15 Crazy Beautiful Half-Square Triangle Quilt Patterns

One of the first blocks you learn how to make is the half square triangle or HST, and usually, it is used in conjunction with other pieces to create a more elaborate block.

But did you know there are entire quilt patterns that only call for HST blocks?

In this post, I’m going to show you some simple half-square triangle quilt patterns, a few free half-square triangle quilt patterns along with some paid patterns, and some more complex patterns that will use HST blocks to create a quilt top.

What Is a Half Square Triangle Quilt? 

A half-square triangle is a foundational block that every quilter should know how to make. It is a square block that’s divided in half by two triangles.

You can follow these simple steps to create your own half-square triangle blocks:

  1. Take two squares of the same size (for example, two 5″ squares) and place them right sides together.
  2. Draw or mark a line from the top left corner down to the bottom right. This line will be your guide.
  3. Stitch a straight line ¼” away on either side of the guideline.
  4. Cut through both layers of fabric right on the guideline.
  5. Press your seam either to the left or right (usually towards the darker fabric). Now you have two HST blocks.

Now you may ask, “What do you do with half-square triangles?” There are so many different ways to use these blocks to create HST quilts. 

You can make a quilt top entirely out of HST blocks, or you can use the HST blocks in a wide variety of different blocks and patterns. You will see what I mean in the example quilts I’ve curated for this post. 

15 Beautiful Half Square Quilt Triangle 

1. Pinwheels on Parade Quilt

Pinwheels on Parade

This quilt pattern is an example of how you can use HST blocks to create another block. Using four HST blocks, you can create a classic pinwheel block.

This pattern will make a finished quilt of 54 ½”x75” which can be adjusted easily by adding or subtracting pinwheel blocks and borders.

2. Milling Around Quilt

Milling Around quilt

Here is another play on the pinwheel block. This pattern uses a flying geese block, but you can easily use two HST blocks to create each flying geese block. The finished size of this quilt will be 57”x75”.

3. Sunrise/Sunset Quilt

Sunrise/Sunset Quilt

The Sunrise/Sunset quilt pattern is a beautiful abstract picture. This is a half-square triangle quilt perfect for a beginner project or a quick weekend project.

You can play around with the colors and make up your sunrise and sunset setting. The finished quilt will be 63”x 64 ½”.

4. Eyeshadow Quilt

Eyeshadow Quilt

Here is another quilt top made up completely of HST blocks.

This HST quilt pattern can be changed up easily just by switching up the colors and fabrics to make something unique and interesting. This pattern gives you five different sizes to choose from: baby, throw, twin, queen, and king.

5. Sweet Trellis Mini Quilt

Sweet Trellis Mini Quilt

This mini quilt is a perfect example of how you can mix and match HST blocks with other block types to create a beautiful, unique pattern. This pattern will make a mini quilt of 18 ½” x18 ½” when finished.

6. Dash Quilt

Dash Quilt

Dash is a modern quilt pattern that you could use if you have some beautiful fabric you want to feature in a more simple pattern. The mixture of the different sizes of HST blocks is quite interesting and pleasing to the eye. You get two size options in this pattern: small, 39”x39” and large, 78”x78.

7. HST OverLoad Quilt

HST Overload Quilt

The HST OverLoad quilt pattern is ideal if you have a bunch of scraps and smaller pieces of fabric you’re not sure what to do with.

You can use as many different fabrics and colors as you want for this pattern. It could be really interesting if you chose to use colors from the same color family.  The final quilt will be 51”x 69”.

8. At Dusk Quilt

At Dusk Quilt

This modern beauty is a free quilt pattern. I love the ombre design of this abstract look reminiscent of a sunset. The eye-popping colors make a bold statement. The finished quilt will be 60”x75”.

9. Rainbow Swirl Mini Quilt

Rainbow Swirl Mini Quilt

This mini quilt pattern shows that you can create an entire quilt top just from HST blocks where placement is key. This quilt would make a lovely centerpiece on your dining room table or wall hanging. The finished quilt will be 23 ½”x 23 ½”.

10. HST Squared Quilt

HST Squared Links

The HST Squared pattern is a free pattern from Lindy J Quilts. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly pattern, this one could definitely fit the bill. The only type of block used to make this quilt top is the HST block.

11. Diamond Rings Quilt

Diamond Rings Quilt

Olive Tree Textiles has created this beautiful quilt pattern that can be made into three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

The soothing colors make this design perfect for a beach or lake house. The pattern includes fabric requirements and instructions on how to construct this modern classic quilt top.

12. Minimal Triangles Quilt

Minimal Triangles Quilt

This modern, minimalistic quilt would be a beautiful addition to your bed or if you need a large throw-size quilt for your couch.

The final quilt will be 80”x80”, but you could leave out as many columns/rows to make the size you want. The Minimal Triangles quilt would look gorgeous with solid colors or patterned fabrics.

13. The Arrow Baby Quilt

The Arrow Baby Quilt

How cute is this design?! It’s a fun, festive look for a child’s room or a wall hanging. This pattern gives you two different sizes: baby and twin.

It would be adorable to make all your kids matching quilts with their favorite colors. Another fabulous beginner-friendly pattern.

14. Half Square Sampler Quilt

Half  Square Sampler

The pattern for this quilt is in the Make Modern digital magazine.

Can we just take a moment and appreciate that all the blocks that we see on this quilt are made from HST blocks? This quilt is on my personal bucket list. It’s gorgeous!

15. Scrappy Heart Quilt

Scrappy Heart Quilt

For the final quilt in this list, I’ve chosen an easy, beginner-friendly free pattern. I love all the colors and patterns this example quilt features in the design. The final quilt size for this pattern will be 40”x50”.

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Inspired to Begin Your Half-Square Triangle Quilt?

The HST block is truly a versatile and flexible block, and every quilter should take advantage of using them. 

The fact that you can mix and match different sizes of HST blocks and make unique designs and patterns speaks to how great these blocks are. 

You can also use them to create a traditional quilt top or create a completely modern design just by switching up the placement of the blocks. 

I hope this list of HST quilt patterns has inspired you to jump into your next quilt project. 

Running out of ideas on what patterns you're gonna do on your next quilting projects? See this collection of half-square triangle quilt patterns and get some ideas for your next piece.

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  1. The HST Squared and Diamond Rings are what I know as the Depression Block. I made one in blues and white for my daughter-in-law.

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