. This is a quick and easy sewing project, even for beginners.

17. Stars From Above Tree Skirt

I love this Christmas tree skirt pattern because it utilizes a traditional quilt block. This would make a fantastic beginner quilt project since you only need to know how to make half-square triangles. The finished tree skirt measures 51” across. 

How Do You Make a Simple Christmas Tree Skirt?

In this simple tutorial, I will show you how to create a DIY Christmas tree skirt quickly and effortlessly. I love the look of patchwork home decor, and we will use this simple layout for this project.

1. Create the Patchwork Layout. This tutorial will show you how to make a quilted Christmas tree skirt that measures approximately 48” in diameter.

Using 121- 5” squares, create a layout like the image below and sew the squares together, making a 50” square.

  1. Create a Quilt Sandwich. Layer your quilt top, batting, and backing for your quilt and quilt as desired. 
  1. Fold the Quilt. First, you will fold the quilt in half. Then fold it in half again.
  1. Create the Circles. Draw a semicircle using a marking tool such as a water-soluble ink pen or hera marker on the raw edges of the folded quilt. Cut the semicircle line that you marked.

Unfold the circle and draw a smaller 3”- 4”  circle in the center, large enough for the tree’s trunk. Cut out the smaller circle.

Draw a straight line from the center circle to the edge of the large circle and cut along that line. This will make placing the skirt around the tree and its stand easier.

  1. Bind the Raw Edges. Binding the raw edges is the final step in making a quilted Christmas tree skirt. You can use store-bought bias tape for this step or make your bias binding. Once the edges are binding, the skirt is complete!

What Is a Standard Size for a Christmas Tree Skirt? 

The size of the Christmas tree skirt you make will depend on the size of your tree. The standard rule for choosing or creating a tree skirt is to take the width of your tree at its widest and add 6” – 8” inches to select the width (diameter) of the tree skirt. 

This will ensure that the skirt covers the tree stand that holds up your tree and will catch any needles that might fall from the branches. 

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Tree Skirt?

The fabric you need for a tree skirt will depend on the pattern you choose and the size you need to make for your tree. Patterns will call for fabric requirements between 2-5 yards. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question.

How Do You Line a Christmas Tree Skirt? 

If you prefer not to quilt your Christmas tree skirt, you can sew two pieces of fabric together to make a simple skirt. 

Follow Step #3 from my tutorial and fold and cut both pieces of fabric to create two circles. 

Place the circles with right sides together and sew around the circumference of the circles. Leave a 3” opening to turn the circles right sides out. 

Turn the circle right sides out and topstitch around the entire circle.

Draw a small 4” circle in the center of the skirt and cut it out. Then use bias tape to conceal the raw edges.

And there you have a simple DIY tree skirt. You can easily make this project in less than an hour.

Final Thoughts

I hope this collection of tree skirt patterns has inspired you to make your own for this year’s Christmas tree. There’s such a wide variety of designs to choose from; you’re sure to find something that matches your skill level and personal style.