19 Of The Most Popular Jaybird Quilt Patterns On Etsy

Have you ever heard of Jaybird quilt patterns? 

Today, we will take a deep dive into the popular quilt pattern brand and show you our top 19 of their most beautiful and unique quilt patterns.

Not only will we look at a bunch of Jaybird patterns, but I’ll also give a brief history of the company, what they offer, and how it became such a beloved and beginner-friendly quilt pattern company. 

What Is a Jaybird Quilt?

A Jaybird quilt falls under the umbrella of any quilt made using a Jaybird quilt pattern. 

Jaybird Quilts is a company started by Julie Herman. She originally started her blog in 2009 to catalog her personal quilt projects, and her business blossomed from there. 

So what makes her designs so unique? 

Julie has a gift for turning complex geometric shapes into beautiful, traditionally pieced quilt blocks

She has designed many quilt patterns and quilt block rulers over the years and continues to inspire quilters around the world with her fun and modern Jaybird designs. 

Let’s look at 19 stunning quilt patterns released by Jaybird Quilts. Surprisingly, these are just a few of the many gorgeous designs you can find by Julie Herman.

Etsy is a fabulous place to find quilt patterns, and I found all of these patterns there.

1. Boomerang

Boomerang popular jaybird quilt patterns

This pattern appears quite complex, right? That’s the beauty of Jaybird Quilts’ patterns.

This quilt is pieced using traditional methods, with no “Y” seams, making it an excellent beginner-friendly pattern. It is fat quarter friendly and has five size options.

2. August Stars

August stars popular jaybird quilt patterns

Do you have some jellyrolls lying around and are unsure what to do with them? The August Stars pattern is jellyroll friendly and looks terrific in a scrappy version. This pattern includes five size options and works with the Sidekick ruler by Jaybird Quilts

3. Cinnamon Bun

cinnamon bun popular jaybird quilt patterns

This pattern looks fantastic in this serene color palette. These blocks are made of two-tone triangles that create a beautiful mosaic-like design.

Five size options to choose from give you the flexibility to make this quilt for every member of your family! Wouldn’t it be fun to have matching quilts?

4. Night Sky

night sky popular jaybird quilt patterns

I love the striking look of a quilt made with a black background. Look how those stars really pop on the black fabric. This pattern works perfectly with the Sidekick ruler and has five size options. 

5. Set Sail

set sail popular jaybird quilt patterns

Jaybird’s quilt patterns look amazing in vibrant colors since they lean towards modern, geometric design. Set Sail is an excellent example of this fact.

This fat quarter friendly quilt pattern has five size options. The Super Sidekick ruler is a good companion for this pattern.

6. Science Fair

science fair popular jaybird quilt patterns

This beautifully modern quilt pattern looks excellent with a dark or light background, as demonstrated in the above image.

To create this quilt successfully, you will need either the Hex n More ruler or template plastic to create a ruler using the printable template in the pattern.

Julie wrote four sizes for this pattern: baby, throw, twin, and king.

7. Chopsticks

chopsticks popular jaybird quilt patterns

Another gorgeous and modern design, the Chopsticks quilt pattern features two types of triangles that decorate the quilt’s top.

You will need a triangle template or ruler to create the triangles, but the pattern suggests where to purchase a ruler or how to make your own template. 

8. Glazed Donuts

glazed donuts popular jaybird quilt patterns

I know the name of this pattern is “Glazed Donuts,” but these blocks look like beautiful flowers to me. Julie wrote this fat quarter friendly pattern to go along with Jaybird Quilts’ Hex n More ruler. There are five sizes to choose from.

9. Radio Way

popular jaybird quilt patterns

This is the right choice for you if you want a beginner-friendly quilt pattern by this excellent quilt designer. This easy-to-follow pattern takes you through the whole process of creating this fun, timeless quilt top.

You will have four size options to choose from, plus it is jelly roll-friendly. 

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10. Arcade Game

arcade game popular jaybird quilt patterns

How cool is this 3D effect that this quilt has? This would be an excellent quilt to make for someone who loves video games or 3D art.

You can use the Sidekick or Super Sidekick rulers to create unique diamond-shaped pieces for this quilt. The pattern includes four different sizes. 

11. Ribbon Candy

ribbon candy popular jaybird quilt patterns

This is another jellyroll and beginner-friendly quilt pattern that you can piece in a short amount of time. Check out how different the two quilts look in the above image.

The construction is identical; the color choices are just different. This pattern has six sizes and works best with Jaybird’s Super Sidekick ruler.

12. Disco

disco popular jaybird quilt patterns

This breathtaking quilt looks like shiny gemstones cover it and is another perfect example of Julie’s excellent eye for geometric shapes.

The Hex n More ruler is the best fit for this quilt pattern. There are five size options available, ranging from baby to queen. 

cookie cutter popular jaybird quilt patterns

At first, this quilt looks semi-traditional, but as you look at it longer, you notice the modern twist that has been made to a timeless star quilt block.

There are five sizes to choose from, and the pattern works best with the Super Sidekick ruler. This pattern looks beautiful with coordinating solid colors, but imagine how gorgeous it would be in a scrappy version!

14. Lotus

lotus popular jaybird quilt patterns

I love the earth tones used in this quilt top. Batik fabric is sometimes underappreciated, but this quilt shows how much impact it can have on an overall design. Julie wrote this pattern to accompany the Hex n More ruler. 

15. Northern Lights

northern lights popular jaybird quilt patterns

I am a huge fan of how Julie pushes the limits of what a quilt pattern “should” look like. Her Northern Lights quilt pattern is funky, modern, and just plain cool! The pattern includes five sizes; you will need the Hex n More ruler to make this quilt.

16. Sprinkles

sprinkles popular jaybird quilt patterns

Here we have a quilt pattern that utilizes the Sidekick ruler by Jaybird Quilts. This pattern will show you how to make this 37”x44” baby quilt. You can use yardage for the six-point stars or jelly roll strips. 

17. Snack Time

snack time popular jaybird quilt patterns

This quilt top is covered in hexagons and triangles and looks excellent using solid fabrics.

Unsurprisingly, the Hex n More ruler is recommended for this hexagon-heavy quilt pattern, but don’t worry; if you don’t have the ruler, the pattern shows you how to make your own with template plastic. 

18. Splash

splash popular jaybird quilt patterns

This quilt pattern is meant to mimic the waves of the water but in a geometric, abstract design. I think she captured that beautifully with these diamond blocks.

The pattern offers five sizes; you will need the Hex n More ruler to create the diamond-shaped blocks. 

19. Sweet Tooth

sweet tooth popular jaybird quilt patterns

Wow, did I save the best for last or what? This pattern requires the Super Sidekick ruler and the Hex n More ruler; you can see why in this gorgeous quilt top.

With this pattern, you will make 12 different quilt blocks that require no “Y” seams. The finished quilt will measure 66”x88”. 

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Jaybird Quilts designs and you feel inspired to pick one out and try it. Julie Herman does an excellent job of mixing modern quilt design with fun geometric shapes to create unique one-of-a-kind patterns for us to enjoy. 

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