Love Modern Quilts? 13 Modern Quilt Kits You Should Check Out

Have you wanted to create a quilt from scratch but have no idea what pattern to design or fabric to choose?

I know the feeling and trust me, you are not alone when you feel overwhelmed or confused about what to do next. 

Luckily for us, there are quilt kits on the market that take all the guesswork out of designing a pattern, choosing fabrics, and figuring out how much fabric to purchase. 

Read on to learn what to expect from a modern quilt kit and look at our fun selection of quilt kits that you can purchase today.

Why Use A Quilt Kit Modern Design?

There are a few reasons why someone may want to use a quilt kit to create a quilt top. The first and most obvious reason is it’s just plain easier to purchase a quilt kit than coming up with a design and choosing fabrics on your own. 

Contemporary quilt kit curators put a lot of time and thought into fabric selection and pattern design.

These kits can save you hours that you can then put towards the actual construction of your quilt top. 

Some quilters don’t like choosing coordinating fabrics for themselves, so they would prefer a kit with everything already bundled together. Modern quilt fabrics can be a little tricky to match with other fabrics. Quilt kits make it much easier on those who prefer sewing over fabric selection.

13 Modern Quilt Kits to Try 

Quilt kits are a huge time saver for whoever uses them, whether they are a first-time quilter or have been quilting for decades. Let’s take a look at some beautifully prepared quilt kits together. 

1. Postcards from Sweden

postcards from sweden Modern Quilt Kits

This vibrantly, colorful quilt pattern is included in this kit, along with 35 fat quarters (18”x21” rectangles) to create this quilt top. The kit is meant to create a 60”x75” quilt. 

2. Northern Lights 

northern lights Modern Quilt Kits

This gorgeous kit comes with 16 fat quarters and yardage for the background cream fabric to create this stunning ombre star design. The finished quilt top will measure 56”x72”. 

3. Little Llamas

little llamas Modern Quilt Kits

Elizabeth Hartman is well known in the quilting community for her adorable creature patterns, and this one is no exception. She pairs her pattern with Robert Kaufman’s Sunroom fabric collection. The finished quilt for this kit will be 64”x68”.

4. Seasons

season Modern Quilt Kits

Eclectic and eye-catching, the Seasons quilt kit is a fantastic choice if you want to make something a bit different and modern. The great part about this design is that you use traditional piecing and shapes.

5. Pining For You

pining for you Modern Quilt Kits

How fun is this pineapple quilt pattern? This kit comes with ultra-modern, colorful Tula Pink fabrics and the quilt pattern to design these adorable pineapples. The finished quilt will measure 72”x77 ½”.

6. Dance in Paris

dance in paris Modern Quilt Kits

These gorgeous patchwork hexagons create a playful design for the perfect beginner quilt top. This kit will come with all fabrics and instructions to make this quilt top. The finished quilt will be 56”x56”.

7. Cottage Bleu

cottage bleu Modern Quilt Kits

This abstract star design is an obvious choice for a quilter who likes to push the envelope of traditional quilt design. The calming blues and greens in the fabric selection give this quilt almost a “beachy” feel.

8. Painted Desert

painted desert Modern Quilt Kits

If modern is the goal, this quilt kit is the perfect choice for you! The Painted Desert kit comes with all the fabrics you will need to make a 52”x62” quilt top, along with fabric for the binding. 

9. Farmhouse Fall

farmhouse fall Modern Quilt Kits

This cozy quilt kit combines adorable pumpkin blocks with beautiful fall leaves to create this quilt top. The finished quilt will measure 57”x71”.

10. Bumblebee Blossom

bumblebee blossom Modern Quilt Kits

This design is SO gorgeous! This kit will come with ombre fabrics, the quilt pattern, and a template to create this fun quilt top. The finished quilt will measure 54”x71”.

11. Mini Dresden Rainbow

Modern Quilt Kits

If you are looking for a kit for a smaller project, look no further. This precious Dresden Rainbow kit comes with the fabric and pattern to create this 21”x16” mini quilt. 

12. Patchwork Hearts

Modern Quilt Kits

This sweet quilt kit is a beautiful beginner project and would make a fabulous gift for someone you love. The kit includes all fabric needed for the quilt top and fabric for the binding.

13. Deco by Lo & Behold

Modern Quilt Kits

I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of this quilt pattern. The design is reminiscent of Art Deco but is a gorgeous modern quilt design. This kit includes the pattern and fabric to make this quilt top. The final quilt top measures 56”x68”.

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Wow, isn’t it amazing how many options are on the market today for quilt kits? Taking the guesswork and complexity out of designing your own quilt pattern and selecting coordinating fabrics can be such a relief, especially for a new quilter

I have personally used a couple of kits, and they are such a great time saver and a fun experience having all your supplies in a neat little package. I highly recommend trying one out and seeing for yourself how convenient and fun they can be.

Modern Quilt Kits

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  1. None of the 13 quilts in this article are the one shown on the cover. Deceiving, I opened this because I wanted the kit or pattern of the quilt pictured on the bed on the cover of the article.

  2. Hello, Jennifer! The quilt in the cover image is our Modern Lone Star quilt pattern which you can find for sale under the quilt patterns tab at the top of the page. I am so sorry for the confusion, I certainly was not trying to deceive you, just showcasing some gorgeous quilt kits!

    I include the fabrics recommendations and requirements in the Modern Lone Star pattern so you can use the same colors I chose if you would like. Thank you for stopping by and checking this post out!

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