15 Luminous Oh My Stars Quilt Patterns

Calling all beginner quilters! 

Are you searching for a quilt pattern that is simple to put together and has a gorgeous modern design? 

We may have found just the right pattern to fit your needs. 

The pattern is called “Oh My Stars,” and today, we’re going to take a deep dive into this specific pattern since it’s such a simple yet beautiful quilt design for beginners. 

We will discuss the basic steps you will take to make this quilt, and then I will show you 15 examples of this special pattern. 

What Is An Oh My Stars Quilt?

Oh My Stars! It is a fun beginner-friendly quilt pattern written by the wonderful Pat Sloan. Pat is well-known for her beautiful patterns and excellent instructions; this pattern perfectly represents both.

The stars on this quilt seem to float over the top and give a fun modern twist to a traditional eight-point star block quilt. This pattern has been the first quilt for many beginner quilters, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try quilt-making.

Is An Oh My Stars Quilt Hard to Make? 

Absolutely not! This pattern is a beautiful first-time quilt project and is quick and easy to make. Here is a link to the free Oh My Stars pattern from Pat Sloan.

The following bullet points will give you an idea of what is involved when making this quilt.

  • Choose your fabrics.
  • Cut the fabrics into the required piece measurements.
  • Following the instructions, piece together the blocks. 
  • Sew the blocks into rows.
  • Sew the rows together to create the quilt top. 
  • Make a quilt sandwich (quilt top, batting, and backing fabric.)
  • Quilt as desired.
  • Trim the excess fabric and batting.
  • Create the binding.
  • Sew the binding to the quilt to complete your beautiful quilt.

15 Luminous Oh My Stars Quilt Patterns

Now, let’s check out some fantastic examples of this quilt pattern and see how versatile it can be. It’s incredible to see how different each quilt looks by switching colors and fabrics.

1. Country Colors

The maker of this quilt used a charm pack (5” squares) to make this beautiful quilt. The fabrics are in reds, blues, and tans giving the quilt a quaint country feel. In contrast, they used bright white for stars so they pop against the background squares.

2. Deep Blues

This blue version uses mostly low-volume patterns with just one bold floral fabric. Again, this quilt uses bright white for the stars, making this quilt top look like the midnight sky with twinkling stars. Charm pack squares make this quilt come together quickly.

3. Pastel Squares

This example uses colorful pastel squares for the background, which makes this design perfect for Spring. The maker of this quilt followed Pat Sloan’s pattern exactly and made a 41” x 50” quilt top. This size would make a lovely baby quilt. 

4. Red and Blue Squares

This quilt combines red, blue, yellow, and grey for the background. I love how the quilter used a vibrant yellow for the stars. They added squares and star blocks to make this larger than the original quilt pattern.

5. Christmas Oh My Stars!

Pat Sloan made this Christmas-themed quilt top in 2021 and shared it on her blog. This shows us we can use this quilt pattern all year round. She used an extra wide border with a gorgeous poinsettia flower pattern.

6. Purple Pastel

The maker of this quilt used charm pack squares for her design. The contrast between the sweet pastel fabrics and the deep black stars is stunning. She hand-tied the quilt and placed the knots on the back of the quilt so they wouldn’t distract from the stars. 

7. Vibrant Sky

This gorgeous quilt looks like a vibrant sky from a storybook, don’t you think? If you have a bunch of 5” scraps in blues, you could make a quilt just like this one. The maker used multiple yellow fabrics to make the stars, making each one unique. 

8. Neon Oh My Stars!

Wow! How fun is this color palette? What little boy wouldn’t love this dinosaur quilt? If you prefer to use yardage, you could do like the maker of this quilt and choose one patterned fabric and four coordinating solids. 

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9. Multiple Borders

This beautiful Oh My Stars quilt features the original pattern. However, this quilt has three borders instead of one wide border. This adds a fun element to the quilt design and makes the quilt larger.

10. Rosey Oh My Stars!

The colors used for this quilt are so warm and cozy. I also like how the maker used a polka dot fabric for the stars instead of a solid white fabric. Little details like that can make a significant difference in a quilt.

11. Tablerunner Version

Here’s a fun example of using the pattern to make a smaller piece like this table runner. This table runner measures 21” x 44” and would be a quick make. If making an entire quilt seems intimidating, this is a great option.

12. Nautical

This adorable nautical quilt is the perfect example of using scraps to make a quilt top. All the background squares are in a red, white, and blue color palette, but the stars are made with a vibrant yellow crab-patterned fabric. So cute!

13. Black and White

Black, white, and red are classic colors to be combined. This larger quilt version looks fantastic, using black and white fabric scraps for the background. This quilt measures approximately 55” x 69”.

14. Multi-Color Oh My Stars!

This quilt measures 41” x 50” and would make a great small throw or baby quilt. All the fabrics used are from the same fabric collection. The mixture of all these colors looks great in this quilt design. 

15. Three Oh My Stars! Quilts

Here are three more beautiful examples of this quilt pattern. Quilters made all three of these lovely quilts during a community quilting gathering. Seeing the different quilters’ interpretations of the same quilt pattern is so fun. 

I hope this collection of Oh My Stars quilts has inspired you to try out this pattern for yourself. It’s a quick and easy quilt project you can make over a weekend, even if you are a beginner. 

Stars are fun shape to quilt. In this post, get inspired with this collection of oh my stars quilt patterns we have gathered.