20 Lori Holt Quilt Kits, Patterns, Fabrics, And Products You’ll Love

When researching modern quilting online, some names continually pop up. You’ll see names like Jenny Doan, Nancy Zieman, and Lori Holt, to name a few. 

Today, we’re going to put out focus on Lori Holt.

We’ll look at her backstory and how she became such a well-known name in the quilting community. 

I will then show you some gorgeous products she has created.

Chances are, if you’ve ever been in a quilt shop, you’ve seen some Lori Holt merchandise.

Who Is Lori Holt? 

Lori Holt is a well-known fabric and quilt pattern designer. Her company, Bee In My Bonnet, sells anything from quilt patterns to applique pieces to books to yarn. 

She has been designing fabrics for Riley Blake Designs for about ten years. She also has dozens of quilting notions that she has designed over the years. 

She grew up watching her mother, aunts, and grandmothers quilt, and she joined right in on the sewing fun as soon as possible. You can tell by her attention to detail that she has decades of experience and truly loves sewing and quilting.

Her products are user-friendly and gorgeous. Her designs are modern takes on a traditional quilt block or pattern. She loves to use bright colors, giving her fabrics a distinct “Lori Holt” look.

20 Lori Holt Quilt Kits, Patterns, Fabrics, and Products You’ll Love 

Okay, enough of just chatting about the products; let’s check some out, shall we?

You’ll quickly see why Lori Holt products are so popular in the quilting community, and I hope you find something you will love in the collection below.

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Lori Holt Quilt Kits

1. Calico Birds Quilt Kit

calico birds quilt kit Lori Holt Quilt Kits

This beautiful quilt kit features adorable bird quilt blocks and a gorgeous floral centerpiece. All of the blocks are traditionally pieced. The kit includes the pattern, all fabrics required for the quilt top, and quilt binding. You can make a 68” x 76” quilt with this kit. 

2. Bee Vintage Sampler Kit

bee vintage sampler kit Lori Holt Quilt Kits

Lori loves a good sampler quilt, and this quilt is perfect for anyone who wants to try their hand at applique piecing. This kit features a pattern that includes 20 applique blocks. The kit will supply you with all the fabric needed for the quilt top and the binding. The sewing instructions will be available on Lori’s blog in July 2023.

3. My Happy Place Kit

my happy place kit Lori Holt Quilt Kits

How cute is this pattern? If you love crafting, this quilt kit is perfect for you! The kit includes all the fabric necessary for the quilt top and binding, plus the seller gives the option also to purchase the plastic shapes you can use to cut out the different applique pieces. Like the previous pattern, you must visit Lori’s blog to find the sewing instructions for this sew-along. 

4. Sunbonnet Sue Bee Vintage Kit

sunbonnet sue bee vintage kit Lori Holt Quilt Kits

Sunbonnet Sue is a classic quilt block, but with Lori’s colorful fabrics, it looks like an all-new quilt pattern. This kit includes fabric for the quilt top, binding, and pattern. The finished quilt will measure 71” x 84”. This is another excellent applique piecing option.

5. Vintage Butterflies Kit

vintage butterflies kit Lori Holt Quilt Kits

Here is a beautiful example of how Lori Holt's fabric mixes bright, modern colors with vintage, timeless patterns. The kit includes quilt top and binding fabric. The finished quilt will measure 71” x 84”.

Lori Holt Quilt Patterns

  1. Sew by Row
sew by row Lori Holt Quilt Kits

Each row of this quilt pattern features a sewing notion or tool quilt block. This is a fun sampler for quilters. This pattern will help you make a 74” x 85” quilt.

2. Home Again

home again Lori Holt Quilt Kits

This is an excellent beginner-friendly quilt pattern. You only need three fabrics to make this simple yet beautiful quilt top, or you could use fat quarters for the star blocks to make a scrappy-style design. The finished quilt measures 74 ½” x 94 ½”.

3. Farm Girl Vintage Sampler Book

farm girl vintage Lori Holt Quilt Kits

This 130-page book has instructions on constructing 45 quilt blocks in two sizes ( 6” x and 12”.) This pattern book includes ten quilt patterns, two table runners, and a few other projects. You get a lot for your money in this comprehensive book.

4. Sew Scrappy Spools

sew scrappy spools Lori Holt Quilt Kits

This gorgeous pattern features a sampler-style quilt block in the center of each spool, giving this quilt a unique, fun design. This is a great way to use up some scraps from previous projects. The finished quilt measures 72 ½” x 90 ½”, and the pattern is best suited for a confident beginner since this design has so many different block elements. 

5. Gingham Garden

gingham garden Lori Holt Quilt Kits

Lori Holt LOVES gingham, and this quilt pattern shows us just that. This layer cake and fat-quarter-friendly quilt pattern features two sizes of the same potted flower block. The finished quilt will measure 70” x 89 ½”.

Lori Holt Fabric

1. Farm Girl Vintage Fat-Eighth Bundle

farm girl vintage fat eight quarters Lori Holt Quilt Kits

These beautifully colorful fabrics are from Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage line. In this bundle, you will receive 29- fat eighths (pieces cut 9” x 21”.) Bundles like this are perfect for quilt patterns that have a scrappy look. 

2. Granny Chic Fat-Quarter Bundle

granny chic fat quarter bundle Lori Holt Quilt Kits

This fabric mixes vintage-inspired florals, medallions, and colors in a beautiful palette. You will receive 29 fat-quarters in this bundle that you can use with any number of quilt patterns. Riley Blake manufactures all Lori Holt fabric, so you will get high-quality fabric whenever you purchase any of her fabric lines.

3. Calico

calico Lori Holt Quilt Kits

Lori Holt uses smaller prints and vibrant colors for many fabric lines. This line, Calico, is the perfect example of this gorgeous combination of vintage-inspired prints and bright rainbow colors. With this bundle, you will get 46 fat quarters. 

4. Bee Ginghams

bee ginghams Lori Holt Quilt Kits

I think it’s safe to say that one of Lori’s favorite prints is the classic gingham print. This bundle features many color and print variations of gingham and is in such a fun, playful color palette. This fat quarter bundle includes 36 different prints. 

5. Bee Vintage

bee vintage Lori Holt Quilt Kits

This collection has a fun mixture of vintage and modern floral prints. You also get a wide array of colors in this precut bundle. The best part is, you can choose what size precuts you want to order. You can order one of the following: fat eighths, quarter yard, fat quarter, half yard, and yard cuts. So you can purchase enough fabric no matter your quilt project size. 

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Lori Holt Quilting Products

1. Trim-It Square Ruler Set

trim-it square ruler set Lori Holt Quilt Kits

Every quilter needs a few square rulers for cutting squares and squaring up blocks. In this set, you receive five sizes of squares ranging from 2 ½” to 6 ½”. The back of the squares features a non-stick material that helps the acrylic template not to shift while cutting the fabric. 

2. Sew Simple Shapes: Bloom

sew simple shapes: bloom Lori Holt Quilt Kits

These templates will help you create all kinds of beautiful floral applique pieces. You can go onto Lori Holt’s blog and search for “Bloom Sew Along” for ideas on how to use the templates and a free quilt pattern. The set includes 24 templates that you can use to make countless fabric flowers.

3. Reversible Cutting Mat

reversible cutting mat Lori Holt Quilt Kits

This beautiful aqua/gray cutting mat is perfect for cutting out pieces to create quilt blocks for your next quilting project. The 12” x 18” mat is reversible, with guidelines printed on both sides. The material is a triple-layered self-healing mat that will last a long time through many quilting and sewing adventures.

4. Pretty Pins

pretty pins Lori Holt Quilt Kits

Aren’t these pins adorable? These straight pins are perfect for block piecing and holding layers of fabric together while you sew. The ends of the pins feature a colorful “gemstone” that is easy to grab when you want to move the pin. Each pack contains 100 pins.

5. Cute Cut Ruler

cute cut ruler Lori Holt Quilt Kits

The Cute Cut rulers are a popular choice for many quilters because they have all the necessary grid marks and come in fun colors like pink, aqua, and this lovely green. They come in sizes ranging from 2 ½” squares up to 12 ½” squares. They also come in several rectangle measurements. 

I hope you enjoyed this fun Lori Holt patterns, fabrics, and products collection. She has so many gorgeous and timeless designs and items available, and it’s so fun to see her new fabric lines and patterns when they come out each year.