The Hills Are Alive With These 17 Majestic Mountain Quilt Patterns

If you have been lucky enough to visit the mountains, you know it’s hard to describe how breathtaking the views are. 

Pictures never give the picturesque spots enough justice, and the sheer size of the peaks has to be seen to be believed. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome to capture that awe in quilt form?

In this post, we will observe many mountain-themed quilt pattern ideas, so buckle up and get ready for a road trip.

Next stop, mountain quilts!

What Is a Mountain Quilt?

A mountain quilt is simply any quilt design inspired by the mountains. 

The design can be abstract or realistic. The pattern writer can design it based on one specific mountain or a whole mountain range; it depends on the quilt’s inspiration.

 How Do You Make a Mountain Quilt? 

I have designed a simple mountain range quilt pattern to show you how to create a gorgeous quilt, even if you are a beginner. These instructions will show you how to make an 80”x80” large throw quilt

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern

Fabric Requirements

  • Dark Brown: 1 ½ yard
  • Medium Brown: ¾ yard
  • Medium Green: 1 yard
  • Dark Orange: 1 ¼ yard
  • Light Orange: ¾ yard
  • Dark Green: ¾ yard (border)
  • Cream: 1 ½ yard (peaks
  • Light Blue: ¾ yard (sky)

Cutting Requirements by Color

Cut all squares to 9 ½”x 9 ½”.


  • Dark Brown: 18
  • Medium Brown: 8
  • Dark Orange: 15
  • Light Orange: 6
  • Medium Green: 12
  • Cream: 20
  • Light Blue: 11


  • Dark Green: 8 strips measuring 2 ½” x WOF (width of fabric)

Step 1: Piece the HSTs

Take five cream squares and one of each mountain color square and sew an HST for each mountain peak.

To create one HST using two squares, first place the two squares with right sides together. Next, draw a diagonal line from the one top corner to the bottom corner.

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 1

Sew down that line with your sewing machine. 

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 1

Trim ¼” away from the stitched line to create the seam allowance.

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 1

Press the seam open to reveal your beautiful HST.

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 1

Repeat this step to create all five of the HST peak blocks.

Step 2: Sew the Blocks Together

The rest of the construction of the quilt is simple. 

First, you need to sew the blocks together to create rows. The rows go diagonally on this quilt pattern, but don’t worry; you sew the squares just like usual. Follow the lines on the illustration below to see the rows.

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 2

Step 3: Sew the Rows Together

Using the below illustration, start sewing the rows together. I suggest starting with the longest row first and working your way to the shorter rows. Once you have one side down, flip the project around and sew on the rest of the rows. 

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 3

Tip: Ensure you line up the rows’ seams when you sew them together. This will help it lay flat during quilting, making the finished quilt look amazing. 

Step 4: Square Up the Corners and Edges

Since the rows are on a diagonal angle, the corners and edges will not be straight after Step 3. 

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 3

Use a straight edge with a rotary cutter and mat or a water-soluble ink pen to mark cutting lines and trim the excess fabric with scissors. The red lines in the illustration below will show you where to cut.

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 4

After you cut the extra “flags,” you will have a quilt centerpiece that looks like this.

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 4

Step 5: Add the Borders

The final step is adding the borders. 

Sew four sets of two strips of dark green fabric together. Each one of these strip sets will be a border. Sew the two side strips on first. Trim any excess length after you’ve sewn them on. 

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 5

Now add the top and bottom borders.

how do you make a mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern  step 6

There you have it! A gorgeous mountain quilt that you can show off to your friends and family. This quilt will help you remember those breathtaking views of the mountains you saw once upon a time.  

The Mountain Quilt Pattern: 17 Majestic Ideas to Try

If my free mountain quilt tutorial isn’t exactly what you were looking for, have no fear! I’ve found 17 other unique mountain quilt patterns to show you. 

1. The Elevated Abstractions: Mt. Hood Pattern

the elevated abstractions mountain quilt pattern

This quilt pattern was designed to look like Mount Hood, the tallest mountain (and active volcano) in Oregon. You will use foundational paper piecing to create this abstract quilt. The finished quilt measures 44”x30”, a perfect size for a wall hanging.

2. Mountain Range Quilt Block

mountain range quilt block

Here is a block pattern that you can use in various ways, such as pillow covers, a small wall hanging, or you could make several in the same color palette and create a whole mountain-themed quilt. The finished size of the block is 8”x13”.

3. Blue Ridge Mountain Sunset

Cathy Geier made this gorgeous mountain quilt by piecing strips of Batik fabrics together strategically to look like a specific picture she had of sunset and mountains.

She briefly explains how she could piece the different strips together to create this watercolor-type quilt pattern. This is genuinely an art quilt. 

4. Mini Scrappy Mountain Ranges

mini scrappy mountain ranges

Aren’t these scrappy blocks adorable? This pattern designed by Leila Gardunia is a great beginner project for anyone who wants to learn foundation paper piecing.

The pattern includes step-by-step instructions for making these beautiful mountain blocks. It has a whopping 132 collection of foundation pieces for you to choose from and 46 pages of instructions and illustrations. 

5. Asymmetrical Mountains

asymmetrical mountains

Here is a beautiful modern quilt pattern if you prefer a more abstract mountain design. This quilt pattern would look stunning in any contemporary color palette.

The pattern includes instructions for six sizes: wall hanging, baby, throw, twin, queen, and king. 

6. Mountains and Bear Quilt

mountains and bear quilt mountain quilt pattern

This landscape quilt pattern is gorgeous, and it’s so fun that the maker added this applique bear to the design. This type of quilt would look amazing as a large wall hanging or a bed cover. People of all ages would love this design.

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7. Campsite Mountains

campsite mountains mountain quilt pattern

Here is a free mountain quilt pattern from Art Gallery Fabrics. This is an excellent beginner quilt pattern since the whole quilt top uses one type of block- a triangle. The pattern includes a printable template for the triangle and full instructions on sewing the triangles together. 

8. The Mountains Are Calling

the mountains are calling mountain quilt pattern

This beautiful quilt pattern is a fun, modern design that you can use to make a large baby quilt or throw quilt. The finished quilt will measure 51”x60”. This pattern is ideal for a confident beginner and up.

9. Mod Mountains

mod mountains mountain quilt pattern

Suzy Quilts is well-known for her gorgeous yet beginner-friendly modern quilt patterns, and her Mod Mountains pattern is no exception.

This pattern shows you how to create these slightly asymmetrical triangle “mountain” blocks in various sizes and shapes. The pattern includes four sizes, so you can use it to make several different quilts for your home. 

10. Mountain Diamond

mountain diamond mountain quilt pattern

Here is a fantastic beginner mountain quilt pattern that uses triangles to create beautiful diamond shapes.

The pattern includes three sizes: wall hanging, baby, and throw. The pattern also includes a coloring page you can print and practice which colors you want to use before cutting into your fabric. 

11. Baby Mountain Quilt

baby mountain quilt mountain quilt pattern

Here is a fun watercolor-style mountain quilt made by The Academic Quilter. She used strips of fabric to create a foundation and then used a machine applique technique to sew on the wavy strips of fabric that are the mountains.

To finish the quilt, she used a fun wavy quilting design to give the design more movement. 

12. Rocky Mountain Windows

rocky mountain windows

This beautiful window pane quilt features 12 mountain views over the quilt top. I love how the designer used different colors for each block to give the quilt more dimension and interest. This beginner-friendly pattern is pieced using strips and has directions to make 12 other mountain blocks. 

13. Little Three Creeks

little three creeks mountain quilt pattern

Little Three Creeks is another beautiful modern quilt pattern that is beginner-friendly and has a reasonably quick construction.

The pattern will show you how to make a 55”x 72 ½” quilt (the perfect throw size.) You need to know how to make HSTs for this pattern, but if you don’t, that is a quick skill to learn.

14. Eastern Sierra

eastern sierra mountain quilt pattern

I am in love with this quilt pattern! It is modern, looks impressive with solid fabrics, and is customizable, so if you don’t want to tackle the curves of the road and sun details, you don’t have to. There are two sizes included in the instructions: baby and throw size.

15. Misty Mountains

misty mountains mountain quilt pattern

Here is another excellent beginner quilt pattern that uses large cuts of fabric to create these fun mountain peaks.

This will be a great pattern for you if you have some gorgeous fabrics with large prints you want to showcase on a quilt top. This pattern has three sizes: 24” square, 36” square, and 60” square. 

16. Wilderness

wilderness mountain quilt pattern

Can you believe this is a free pattern? It is from Art Gallery Fabrics and is a pattern suitable for confident beginners. The finished size of the quilt is 60”x64”. This quilt looks amazing in any color palette, so have fun with your fabric selection!

17. Little Mountains

little mountains mountain quilt pattern

Isn’t this an adorable design? With the addition of the cactuses, these mountains automatically turn into the desert mountains of New Mexico.

This is another free pattern from Art Gallery Fabrics, and it has impressive illustrations for each step and all the printable templates you will need for the triangles, cactus, and the sun. 

It was quite the adventure looking at the different mountain ranges in quilt form. I hope this collection of mountain quilt patterns has inspired you, and you enjoyed checking them out with me. The adventure begins as soon as you pick your pattern!

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