45 of The Best Gifts for the Sewers in Your Life

Do you have someone in your life who loves sewing, but you’re not quite sure what to buy them for a gift?

Or maybe you want to get into sewing but don’t know what to ask for for your birthday or Christmas? 

This guide will show you 45 of the best gift ideas for sewers, including some super fun, unusual sewing gifts.

This sewing gift guide will have appropriate gifts for every skill level and sewing interest. 

What to Consider When Buying a Gift for a Sewer

There are a few things you need to think about before purchasing a gift for a sewer. Let’s discuss those before we check out the list of gift ideas for sewists. 

  • Budget: Your budget is the most important thing to figure out before you shop for any gift. 
  • Skill Level: What is the skill level of the person you are purchasing a gift for? You don’t want to get beginner tools for someone who already has them. On the other hand, you don’t want to purchase sewing tools that are meant for an advanced sewist for a beginner. 
  • Sewing Interest: What type of sewing do they like? Garment makers and quilters need very different sewing notions and tools. Find out what kind of sewing they like to do or something they would like to try.
  • Item Quality: It’s usually best to purchase sewing notions and sewing tools from well-known brands. You want the items to last and not fall apart after just a few uses.

45 of the Best Gifts for Sewers 

While you are checking out these unique gift ideas for sewers, keep in mind the four things you need to consider while shopping. This sewing gift guide includes a little something for everyone. 

Sewing Machine

A high-quality sewing machine is an absolute must for anyone serious about sewing. Consider a model that caters to their specific interests, whether they're into embroidery, quilting, or basic sewing.

This Brother XM2701 is an excellent entry-level sewing machine with 27 built-in stitch options, six interchangeable sewing machine feet, a free arm, and other sewing machine accessories to get you started. 

Tailor's Scissors

A pair of tailor's scissors are invaluable for achieving precise cuts. These specially designed scissors make it easy to cut through the fabric without fraying or damaging the material.

This pair of Mr. Pen 8” premium tailor scissors is an excellent gift for a sewing lover.  These stainless steel scissors cut through fabric like butter. 

Rotary Cutter

Another cutting tool that is necessary for most sewing projects is a rotary cutter. It helps make cutting out patterns faster and more accurate. Perfect for both novice and seasoned sewers, this tool can truly revolutionize their crafting process.

The Olfa rotary cutter is popular for quilters and other sewing hobbyists. This rotary cutter has a 45mm blade and an ergonomic handle that is perfect for cutting a bunch of fabric at one time.

Quilting Ruler

Here is a fantastic set of quilting rulers from Missouri Star Quilting Co. This quilting ruler set includes four rulers.

5” square ruler

10” square ruler

2 ½” x 8” rectangular ruler

5” x 15” rectangular ruler

This precise measuring tool is a must-have for quilters. The clear, marked ruler allows sewers to measure and cut fabric pieces accurately. This set is perfect for beginner quilters.

Seam Ripper

Everyone makes mistakes, and a seam ripper is the best tool for undoing stitches without damaging the fabric. It's a small but essential part of any sewing kit. 

Clover is a well-known company in the sewing community, and their seam ripper is a great product. They designed it with an ergonomic handle, which helps a lot with hand fatigue.

Dress Form

A dress form makes fitting and pinning clothes much more effortless. This Dritz Twin-Fit dress form comes in various sizes, including petite, small, medium, large, and full-figure. 

The form has adjustable dials that you can turn to adjust the form to your exact measurements. This is a beautiful gift for someone who wants to dabble in making their clothes. 

Sewing Machine Needles

Spare sewing machine needles are a practical gift for sewers. Opt for a variety pack to cover all fabric types and projects like this pack from Singer. The universal needles in this pack should fit most sewing machines. 

The pack includes 25 different needle sizes and specialties, making this an excellent gift for someone who likes to do a little bit of everything. 

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

This Dahle Vantage mat protects both the work surface and the cutting tools. Its self-healing property ensures it remains smooth and unmarked even after many uses. You can purchase this mat in five sizes and three colors. 

This mat is ⅛” thick, which is quite thick for a cutting mat. This allows it to be extra durable, and it will protect your work surface. 

Quality Fabric Bundles

Some fabric brands to search for are Moda Fabrics, Riley Blake Designs, and Ruby Star Society. If you’re not sure what fabric designs they might like, go for a solid fabric bundle like this one from Moda Fabrics. 

High-quality fabric bundles, particularly those in different patterns and colors, are a great source of inspiration for any sewer. You want to make sure you purchase good quality fabrics, especially for quilters, since we want quilts to last a lifetime. 

Embroidery Hoops

For those who enjoy hand embroidery, a set of embroidery hoops is a useful and thoughtful gift. This set includes seven hoops ranging from 4” to 12”. 

These are excellent for embroidery work, or they can be used as a frame for a finished embroidery piece to hang on the wall. The hoops are made from bamboo, lightweight, and easy to work with. 

Pattern Weights

These weights hold down patterns on fabric, making them easier to trace and cut. They can be beneficial when working with delicate materials.

Each weight weighs four ounces and saves time since you don’t need to pin the pattern to the fabric before cutting. Garment makers, tailors, quilters, and other sewing enthusiasts can use pattern weights in their projects.

Sewing Themed Jewelry

Here is a beautiful set of sterling silver earrings that feature a tiny ruler, thimble, spool of thread, and scissors. These would make a lovely gift for any sewing crafter. 

Show appreciation for their craft with jewelry inspired by sewing, like a necklace pendant in the shape of a sewing machine or a charm bracelet of miniature sewing tools.

Sewing Books

Books about sewing techniques, history, or project ideas can inspire and deepen a sewer's knowledge. They also make an excellent gift for a new sewist who wants to learn the basics.

This book The Sewing Book by Alison Smith is a great option. There are over 300 techniques taught in this book, including projects for the home and clothing. 

Sewing Storage Box

Keeping all sewing supplies organized can be a challenge. A storage box, preferably one with compartments, can help, like this container with 18 adjustable compartments.

You can store all your sewing notions, such as buttons, thread, and trimmings, in a neat and tidy system like this stackable container. This practical gift is great any time of the year.

Sewing Machine Tote

This sewing machine tote can hold most domestic sewing machines and comes in six color options. You can carry your sewing machine and fit a huge selection of notions and tools in this bag’s many pockets and compartments.

This bag is ideal for sewing classes or crafting with friends. Or for anyone who might have a tiny sewing space and want to keep all their sewing items neatly in one spot. 

Bobbin Organizer

This tool keeps all bobbins neat, tidy, and free from tangles. There’s nothing more annoying than when you go to find a pre-wound bobbin and either can’t find it, or it’s all tangled up with another bobbin. 

These bobbin organizers are perfect for keeping the bobbins in place and tangle-free. It's a small convenience that can save a lot of frustration.

Thread Spool Holder

A thread spool holder helps keep multiple thread colors visible, accessible, and untangled.

This clear storage spool container is a fantastic choice. The spools are easy to see and find. Second, the container will keep the thread free of dust and pet hair. Lastly, this storage box can hold 80 spools of thread.

Tailor's Chalk

This tool allows for temporary markings on fabric, which is essential for fitting and design adjustments. This pack by Mr. Pen includes eight chalk triangles. You will receive two of each color: yellow, white, blue, and red. 

You can use these chalk triangles for all kinds of projects, though they are most well known as a tailor’s chalk. 

Pattern Making Book

If you know someone serious about creating their own patterns for clothing, this book is the perfect gift! Pattern Design Fundamentals by Jennifer Lynn Matthews-Fairbanks teaches everything someone needs to know to make their sewing patterns, from the different necessary tools to drafting to testing your designs. 

Magnifying Glass with Light

This tool can be a godsend for close work or when dealing with tiny, delicate stitches. You can order this magnifying glass with a tabletop base or a clamp that you can clamp onto any surface, such as a side table or countertop. 

The magnifying glass can magnify things up to 5x, and the light makes it abundantly easy to see those small stitches when sewing by hand, either for hand quilting or embroidery work.

Fabric Marker Pens

You can use marker pens made for fabric to add details or personalize a sewing project. This pack of markers comes with 24 markers in different colors. The ink is non-toxic and machine washable. 

These markers can be used to decorate all kinds of fabric projects. You could also use them to decorate plain shoes or label a quilt. 

Serger Machine

The Janome MOD-8933 serger sewing machine features three or four-thread options, an easily accessible lower looper, and a differential feeder that helps feed the fabric through the machine smoothly. 

For the sewer looking to expand their skill set, a serger machine can add a professional finish to their projects.

Sewing Themed Wall Art

Sewing-related artwork can be a great way to decorate a sewing room and express passion for the craft. This adorable metal sign has a cheeky phrase on it with a cute cat sewing with a featherweight sewing machine. 

The sign measures 8” x 12” and would make a great addition to the decor of any sewing room.

Pressing Tools

Quality ironing tools ensure that the fabric lies flat and seams are crisp. They're an often overlooked part of a sewer's toolbox. This pressing tools set includes a wool pressing mat and a tailor’s clapper.

The pressing mat measures 10” x 10”, and the clapper is 2 ½” x 9 ½” x 2”. Both items are excellent for sewing projects, such as garment making and quilt block piecing. 

Needle Threader

Have you ever tried threading a needle and couldn’t get it to thread correctly? A needle threader makes threading needles quicker and less frustrating. It is a small tool with a big impact.

This automatic hand-held needle thread from Singer is the perfect gift for anyone who has trouble threading their needle by hand. 

Quilting Templates

If you’re shopping for a quilter, consider getting them a set of quilting templates. These templates allow them to quilt intricate designs on their quilt projects. 

I’ve personally used this set, and they work great! The collection includes eight quilting templates for all kinds of designs.

Adjustable Sewing Table

This sewing table is a fantastic choice for someone who needs a table that can be used for multiple tasks. You can lower a section of the table and place your sewing machine into the space so the table is at the same level as the sewing area.

You can then raise that section and have a flat surface for other tasks like cutting fabric. The surface of this table measures 45 ½” x 23 ½”. A good sewing table makes a world of difference in comfort and organization. An adjustable one can cater to different projects and preferences.

Sewing Lamp

Good lighting is essential for sewing. A dedicated sewing lamp will ensure they can see every detail. The Lepro LED desk lamp is a fantastic choice for sewers. 

This light has three light color options and five brightness options for each color. Your eyes must have good lighting when working for hours on a project. 

Pattern Paper

Another excellent option for those who want to design their clothes and make sewing patterns is pattern paper. This paper helps trace and modify sewing patterns. Each roll measures 45” x 10 yards. 

Designer Fabric Scissors

These pair of Gingher dressmaker scissors are fantastic and will last for years. They are 8” long, made from stainless steel, and are as sharp as a knife. These would be a fantastic gift for anyone who needs to cut fabric.

A pair of high-end scissors can feel luxurious and make a big difference in cutting precision.

Ergonomic Chair

Here is a fantastic choice for an ergonomic chair for a sewist. It comes in five color options and has adjustable armrests, back tilt, and height.

An ergonomic chair supports good posture during long hours of sewing. Having a good quality chair that will support your back and hips while sewing is super important. 

Embroidery Kit

An embroidery kit offers a complete project in a box, perfect for those who enjoy hand embroidery. For example, this kit has everything you need to make three different floral embroidery projects. 

The hoop size for these projects is 8”, and the kit includes one hoop. It also provides embroidery floss, scissors, a needle threader, and instructions.

Gift Card for Fabric

If you’re lost on what you should purchase for your loved one, make it easier on yourself and get them a gift card! When in doubt, a gift card allows recipients to choose exactly what they want or need for their next project.

Mini Iron

Here is a great option for a mini iron for a sewer. This mini iron can produce steam, which is a massive bonus for a mini iron. The sole plate is non-stick and heats up in 45 seconds. The handle folds down for easy storage. 

This tool is perfect for pressing small and intricate pieces of fabric, offering precision that a regular iron can't.

Sewing Machine Cleaning Kit

Regular maintenance can extend the life of a sewing machine. A cleaning kit provides all the tools to keep a machine in top condition. This is a practical gift that many sewers probably don’t even think about.

This kit includes tweezers, a double-headed lint brush, and four sizes of screwdrivers to fit most sewing machines. 

Thread Cutter

A thread cutter is a time-saving tool that can quickly and cleanly cut threads. This thread cutter has gained popularity in the quilting community because it works well, especially when chain-piecing. 

This cutter gives your rotary cutter blades new life and uses them to cut thread. So don’t throw away your used rotary blades!

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Walking Foot Attachment

This sewing machine accessory is a boon for quilters or those working with thick or slippery fabrics. This specific walking foot is compatible with most low-shank sewing machines ( most domestic sewing machines are low-shank.)

A walking foot pulls the fabric through the machine from the top and works in tandem with the feed dogs to ensure you get even stitches without puckering or unnecessary stretching. 

Pin Cushion

A stylish and practical pin cushion can add charm to a sewing space while keeping pins safely at hand. You can purchase a traditional pin cushion made from fabric and stuffing, or you can get them a pin cushion like the one linked above.

This pin cushion is magnetic and can hold up to 50 pins in its bowl at once. 

Bias Tape Maker

This tool makes creating bias tape (for edging or binding fabric) easier and more efficient. The kit includes five size makers that you can use to make bias tape for all kinds of sewing projects. 

The kit also includes craft clips, pins, an awl, and a binding foot that will work with most domestic sewing machines that use snap-on feet.

Pinking Shears

This pair of Fiskars pinking shears would make a great addition to any sewing tool kit. Pinking shears create a zigzag cut that can help prevent the fabric from fraying, a classic tool for any sewing kit.

These scissors have an easy-action handle that will help with hand fatigue over time—an excellent choice for anyone with carpal tunnel or arthritis.

Loop Turner

This loop-turner kit is an excellent choice since it has several different options. This is invaluable since one type of loop turner might work for one thing but not another project. It’s nice to have options. 

A loop turner is indispensable for turning fabric tubes right-side-out, such as straps or button loops.

Sewing Machine Cover

A cover protects the sewing machine from dust and damage when not in use and can also add a stylish touch to the sewing space. 

This sewing machine cover will fit most domestic sewing machines. The cover includes several pockets that you can use to store different sewing notions and tools. 

Buttonhole Cutter

A buttonhole cutter makes opening sewn buttonholes easier and cleaner than a seam ripper. This one from Clover is made from steel and has an ergonomic handle. This is a great gift for anyone making clothing or project with buttons. 

Stitch Guides

This stitch guide from Madam Sew is an excellent gift idea for sewers. It comes with a handy piece of acrylic plastic that helps you correctly place the magnetic stitch guide on your sewing machine plate. 

Stitch guide sets for sewing machines can help sewers maintain consistent seam allowances, which is essential for professional-looking results.

Sewing Retreat or Class

For an extravagant gift, consider a ticket to a sewing retreat or course where they can learn new techniques and meet other enthusiasts. Who wouldn’t love an all-expenses paid sewing retreat?

There are all kinds of retreats, conferences, and classes to choose from, so ask them what they might be interested in if you plan on investing a significant amount of money into this gift. 

We hope this sewing gift guide is helpful and helps remove some of the mystery of what to buy for a sewer. There are so many fantastic choices. You can’t go wrong if you remember those four considerations we discussed earlier.