Need A Quilt For A King Size Bed? 19 Knockout King Size Quilt Patterns

Have you been thinking about creating your first king-size quilt, but you’re unsure what pattern to choose?

There are SO many quilt patterns out there; it can be hard to decide which one you want to make. 

Since we have a vast range of king-size quilt patterns to choose from, I thought it would be fun to narrow it down to just 19 patterns so that even beginners can feel confident tackling them. 

How Big Is a King Size Quilt?

Before we look at the patterns I’ve gathered for you, let’s talk about king quilt sizing. If you have a standard king-size mattress, it should measure 76” Wx80” L. When making a quilt, you want to have the quilt drape the bed on both sides and the bottom at least 12”. 

If we do the math, a king-size quilt should measure at least 100”x92”. This is just a guideline, and the measurements will vary depending on your chosen pattern. 

However, the guidelines are slightly different if you have a California king mattress that measures 72”x84”. To be a California king quilt pattern, it must measure at least 96”x96”.

How Do You Make a King Size Quilt for Beginners?

I completely understand that making a king-size quilt sounds intimidating. It is a large quilt size, but it’s not impossible! Instead of looking at the big picture, focus on each step of the construction process, and you’ll do OK. 

An excellent way for beginners to dip their toes into making king-size quilts is by taking a queen-size quilt pattern and adding borders to it to measure up to a king-size. These borders can be a solid piece of fabric, piano keys, HST (half square triangles), flying geese, etc. 

If you have the time and patience, you can do it!

Can You Quilt a King Size Quilt on a 10-Foot Frame?

If you are lucky enough to have a sewing machine that can fit into a quilting frame, you may wonder if you can quilt a large king-size quilt on a 10-foot frame. This may be up for debate, but I believe you can do pretty much anything with a bit of imagination.

You can quilt a king-size quilt on a 10-foot frame, but you will need to be strategic with the quilting and how you put the quilt on the frame.

For example, you can fold the edges on both sides in about a foot and then quilt the center. Then unfold the edges and continue the quilting where you left off if you are doing an all-over quilt design.

19 Knockout King Size Quilt Patterns You'll Want to Try

Now that we know a bit about the size of a king bed and some other fun facts, let’s look at some gorgeous quilt patterns made specifically for a king-size bed. I tried to find a good mixture of traditional and modern patterns to inspire you, regardless of your style. 

1. Painted Porcelain

painted porcelain king size quilt patterns

Painted Porcelain is a great beginner king-size quilt pattern that uses simple strip piecing. This simple echo design has been amplified with beautiful feather-free-motion quilting giving this quilt a cozy feel. The finished quilt measures 91”x111”.

2. Interwoven

interwoven king size quilt patterns

This beautiful, modern quilt pattern from Lo & Behold Stitchery comes in five sizes, including a king, which will measure 113” square.

That will give you plenty of drapes for any king-size bed. Interwoven uses strips of fabric that can be bold, solid colors like the example quilt, or you could use just two colors for a more chic two-tone vibe.

3. Stardust Shimmer

stardust shimmer king size quilt patterns

The fabric and color palette is dreamy and tranquil, perfect for sleep. This pattern uses two-star blocks: a classic pinwheel and an eight-point star with a center pinwheel. The king measurements are 108”x108”, plus this pattern includes sizing for youth, throw, and queen.

4. Shine

shine king size quilt patterns

Shine is a funky, modern quilt pattern designed by Suzy Quilts. This pattern looks fantastic with bold colors and makes a great beginner quilt project. Suzy gives you 12 color variations to see what it will look like, no matter your color preference. The king-size quilt will measure 117” square.

5. Colorado Stars

colorado stars king size quilt patterns

Aren’t all these eight-point star blocks satisfying? I appreciate the designer’s choice to use only two colors for the entire quilt top. It gives the quilt a lovely modern feel but still keeps the classic look with the traditional blocks. The final size of the king quilt will be 108” square.

6. Carpenter Star

carpenter star king size quilt patterns

There is no denying the fact that a Carpenter Star quilt looks impressive as a bed covering. With this pattern, you can make a king-size carpenter star quilt that will bring your bedroom decor to the next level. The pattern includes dimensions for a regular king bed and a California king.

7. Bee Squared

bee squared king size quilt patterns

Isn’t this a fun quilt pattern? I love the varying square sizes and the use of fabrics for this quilt. This fat quarter-friendly pattern includes five sizes, including a large 114” square king-size quilt. If you have a lot of scraps lying around, you could use them to create this quilt in a scrappy-style design.

8. Mariposa

mariposa king size quilt patterns

This pattern uses strips, HSTs, and squares to create these seemingly complex blocks. It might look complicated, but if you break down the block construction, it is a simple pattern that will make a great “confident beginner” quilt project. The king-size measures 110”x110”. 

9. York Town

york town

I am in love with the fabric selection for this example quilt. The designer only used four fabrics, giving the quilt a modern look. This is another excellent choice for beginners who want to try their hand at making a king-size quilt that will measure 108” square. 

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10. Cozy Nights

cozy nights king size quilt patterns

This adorable scrappy quilt pattern includes five sizes, starting from baby size to king. The king-size instructions will show you how to make a 90”x105” quilt top. If you don’t have enough scraps for this quilt, it is layer cake and fat quarter-friendly.

11. Skip to My Lou

skip to my lou king size quilt patterns

Skip to My Lou is a beautiful modern quilt pattern that is beginner-friendly since you only need to know how to cut squares and create HSTs.

This well-written pattern gives you all the fabric requirements, cutting and piecing instructions, and color variations to show you what the quilt will look like in different colorways. The king-size quilt will measure 113”x113”.

12. Summer on the Porch

summer on the porch king size quilt patterns

This gorgeous quilt pattern has a checkerboard layout with two types of blocks. The pattern designer wrote it to be used with fat quarters, making fabric selection quick and easy. For the king-size quilt, you will need 36 fat quarters, and the finished size of the quilt will be 108”x96”.

13. Make It Scrappy

make it scrappy king size quilt patterns

Have you seen charm packs (5” precut square bundles) at your local quilt shop and wondered where you could use them? This pattern uses charm packs giving the quilt a cozy, scrappy look.

Not only does this pattern come in king-size, but it also comes in 5 other sizes so that you can make a quilt for every occasion. The king-size quilt will measure 113”x105”.

14. Blue Cluster

blue cluster king size quilt patterns

Free king-size quilt patterns are hard to come by, so I got pretty excited when I found this lovely pattern. It has a super simple construction, with the entire quilt top made using one size square in a color-specific layout.

It reminds me of Amish quilts-simple yet beautiful. The finished quilt with borders will measure 101”x101”.

15. Between the Lines

between the lines king size quilt patterns

If you love modern quilt patterns, then you will love Between the Lines. Perfectly placed sashing breaks up the stripey blocks made from fabric strips of varying widths. The finished king quilt measures 102”x93” and will be eyecatching to everyone who sees it. 

16. Picket Fence

picket fence king size quilt patterns

This adorable cottage-inspired quilt pattern has fabric requirements written for layer cakes (10” squares), fat quarters, and yardage making it highly versatile for beginners and seasoned quilters alike.

The finished king quilt will be a 105” square. But if you love the king-size quilt, the pattern includes piecing instructions for six other quilt sizes. 

17. Prickly Pear

prickly pear king size quilt patterns

Sharon at Sharon Holland Designs made this jaw-dropping quilt pattern and wrote it for advanced beginners.

This pattern doesn’t only have king-size (110 ½” square) instructions but also includes instructions for a crib and twin-size options. This design looks fantastic with solid or patterned fabrics, whichever you prefer.

18. Trip Around the World

trip around the world king size quilt patterns

Here is a king-size Trip Around the World quilt pattern with a large simple border that frames the centerpiece. The finished quilt measure 105”x105”. I would love to see this quilt in a sunset color palette, wouldn’t you? This is another pattern that would be a great beginner project.

19. Pixel Chain

pixel chain king size quilt patterns

You can make this modern classic quilt using either jellyrolls (precut 2 ½” strips) or yardage. The pattern has cutting instructions, piecing instructions, and pressing instructions for simple construction. The finished king-size quilt will be 112”x98”.

This quilt design would look great with a dark background too. 

We have 19 gorgeous king-size quilt patterns to inspire your creativity and hopefully push you to want to make one someday. Remember to avoid feeling overwhelmed by a larger project, and don’t focus on the big picture. You can do it!

King sizes are so huge you might want to give up making a quilt project this big. In this post, we've collected king-size quilt patterns you can try making.

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